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  1. The bats are getting it either way. New stadium - the ground gets knocked down completely. We redevelop - The stand gets changed. Bats = Losers Humans win the day.
  2. Walton Park

    Great performances that were overshadowed.

    That game when Sean Dundee stood in at right back....... I'll get me coat !
  3. Walton Park


    Lucas isnt dynamic enough for me. He is good at breaking things up in front of the back 4 but thats about it in my opinion. I think the game has changed a lot in the past 2 years and I dont think he is athletic enough. I always think were being short changed watching him. WIth Gerrard now falling deeper into midfield the team is struggling to push up the pitch with both of our centre mids lying too deep. We need some energy in midfield.
  4. I see Frank McParland wrote an article on the official website the other day praising himself about all the young players now training with the first team. Most of them were paid for and not brought through the youth system from 'scratch'. Youve got nothing to praise yourself for Frank. Not yet anyway.
  5. Walton Park

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    If twitter is right and we get Lloris Sahko Given and Moses I wont be gutted like. Moses is very under rated in my opinion. Can beat a man with pace AND power and works his socks off.
  6. Walton Park

    Subtle signs that someone is probably a headcase

    I used to work with a fella in his mid 40's who wore the same dull shirt and tie every day. He lived with his parents and came in every day with a packed lunch box with everything perfectly placed in it. He hated his job and you could see him fuming when we had to change the way we worked but kept dead calm. We seen him reading a book about guns one day. We were all shitting one in case he came in one day with a machine gun. So glad I've moved jobs.
  7. Walton Park

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Can someone tell our owners that they need to open the curtains before the window shuts !!
  8. Walton Park

    Notts County at home

    Sterling was fucking useless.
  9. Walton Park

    Other football

    Blame Suarez
  10. Walton Park

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I agree with you with regards to Chelsea. I don't think its the player though who is the money grabber. He is controlled by Kia Joorabchian and his agent has played a blinder in all of this. Its just unfortunate we are the club who have been made to look fucking stupid. Its a bigger payout for Joorabchian, more wages for Willian and Champions league football. We were never getting Willian, just like Costa. Unless we pull a blinder and get someone under the radar of the hyena's before the window shuts I am afraid this will be a regular occurrence until we break into the top 4 through sheer hard work. I think FSG need to maybe go that little further to get 'the' player we need but at the same time I think they are starting to learn when they are being played by an agent. If we dont get a decent signing by the end of the window it will just be like last season. I think we will still bring an attacking player in. However, it looks like it will be the third player on their list. Its crunch time !!
  11. Walton Park

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Tony Barrett reporting we are definitely interested in Willian. ......then Spurs came along and he opted for them.
  12. Walton Park

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    WHERE ARE OUR FUCKING SIGNINGS !!!!!!!!!!!! Rant over. Anyone fancy a pint?
  13. Walton Park

    Liverpool Vs Celtic - 10/08/13 - Match thread

    Not really that concerned about the result. I am slightly concerned however that since Rodgers stated he needed signings that go straight into the first team now we haven't signed anyone. We are struggling to cope not being in Europe to attract players. The clock is ticking and although I am still confident we will get one or 2 decent players in I am starting to get a bit nervous we will start the season without the players we need to push on for fourth place. Left back and a CB CM CF is needed. I see Mascherano is considering his future at Barcelona......................
  14. Walton Park

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    Spot on. When did the PFA dictate the value of a player as well. Gordon Taylor at it again earning his money through back handers (allegedly).
  15. Walton Park

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Or are you making ridiculous assumptions up like a 10 year old child?