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  1. Some of those on here trying to discredit these rumours were only too happy to to propagate aggressively the anti-Rafa crap ladled out to TLW and Bascombe by Carragher and various other malcontents who lost their job when the Academy was quite properly reformed by the club on Rafa's advice.


    Its no coincidence that the same anti-Rafa loonies on here also swallowed the vicious lies ATK posted.

  2. I defend Lucas because he has a good attitude and because I support the club and don't like to see our players get called cunts or whatever.


    I didn't attack Carragher's managerial capabilities and if you read my previous posts you'll see I said I thought he was one of the best defenders in the country a couple of season ago. But do great players necessarily make great managers? And isn't a massive part of being a manager tactics? And isn't Carragher often criticized for employing a tactic that most of us feel to be negative? That's my point of debate.


    Of course that will be wasted on you because your idea of contribution is 'xxx is fucking shit, fuck him off'; 'you're a clueless cunt'. I can't be arsed to check how many posts you've made now that I'm writing this but I think it's in the thousands, and I can guarantee a vast majority of them will be a complete waste of space. You could have written one when you joined that just said: 'assume that anything I offer in the future will probably be vitriolic, insulting, offer no argument or substance whatsoever. I don't like Lucas. I am a massive bell-end'. You would have achieved the same ends and saved yourself a lot of time.


    Hope this helps with your future endeavours.


    I wouldn't both your head with Brendan-Silverlining. For him Liverpool is Gerrard, Carragher, Owen - his three pin-up posters when he used to be a season ticket holder (allegedly) in his pre-Koptalk days.


    Its interesting he uses "retard" so often in his discourses. His knowledge of football and the club seems not to be able to advance from those early hot teenage crushes.

  3. So we have pro and anti Rafa, Carragher and Bascombe camps, with opposing camps as to why Alonso left. I love TLW



    Not exactly. We have Bascombe and Usher both peddling Carragher's bile against Rafa and other players anonymously, supported by a small group of "trusted" mates - a little like Koptalk in the old days.


    The only way that Alonso comes into the equation is that Carrgher is the only LFC player to state publicly that Alonso's departure was not that significant - he was just one of many who comes and goes - thereby implying that Carragher is a fixture. Also Carragher is the only LFC player to openly fight with Alonso on the pitch.


    As for the future - if NESV truly are professional and dependent on knowlegable advisors there is no way Carragher will get a coaching or managerial job at Anfield. If he goes into coaching at all it will be in a lower league and he may work himself up to Everton which will make his fat Evertonian father very happy.

  4. Was it aimed at all of them?





    I think it takes more than just Jamie Carragher to oust a manager, he must have annoyed others as well


    Yes, he annoyed the owners and what they came to describe as their "treacherous" agents, Purslow and Broughton.


    Carragher was the owner's willing tool who sold his media reputation as "Mr. Liverpool" for their thirty pieces of sliver e.g. a two year 90,000 a week contract and prospect of a future coaching or managerial position with the club. All they asked in return was for him to give them grounds to say Rafa had lost "the leading players".


    Most of Carragher's sneaky work leading up to this was done here on TLW and with Bascombe - and TLW and Bascombe work in close cooperation. Carragher is too much of a coward to put his name to his own dirty work. Usher and Bascombe gave him the cover of anonymity he asked for.


    The little band of propagandists who run this site were so shivering with excitement at the thought of a real live LFC player communicating "insider" stuff that they became Carragher's willing tool in spreading his anti-Rafa propaganda (and that includes all their propaganda against Rafa-bought players of whom Carragher also disapproved for his own self-interested reasons).

  5. Given that people post here about tweets by others, do they also tweet about posts here? Also, does twitter allow you to call people cunts?


    My post about Carragher's contract extension was buried by Usher and his mates. Too bad. Some people seemed to have missed the point. NESV did not approve his contract. Henry said they were disappointed to find on arrival that ageing players had been given rich, extended contracts. Carragher got his contract two days before NESV became owners. He got it from Purslow for services rendered with respect to Rafa. As I said before its his thirty pieces of silver. He thought - or was told by Purslow - that Rafa would recommend a rolling one year contract. That was not good enough for him.

  6. Agree that Riera's behaviour was unacceptable - that was rather my point. As far as i recall, Rafa did call him a mercenary at a press conference for turning down a move to Spartak (and he was was hardly averse to criticising other players in public, like Yossi or Xabi)


    Raf's comment was after Riera's had made his - not before - which was the point the previous poster was making.

  7. I see what your saying but it seems to work on the continent, Rafa wont be signing players at Inter for example, which is Ironic given the battles he had for control of transfers here, without getting into the whole shit again, I've no doubt he'd have refused this system if he was still here, when he arrived maybe but from 2007 onwards no chance.


    One of the much loved repeated myths about Rafa is that he was a control freak (Even Graham Smith used that term yesterday) and that he wanted to control transfers.


    Its not true.


    At Valencia he did not control transfers nor does he at Inter Milan. In fact, in both those cases, there are strong executives. If he was a control freak he would not have taken either job. The same was true at LFC - where Parry controlled transfers to the extent he negotiated them. Parry would take the lead from the manager but he would also impose his own views.


    Rafa said many times during his time at LFC that he did not care how many executives there were above him, he would work with anyone. But his beef was that time and again his transfer targets were missed - after Parry had agreed to them - because of the slow decision-making process or for penny-pinching reasons that did not make sense. The transfer budget was constantly offered and withdrawn making nonsense of his strategy.


    When Parry went there was nobody in an executive role with any experience of the transfer market or of judging players. Instead we got a leverage buy out snake oil salesman in the form of Purslow. His ambition to be manager or football director, or whatever it was he thought he was doing, was to talk to Carragher and Gerrard and the media and eventually to Marcia.


    In that situation Rafa could see, as could any intelligent person, that he must assert himself. He was, after all, the manager, and he would be held accountable for the management of the club.


    He got the control in his contract, but Purslow, Broughton and the two cowboys ignored the contract and allowed Purslow to play his silly games.


    At Inter Milan Rafa makes suggestions and submits his requests and they are taken seriously by experienced footballing people including the owner and President. But the final decision is made by the executives.

  8. I'm Anti Rafa, and I'm certainly ignorant.


    But that doesn't hide the fact Rafael Benitez is manager of Inter Milan, and Roy Hodgson is manager of Liverpool and there is only one person we really aught to be supporting.


    So you would support an LFC manager no matter what - unless it is Rafa? You are proven bigot by your own words.


    As a self-proclaimed LFC supporter (a doubtful proposition given your attacks on our last winning manager) you have no say in what is appropriate for Inter Milan or its manager. Which is nice!

  9. I don't agree. Both managers have had nothing but trouble to deal with within the club over the past 3 seasons. Benitez got 7th while his best players wanted away and one could argue that at least 4 managers above him had stronger clubs behind them with money to spend if asked.

    Roy, a less talented manager (pretty much a fact) hasn't so far got to grips with the weakened squad that Rafa left him after having to make money for 3 windows. He's also had to deal with the boardroom mess going on behind him. Is said he should get more time if he got 6 points and now I'll stick to that.


    There's no way you can blame the managers alone for the state of the team this season or last. Top managers weren't lining up to replace Rafa.


    More patented TLW lies. Who were the best players who wanted away? Carragher undermined the squad and the manager because he wanted to stay and thought Rafa would give him only one more year. Gerrard signed a new 5 year contract from Rafa, as did five other of the leading players in 2009. Nobody wanted away except Mascherano who stayed last year only because Rafa asked him. The two others - Riera

    and what's his name at Chelsea - were always moaning about not being picked. They were not leading players.


    All the players, except Gerrard and Carragher, have said at one time or another that they missed Rafa, appreciated him, respected him, were shocked by his going. Torres first reaction to the news was that he respected him more than any other coach and had learned more from him than from anyone. Later he said that perhaps it was best for Rafa to go and that is what the press and certain sites like to quote.

  10. The one consistent element in the failure to win the PL in the last 10-12 years no matter who was manager was the ever-present Carragher and Gerrard, They are still ever-present as captain and vice-captain. They should take a large share of the blame for past failures and for the sneaky undermining of Rafa and other players and the appointment of Hodgson.


    Even the England team had its worsed ever performance in the final rounds of a World Cup under Gerrard as captain.


    Fair enough, if thats how you see it.


    For me, the criticisms of Rafa were the same from the same group of local lads, who we know have access to Carra, as from the board members and press who hounded Rafa out of a job.


    Carra was clearly speaking out of turn to people, those people in turn passed this onto the small inner sanctum of people who frequent this forum.


    I questioned it several times last season, why is it that only those in and around certain people on here are calling Rafa a C*nt ? Why werent the OOTs saying it ? WE all know who they are, they happen to be the regulars on here, no wonder this site was seen as out of touch by many other reds fans.


    Well its clear, its as it all came from Carra and people, rightly or wrongly, listened to Carra as he's a local leg etc, unfortunalty, Carra legs have gone, he's in the team on reputation and has backed a loser in Roy.


    Bottom line is Ince was wrong to brief against Houllier, Carra was wrong to brief against Rafa. Considering Rafa was supposed to be a cunt, Carras words, then what does that make Carra ? Given it was Rafa who turned Carra from the fans boo boy utility defender to a top central defender, great loyalty from Carra there.



    Thanks for saying that. I thought I was the only one willing to call out the ruling clique on TLW. They have not banned me yet, but they bury any thread I start and stamp their tiny feet with negging games and abusive PMs.


    Dave Usher and some of his mates not only relish and propagate the gossip that Carragher feeds them (and to a lesser extent Gerrard) but they also keep in touch with Bascombe who relies almost entirely on Carragher as his "senior source". Actually he should really refer to him as his "client" since he is also his paid biographer.


    Look at Usher and some of the inner group onTLW defend Carragher and Bascombe! The day will come when Carragher will be fully exposed for what he has done to the club. I hope TLW steps forward and accepts its responsibility for being his front and allowing him to do his dirty work anonymously.


    Its clear to anyone who has been paying attention to the TLW sponsored campaign against Rafa.


    If there is white liquid in a bottle its probably milk.

  12. They didn't remove Broughton or Purslow. Those two had fulfilled their primary remit in getting the club sold/brought in new investment, so their time came to a natural end, although they are staying temporarily to smooth the transition between the old and the new board of directors.


    Not quite. Purslow always said he would be available to continue as MD and Director but it would be up to the new owners to offer him the chance (a pretty obvious comment). They did not want him. The face-saving solution was to offer him a consulting job - someone they could call about loose ends in the banking side of things - not that they will need him. He never had a contract before and he does not have one now. The face-saving formula which they felt they owed to the guy who stabbed his employers in the back in order to help them, was to let him have the empty title of non-executive director - i.e. consultant. He has no vote and no responsibilities. They never have to seek his advice. Nor would any self-respecting new Managing Director or Chairman.


    Purslow did not even get the two year extension on his contract or the bonus Parry got when H&G took over. He was sacked.


    Broughton took the job partly to help him develop a profile in the sports world where he intends to make some more money with his son's company. He made a nice sum in his six months at LFC and got invaluable publicity for his new sports business.


    Good riddance to both of them.

  13. Those of us who said Purslow was briefing the press against Rafa last year were right. All we need now is Bascombe to 'fess up about his "senior sources".


    "Briefing the press against Benitez last season, a member of the Reds hierarchy described the Spaniard as a man who never took responsibility for his mistakes.

    Now’s the moment, though, for the same man to take ownership of a massive blunder of his own.

    It has been suggested that it is not the ‘Liverpool Way’ to sack a boss so soon, despite Hodgson making the worst start by a Reds manager since the 1920s.

    Those same people, however, mistake the club’s fabled unwritten code for inertia – just as David Moores did for 16 blundering years."

  14. COMMENT: Why new Liverpool FC owners must end Roy's wretched reign - Football News - Sport News - Daily Post North Wales



    COMMENT: Why new Liverpool FC owners must end Roy's wretched reign

    Oct 21 2010 By Ben Thornley, Head of Sport


    BILL SHANKLY once said: “Aim for the sky and you'll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you'll stay on the floor”.

    It’s little wonder then that after appointing Roy Hodgson Liverpool find themselves in the Premier League basement.

    Now the club is rid of Tom Hicks, George Gillett and their debts, Hodgson is the greatest limiting factor on the Reds’ ambitions.

    His disastrous Anfield reign must be ended before Sunday’s visit of Blackburn Rovers, a side whose experience under the Londoner should serve as a cautionary tale to the Liverpool board.

    Martin Broughton, Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre were rightly feted for their role in ousting Hicks and Gillett. However, their first major collective act – replacing Rafa Benitez with Hodgson – is threatening to undermine all their hard work.

    Briefing the press against Benitez last season, a member of the Reds hierarchy described the Spaniard as a man who never took responsibility for his mistakes.

    Now’s the moment, though, for the same man to take ownership of a massive blunder of his own.

    It has been suggested that it is not the ‘Liverpool Way’ to sack a boss so soon, despite Hodgson making the worst start by a Reds manager since the 1920s.

    Those same people, however, mistake the club’s fabled unwritten code for inertia – just as David Moores did for 16 blundering years.


    If the new owners are serious about restoring Liverpool to former glories they must act swiftly.



    The new manager needs time to assess the weaknesses of his squad in readiness for the January transfer window.

    And even his greatest supporters can not believe Hodgson is the man for the long haul at the Reds.

    The longer he is left in charge the more time it will take for the next boss to undo the damage.


    If the 63-year-old is given until Christmas, as has been suggested, at best Liverpool stand to loose their star men – at worse their Premier League status.


    He was the wrong choice from the start and his appointment was a sign of reduced ambitions.

    And the most dangerous thing you can do at an underachieving club is to lower sights further – something which Hodgson has continually attempted to do.

    From being a team looking to challenge for a place in the Champions League, Liverpool’s manager is now talking about avoiding relegation.

    His sympathisers, who claim he should be granted more time having only had eight league games in charge, are missing the point.

    It’s no small achievement turning Liverpool into a bottom two side after that number of fixtures.

    The former UAE boss’ strength has always been realising the potential of ordinary players – perhaps that’s why he’s tried to sign so many of them.

    But he also appears to do a mean line in making stars who once lit-up the Champions League look like Championship players in waiting.

    And what is it that those urging patience are waiting to see from Hodgson’s realised vision for Liverpool?

    This is a man who has overseen just one Premier League away win in 17 months – and that was against Portsmouth – and has never won a trophy outside of Scandinavia.

    Tellingly, Liverpool’s greatest performance under Hodgson was in the Premier League opener at home to Arsenal.

    The longer he has had to integrate his ideas on the squad the worse they have become.

    Using the quality of the players he has at his disposal as an excuse for the Reds’ poor form just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

    Of the players who were available to Hodgson in the humiliating 2-1 defeat to Blackpool at Anfield, eight played in the 4-1 victory at Old Trafford in 2009 (it would have been nine had Fabio Aurelio been fit).

    And since then internationals Joe Cole, Glen Johnson and Raul Merieles have been added to the squad.

    Liverpool’s playing staff may not be good enough to break back into the top four but managers like Ian Holloway and Roberto Di Matteo would happily swap resources with Hodgson.

    Under a different manager Sunday’s derby clash, coming days after the completion of NESV’s takeover, would have been the perfect setting for Liverpool to relaunch their season.

    Hodgson, however, seems to drain players of passion rather than fill them with inspiration.

    After the dismal 2-0 defeat at Goodison, it’s become increasingly apparent that he has lost a large section of the dressing room.

    An overwhelming majority of the club’s supporters have certainly abandoned him.

    Significantly, it’s not just the West Country kranks who plague radio phone-ins calling for Hodgson’s head – it’s the Kop.

    And there are few better judges in the game or fans as patient as the Anfield faithful, who continued to chant the names of Benitez and Gerard Houllier right to the end.

    Comparisons have been made with the slow starts made by both the Frenchman and the Spaniard, but after eight games both coaches had made a noticeable impact.

    Houllier brought organisation and a defensive resolve missing during the Roy Evans years, while Liverpool began to play with more fluidity and press higher up the pitch under Benitez.

    There hasn’t even been a glimmer of hope under Hodgson that things may improve.


    The Kop recognise he is hopelessly out of his depth, like a man who has spent his life flying model aeroplanes but now finds himself behind the controls of a jumbo jet he’s tilted into a nosedive.



    The Londoner may protest about being one of the most respected coaches in Europe, but what he means is that he’s the man UEFA call on to give a seminar on the 4-4-2 formation.

    Only once before, however, has the phone ever rang when one of the continent’s elite clubs had a vacancy.

    A third-place finish in charge at Inter Milan is the sum total of Hodgson’s achievements at the highest level.

    Nothing else in his CV even begins to suggest he has the calibre of a Liverpool manager or the ability to cope with the huge demands of the job – just five years ago, he was struggling to guide Norweigian outfit FK Vikings beyond Rhyl in the Uefa Cup.

    Seemingly, securing seventh place in 2009 and a run to the Europa League final the following year secured him one of the most prized roles in football.

    As impressive has achievements were at Fulham, though, at no time in Liverpool’s past would they have even put him on the club’s radar. It’s the kind of mistake you’d expect the English FA to make, not Liverpool.

    George Burley led newly promoted Ipswich to fifth in 2001, Walter Smith took Rangers to the Europa League final in 2009 and Dennis Wise defied the odds to reach the FA Cup final with Milwall in 2004 – all accomplishments on a par with Hodgson’s.

    Yet there would be rioting on Merseyside if any of those managers were even considered for the role.

    Ending Hodgson’s reign now would probably be in his best interests too, allowing him to salvage his reputation with his friends in the media portraying the dismissal as the knee-jerk reaction of Liverpool’s new American owners.

    It’s painful watching a man slowly lose his dignity in the manner Hodgson is with each passing press conference.

    At least in the short term Kenny Dalglish should be given the opportunity to revive the Reds’ fortunes.

    Even in a caretaker role the Liverpool legend’s appointment would galvanise the club, generating a level of excitement among supporters that could only inspire the players.

    And if his audition didn’t work out, Dalglish would be the first man to admit it.

    Unlike the current boss, who still believes he was harshly sacked by Blackburn. This despite leaving them bottom of the table after 15 games and out-spending all but Manchester United in the summer of 1998.

    If Liverpool have that kind of money at their disposal this January, it can’t be Hodgson spending it.


  15. the point I'm trying to make is that he would be far better equipped to contribute to the sort of footballing decisions a CEO would normally get involved in that the average blert on an internet site.


    People need to ask themselves what the role of a CEO is, which areas they believe Purslow lacks experience or know-how in, and who these people are they believe are better .


    As an average blert, yourself, despite your silly posturings, you should know.