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    Contract Updates

    Moe What rubbish you post.
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    Leopard changed it's spots?

    Is your entire, season-long anti-Rafa campaign reduced to this - trying to use our success as an argument against him? And if it is, why do you have to rely on a tortuous interpretation of a throwaway remark by Gerard in an interview? I thought the whole point of your anti-Rafa campaign was that you were giving your own honest opinion, not relying on what Gerard may or may not have intended to say in interviews fourth-hand through his mates to Bascombe or Dave, In the extremely unlikely event that Gerard meant what you think he meant (when he has said the exact opposite many times and very clearly) is it your propositon that we should rely on what Gerard hints at rather than on Rafa's explanation? When asked if the last three results were because of a change in tactics or preparation Rafa said they were not. Everything was the same except the player's level of confidence. Coming from a man who according to the naysayers on here had lost the trust of the players - that is some statement.
  3. diego

    Bascombe latest effort

    Paul - while your last two points have striven to be balanced in tone they are still, in my opinion, typical of that special TLW anti-Rafa thesis which has been over-the-top and far too reliant on on the kind of psuedo information provided by Bascombe. (I've made it clear that his is not genuine information but gossip and speculation animated by (a) his need to produce copy and (b) his wounded sense that he is different from other reporters and somehow entitled to inside information. The bottom line is he has become far too reliant on the techniques pioneered by Oldham at Kraptalk. Your critcism of Rafa's rotation policy is hackneyed and factually incorrect. He never did rotate more than other leading managers with relatively large squads. So your saying you approve because he is rotating less is meaningless. He rotates less in the last third of the season because that is the aim of rotation policy is to keep the core players fresh for the run-in. He treated Crouch very well and not shabbily. When Crouch was being hounded by many on here and throughout the country it was Rafa who insisted that even without goals he was contributing to the team. Rafa was proven right when Crouch began to score regularly and earned himself a starting position with England. But nobody believed that Crouch should be the height of our ambitions and Rafa certainly cannot be criticised for acquiring Torres. It was Crouch, not Rafa, who decided he did not want to sign an extension and instead made clear in polite and respectful but nevertheless clear interviews that he was available to other teams if they would offer him regular football. Why should Rafa continue to build on Crouch if it was clear that he did not want to stay in a supportive role. Whether Rafa's tactical decisions were consistently wrong for two seasons as you state is a matter of opinion. You can be as tactically correct as you like but it is the players who have to execute tactics not the manager and it takes a long time for them to be schooled and drilled. With all its resources and history and with players of above average skills United have played some tight games this year going through by an odd goal and often as the result of a set piece. Critcising Rafa for being involved in LFC politics is close to being stupid. The club had been hawked around the world for the first years of Rafa's reign. It was said to have been sold to DIC and then to the two cowboys. Rafa had to keep the team together through all the uncertainty. When Hicks and Gillett came along their sheer ignorance of the game and their inept decisions and statements were breathtaking. Parry was their bitch. The only person who provided stability and some independence was Rafa. Yet the owners publicly declared they had canvassed an alternative manager. Instead of lashing Rafa for being consistent and strong and inisisting on the restoration of order and efficiency through these turbulent times and instead of labelling his strength and vision as "politics" you should be grateful that we had him rather than some other manager like Mourinho who would have engineered a confrontation with his owner in order to get himself a nice pay off so that he could be free to chase another fat contract somewhere else. If Rafa's insistence on principle, clarity, efficiency and self respect is "politics" then let's have more politics at the club.
  4. Good. You seem to have got the message. Nobody gives a shit what you think about Rafa.
  5. So what you are saying is that Rafa was right to sign him?
  6. I suppose if you're wrong, wrong and then wrong, you can always claim that the "vast majority" are wrong with you. You spend far too much time with your homemade figurine of Rafa and those dirty, blunt pins you keep trying to stick in it. Give it up. It's not working.
  7. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even the gossipy and very strange old biddies on here who clubbed together in a pathetic attempt to undermine the club by attacking Rafa over many months. What was reprehensible about the scab-pickers of TLW was not that they criticised Rafa but that they made most of it up to suit their agenda. They consciously encouraged and amplified the distorted coverage of the club given by some media. They would suggest they were in possession of information from a player or a player's friend or, God forgive us, from a NoW tabloid hack who makes money by claiming or insinuating without proof that he talks to players or officials at the club. In doing this they tried to undercut reasoned objections to what they were doing by suggesting their information trumped rational analysis. They were liars or, what is worse, they recklessly relied on liars. Some of them wasted thousands of words spinning theories about Rafa's motivations or the circumstances of his position. They were profoundly ignorant and wrong about those things. It seemed that they hoped to do damage by the sheer volume and repetition of their rubbish. TLW became known as the site to go to discover the most spiteful and ridiculous office gossip about Rafa. It has certainly not been TLW's finest hour.
  8. diego

    Rafa to finally pen 5 year deal next week?

    Anyone wanting to grasp the obsessives of your personal hatred of Rafa, the poverty of your thought-processes and their illogicality should make a note of your post. Neither Rafa nor the club wasted $20 million on the wrong player. If you are referring to Keane the fee was $18 million and the total cost could be as low as $2-5 million. Rafa has more than made up that potential "loss" with profitable trades of other players. Rafa's role in the Keane deal was to oppose the priority given to the purchase by his superiors, to oppose the purchase price and then work hard to recover as much of the money as he could while ensuring that Keane pouting presence did not undermine the spirit of a winnning team. There have been no "dire performances or tactics". You must be thinking of another team and another manager. You just can't get beyond your pathetic campaign against a manager we are lucky to have despite all the attempts by you and those like you in this forum to undermine his reputation and the spirit of the club. Nor are my words "blind faith" in Rafa. He has patiently taken on and replied to every criticism levelled against him - most of which are ill-informed.
  9. You are a former shareholder who sold your shares to the two Americans. You now find yourself on the outside looking in. For tortuous reasons you have tried to explain, you don't like Rafa. Almost everthing you write about him is ill-informed, speculative, mischievous and highly biased by your dislike of him and your injured sense of entitlement to be involved, consulted or informed about the affairs of the club. Parry did the club a great service by recruiting Rafa. Without Rafa the club would be well on its way down a spiral from which it would take years to recover, if ever. Your nit-picking is tedious.
  10. The Barry Wom thesis is one of the most ridiculous I have ever read on any forum. He says that Rafa is blocking the completion of players' contracts for his own personal benefit. Rafa does not offer contracts to players nor authorise them. He provides his recommendations to Parry and, when asked, to the BoD/Owners. He has long since complained about the dithering and delay. The quotations attributed to Kuyt from one of his interviews with Dutch media is consistent with this state of affairs. Only someone with an irrational dislike of Rafa and with a particulary virulent "political" attitude to our club, could have concocted the loony theory that Barry Wom has been spinning for days. Dithering over the renewal of players contracts is characteristic of LFC. The only improvement we have seen was in the summer of 2007 when Rafa made an issue of it and managed to jolt those responsible into competing several contract renewals.
  11. diego

    Rafa interview.

    On the topic of automatic negative reactions to anything about Rafa, my opinion is that those on here (and their friend in the tabloid press) who don't like being called anti-Rafa, but who are, whipped themselves into a frenzied lust during the last month when they thought they smelled his blood. Now that he has given them the slip they are narked. He's an intelligent, dedicated man, very expressive and precise in his native language and we are lucky to have him.
  12. diego

    Gerrard out for 3 weeks!

    Let's see if I understand the duty Rafa bashers on here. 1. Rafa takes Stevie off against Wigan because he is tired and he wants to make sure he is available against Everton. 2. He gets slated for it by the Rafa bashers some of whom ask "is this the worst mistake in LFC's history?" and "Stevie and Nando should be played all the time". "Stevie can score standing on one leg" 3. He plays Stevie at Everton (probably hoping to rest him for the second half if we are winning). 4. The duty Rafa bashers approve the team selection. 5. Stevie tears a hamstring in the 15th minute. Rafa points out that this is more likely to happen if a player is tired as Stevie was. 6. The duty Rafa bashers say Rafa is at fault for playing him! Not satisfied with this prime piece of self-contradiction, the duty Rafa bashers using their special brand of circular logic then link the Stevie problem to the sale of Keane. (These are the same people who slated Keane's purchase and constant selection as another Rafa mistake. The same people who demand that Rafa should play youngsters). They say Rafa should have arranged a replacement. But these are the same people who cried bloody murder when the rumour went around that Rafa was trying to get Heskey even before the transfer window opened. They give no credit to Rafa's explanation that the offer from Spurs came too late to buy a replacement. And they conveniently forget that according to their own oft-repeated posts, Keane was no good anyway. They criticise Rafa for losing a maximum of 3 million (possibly nothing) on the purchase and re-sale of Keane, but think he should have kept him as a stand-in for a few games for Stevie until the summer at the cost of another 2 million in wages and perhaps another 5 million in loss of value while depriving the youngsters of a chance to step up a level.
  13. When Crouch was going through his dry spell, Rafa stood up to the critics in the press and among fans by arguing that even though he was not scoring, he was working hard, playing well in other ways and contributing positively to the team results. Rafa's judgement was upheld when Crouch did start to score and established himself in the England team. Rafa did not want him to leave. Crouch left because he was offered regular starts at Portsmouth. If he had stayed we would not have acquired Keane.
  14. diego

    Keane's wife

    Keane got two signing-on fees and a pay rise and sustained national and international media exposure. He also got a few months at the best club in the world and five goals. Whose sorry for him? His troubles will start if he can't perform for Spurs. LFC paid too much for his services because the brains trust calculated they would get it back through expansion of the "market" in Eire and with the Irish diaspora. Those commercial calculations skewed the price. They were not made by Rafa. The decision to go all out for Keane was driven by the failure to get Barry. It was the brains trust who failed to get Barry, not Rafa. Barry was Rafa's No. 1 target. The brains trust did not understand and or appreciate the footballing reasons for Rafa's priority. Management meddling in the manager's area of expertise in order to curry favour with the owners is the root cause of this "embarrassment". As always it is Rafa who has put it right. His decision not to play Keane after it was clear he was not compatible brought the matter to a head. His decision to let him go saved the club and the team continuing negative publicity and stress and, incidentally, about 2 million in wages (assuming Keane would have been sold in the summer, anyway). The potential total financial cost to LFC is probably no more than 2 million and may even be break-even, thanks to Rafa!
  15. diego

    Degen crocked again

    The other day Dave "reported" that Hyppia was back in the CL squad because Sami had a row about it with Rafa. Not true. he is back in because Degen was injured.
  16. He did not get several players he wanted over the last four years, players who would have materially improved the club, because, according to him, he did not have the powers to move quickly and do the deals. Those players were snapped up by other clubs as we dawdled.
  17. As a regular lurker here it is clear that several posters will interpret all events according to their anti-Rafa agenda. Bascombe treats this as his home site. He is a journalist who seems to feel the need constantly to suggest that he has privileged access to certain players and administrators and much of his "insights" or "exclusives" have a mild anti-Rafa tinge. I attribute this to the fact that Rafa does not give him privileged access. The same is true of Dave U. He balance his comments and they are well argued but he also implies or suggests he has information directly from players or indirectly from Bascombe. Ballague is pro-Rafa and sometimes also implies, without stating, that he gets his information from the club. He usually goes out of his way to characterise his source as though to prevent anyone claiming it was from Rafa. In this case his main source was an article in another newspaper. He added his own comments and did not imply or suggest that Rafa was his source. He talked about "an open secret" at the club. As to the substance - I think it ridiculous for anyone to suggest that players would not consider their options if a manager - any manager - left. Of course they would - all of them - including SG as he did the last time a manager left. We do not know all the circumstances but it seems likely that if Rafa left it would be because the owners were unwilling to trust him with the transfer budget. In the unlikely event that Rafa will be without an extension to his contract going into next season it would be a major topic of discussion within the club and in the media. It would be very unsettling. He would be a "lame-duck" manager. That would weaken his ability to motivate current players and attract new players. Everyone would be discussing why the club had let him go and whether it heralded further deterioration in the finances and management structure. Players and their agents would be stupid not to consider their options. This would be especially true of those attracted by the "Spanish" dimension of the club or by Rafa's reputation or his role in recruiting them. Rafa's impending disappearance would encourage other clubs and agents to target our players. The situation could be stabilised if Rafa were to leave in the summer and the club were to announce a new manager of similar stature. But any self-respecting senior ,manager would make the same contractual demands Rafa is making. I must say I am surprised he agreed to his current contract because he made it clear he left Valencia in order to find a club where he could be manager rather than coach.
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    To add some realism to those who talk about Owen as a "20 league goals a year striker" - he never scored 20 league goals a year even when the entire team was organised to provide him support and even when 25-30% of his annual total depended on penalties.
  19. diego

    Bring in Mikey Owen in January

    We did not take the initiative to sell Crouch. He refused to sign an extension to his contract. He also indicated that he wanted to go if he was not going to be played regularly. He was concerned that if he was not the first or a regular choice for a starting spot it would affect his chances of being part of the England squad. He decided that the arrival of Torres and other factors would probably mean that his appearances would be limited. Given his refusal to sign an extension and his determination to seek a starting spot somewhere, we allowed him to go for a decent price rather than waiting until his contract expired worthless. Rafa always said he was a good player and welcome to stay.
  20. diego

    Bring in Mikey Owen in January

    I said "of note". I'll concede the UEFA Cup. Owen contributed to that but did not score in the final during which we scored five goals..
  21. diego

    Bring in Mikey Owen in January

    At a time when many are moaning about Keane missing sitters that so many should advocate the return of Owen. How soon we forget. Owen must hold the PL record (and certainly the LFC record) for the most misses of good chances - he even missed 50% of his penalties. He has continued this glorious record with Newcastle. They moan about all the chances he misses there. Some of you remember the goals he scored. But that was when the team was organised to serve him. He had speed and the ability to come off the shoulder of the last defender for knock-ons by Heskey or through balls from Gerrard. But he has long since lost that speed. It would be disastrous to our title hopes if we went back to accommodating his weaknesses in order to make use of his strengths (especially now that he has lost those strengths). He contributed very little else to the team. He could not defend from the front, pass, hold the ball, dribble or lead the line as a lone forward - but to be fair he did learn to head the ball. His contribution to team spirit was nil. His ambitions was for England and himself. England's current manager thinks he is very limited and prefers half a dozen others. Do you forget all the money we spent on medical bills for his hamstrings and how he used to be constantly injured until it was time for an England game? We were saved all that by Rafa's refusal to buy him when he was leaving Real Madrid. How long has he been out with injuries since joining Newcastle? Its well over a year cumulatively. We won nothing of note during his time - apart from the FA Cup. The team should not be picked based on who are Gerrard and Carragher's mates. I trust Rafa to refuse Owen as he essentially did when he was leaving Real Madrid. And for the record, yes, I also think Owen is a cold, hard, self-centred money-grubbing gambler and I'd don't want to go back to all that again.
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    DIC: takeover thread

    I don't believe that the right of first refusal that now exists between GG and TH extends beyond a limited time. I don't beleive it it is transferable to a new owner once one of them sells.
  23. diego

    DIC: takeover thread

    In theory the BoD should be able to authorise a new rights issue and by that means reduce TH's percentage giving DIC a controlling majority of the shares. And then they could call for a new stadium design and make life increasingly difficult for TH. Even if all that were to happen, TH would not necessarily sell his shares to DIC. He could sell to others - which probably would be fine with DIC as long as they had a controlling vote. Or he could stay. What's wrong with being a 45%, 40%, 35% holder of LFC whose value is being increased by fresh capital injected by the mjaority shareholder? It might still be a very good investment for him with no further cash outlay.
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    Torres best since Fowler?

    He's scored 24 - all from open play.
  25. diego

    Torres best since Fowler?

    And that was with the help of penalties.