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  1. Nice timing by Rafa yesterday - it now looks like he put the final nail in Purslow's coffin. However, I don't think it was a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc. Any reasonably sharp businessman would understand that Purslow was a liability now that the club has funding, just as he was a failure at finding funding when it hadn't any. I'm also sure his disloyalty to his former employers did not go unnoticed by the new owners even though they benefited from that disloyalty. I notice that his consulting job dressed up as non-executive, non-voting director is only temporary. He will be phased out completely when the new owners have their own men (or women) in place. The contrast with Ian is noticeable. He offered his resignation - he was on a contract whereby Purslow was not. But his resignation was refused. Clearly Ian is the one who has most improved the club's finances and for that we have H&G to thank. Hopefully the new owners will continue along the right path and find a way to bring Rafa back.
  2. diego

    Agger & Johnson Out : The Offal

    Any day now Winter will be telling us that Purslow has had a word with the manager about how he talks to players.
  3. And the evil Spaniard in top hat, waxing his moustache as he gloats over the misery of the humble, but honest scousers he sacked from the Academy staff, not to mention the exchange of brown paper bags in motorway restaurants which explains his purchases of under-par foreigners.
  4. diego

    Rafa press conference 19/10/2010

    As a contribution to the discussion of Rafa here is an analysis in the Evening Standard by someone who follows Inter. Essentially he says Rafa is more than holding his own compared to the Mourinho legacy and has got Inter playing better football. http://coursecalendar.mcgill.ca/gps200910/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm#href=GSUNIT_20092010.4.141.html
  5. He still took more than a million for doing the job that any accountant could have done. Broughton had to be brought in because Purslow was not credible. Then Purslow just followed what Broughton told him and Broughton followed the orders from the RBS. Hicks was right that Purslow was his employee on very good "compensation" and was also seeking to double his salary in bonuses. Hick was also right that Purslow stabbed his employer in the back when he saw which way the wind was blowing. I am happy that the club was sold and don't really care about the injustices suffered by G&H - if any - but Hicks was right that it was a conspiracy. I wouldn't trust Purslow as far as I could throw him.
  6. A repetitive theme of your ten million or more posts is that those who appreciated and have affection for Rafa are a contemptible love-lorn minority. Since when was it contemptible for supporters of a club to appreciate and admire a winning manager who identified with them? It is your attitude which is aberrant and in the minority. Perhaps you think its normal because you post on a site whose ruling clique share your views. But that clique is out of touch with reality not only because it is too influenced by Carragher, Gerrard and Bascombe but because it has misjudged its own readership. In a recent poll on here more than two thirds of the registered readers voted to have Rafa return as manager. I would interpret that as a vote of non-confidence in the liars, gossips, small-time politicians, and self-publicising dramatists who have used TLW to try to undermine the finest manager we have had in twenty years. You are clearly an intelligent person. Why not get the monkey off your back and just admit what millions of LFC supporters can see so clearly, that Purslow is not qualified to be involved in football decisions, that he was wrong to encourage Carragher and Gerrard to plot against their manager, that his interference in Rafa's job was unconscionable - and that to get the poison out of the club we must first get rid of Purslow.
  7. diego

    What happened with Torres and Carra?

    That speaks well for Arbeloa but not for Carragher. You must really be deluded about your powers of propaganda if you think you can dismiss as normal banter Carragher's unusual and atypical tendency to snarl at team mates on and off the field. No other player does it. He must feel good that whatever he says or does TLW is watching his back.
  8. Eerie parallels! Hicks met with self-publicist Oldham just after his appointment, and Henry meets with self-publicist ATK. I expect the same result.
  9. diego

    Carra - Can someone clarify?

    Carragher is hiding behind the fact that his briefings against the club were "off the record". (I consider briefings against the manager and other players to be briefings against the club, especially during a difficult patch). Even though Bascombe reads this forum religiously, I guess he will not help clear up the allegations that Carragher was the source of much of the unsubstantiated allegations Bascombe made about Rafa and certain players in the sister newspaper of the S*n. Especially his explanation that Rafa had been "sacked" because he had lost the dressing room. Bascombe would claim that to reveal his source would be contrary to the ethics of journalism. But I think Bascombe abandoned those ethics when he became Carragher's paid biographer. He writes what Carragher pays him to write. There are others who could step forward and confirm or deny suspiscions about Carragher's activites. I know TLW has some kind of a magazine and might also claim to be covered by journalistic ethics. But this website is not journalism. Much of the anti-Rafa and anti-specific-player propaganda in the last two seasons appeared on TLW and was carried forward virulently by a small group of propogandists on here. Why doesn't TLW make a statement to confirm or deny that it was receiving leaks, gossip and opinion from Carragher (and possibly Gerrard)? If they were not we could put that to rest.
  10. diego

    Tail between the legs time...

    Your usual crap. You know nothing about LFC or the players. You make it up. You can try all you want but you cannot justify the thousands of words you spilled on a poky website sneering at Rafa and the players not only last year but also the year before even when we were second chasing first and breaking all records for goals scored. The only "poison" associated with the club came from Carragher, Gerrrard, Bascombe you and one or two other loonies on here.
  11. diego

    Tail between the legs time...

    "The players" were Carragher who led Gerrard by the nose, as he always does. No other player participated in their dirty work. Carragher did not go to the board - which would have been honourable if wrong - he leaked his complaints to the NoTW-Bascombe, TLW and others to build up pressure in the media. When approached by Purslow, who was the acting managing director, not the board, Carragher repeated his whinging and even sent text messages. All the leading players apart from these two have said they were shocked, disappointed, saddened etc by Rafa's going. They were also dismayed at the leaking to the press that Carragher was doing. It hurt team morale badly. Rafa should have benched Gerrrard last year for lack of effort and poor form - and he should have fined Carragher for briefing against him and other players. Many people knew what Carragher was doing - including Rafa. Hicks confirmed the other day that Gerrard and Carragher were the whingers. Players going to the board - which they did not do - is a reason for the players to go - not the manager. Carragher not only wanted to secure a new contract he also had ambitions to be manager one day.
  12. diego

    Jamie Redknapp tonight

    I remember an LFC "do" at Christmas when Redknapp was still with us. Most of the players mixed in a conversational way. But Redknapp sat ina guru liike pose surrounded by a group of mainly elderly admirers hanging on to his every word like he was a Delphic oracle. It was ridiculous then and is now.
  13. diego

    To Good To Go Down??

    We will be in danger of relegation if Hodgson remains in place and if Purslow is allowed to continue to have a role in the footballing side of the club.
  14. diego


    Rafa was forced out because Purslow and Broughton thought it was in their personal interest - not the club's. Who they were employed by - the owners or RBS is not really important. Neither of them are competent to run a football club. Purslow has twisted and turned a lot. Its amazing how a banker brought into to raise cash without a contract and on an acting basis should finish up forcing out the finest manager the club has had in years before hiring possibly the worst, and along the way lend our or sell players that were good enough for LFC's squad and buy others that were not.
  15. diego


    That was Purslow's decision approved by Hodgson.
  16. diego

    What happened with Torres and Carra?

    We need an Alonso Mark II to tell Carragher to shut up!
  17. diego

    Can we stop it with the insults please?

    The insulting names are out of order but they pale in comparison with the slander against Rafa - that he was taking bungs and throwing games. The person (s) who said that are still strutting their stuff on TLW. Hodgson irritates the way he lectures us on what LFC means. He is knows very little about the club or its history.
  18. diego

    Has Roy done anything right?

    Alberto Aquilani scored his first goal for Juventus since joining on loan from Liverpool. The midfielder opened the scoring in the 13th and set Juventus on its way to a 4-0 win at home to Lecce.
  19. Talk about choking on a gnat and swallowing a camel! Its laughable how the hang-Rafa-crowd on here got their knickers in a twist whenever Rafa said something, yet they say "give him more time" when the 63 year old safe pair of hands keeps coming out with this ridiculous stuff. The "safe pair of hands" are sweaty and trembling. It was always obvious that he was not up to the job. He got it through the incompetence of Purslow and Brougton who went beyond their brief as employees of the RBS charged with selling the club to interfere in footballing matters beyond their competence. They should be sacked when Hodgson is sacked, if not sooner. It would be depressing if they are allowed to continue making football decisions. My guess is they won't.
  20. diego

    Sky Sports News this morning

    The responsibility for correcting these false reports lies with Purslow and Broughton who should direct Nash to come forward in a press conference or official statement with the true figures. But perhaps it suits them to continue to let Ferguson, Fatheaded Brucie, Redknapp, Hansen, Lawrenson and assorted odds and sods distort Rafa's distinguished record as manager. Or maybe they are following Carragher's philosophy of not "brawling " so we will be liked by Sky and the rest.
  21. diego

    Carragher extends Liverpool deal!!

    I posted this at 2-31 yesterday before the current thread started, but the managers at TLW moved it several pages back. _______________________________ Carragher gets his thirty pieces of silver Carragher gets two years contract. He boasts that he never negotiates - his contract renewals take two minutes. This one took a whole year of plotting and scheming. First were the threats that he would leave if he was not first choice, then the paranoia that Rafa would not recommend a renewal, then the campaign to undermine Rafa using Bascombe and TLW and eventually giving Purslow grounds to tell the media and the board that Rafa had lost the dressing room. Even after he started to talk openly about his contract - it has taken two or three months of negotiations. Its not right that one of the highest paid and the oldest player should be given an extraordinary extension on the eve of new owners taking over. It smells like a pay-off. He was a good player 4-5 years ago. He's not good enough now. He should have been offered a one-year extension at reduced wages on the understanding that he would have to work for his place. That would have allowed him to look elsewhere - possbily go and play for "the Boss" - Houllier at Aston Villa, or even for Everton so he could try to win over the other half of Liverpool for his restaurant.
  22. diego

    Spirit Of Shankly Statement on LFC Takeover

    You dish out compliments in a manner that suggests you have some moral authority. You are always attempting to subvert the organised work of SOS in order to draw attention to yourself in stunts designed to give you 15 minutes of fame. I don't forget your lies about other posters and about Rafa, your constant slander of a man whose shoes you are not fit to lick, and your threat to do him physical harm.
  23. diego

    Spirit Of Shankly Statement on LFC Takeover

    To complete the circle of justice in which SOS has been so creative, I hope SOS will help bring Rafa back - or at least give Rafa the opportunity to come back. His going in those circumstances is the one remaining injustice that will prevent a healing. Despite the rabid anti-Rafa's bigots, represented by the ruling clique on TLW, the vast majority of supporters want him back. In a recent poll even the general readership of TLW wanted him back by a two thirds majority - a large enough margin to amend the constitution of most countries.
  24. diego

    Interview with Hicks on SSN tonight

    I hadn't hear the full interview when I made my previous comment. Now I have. Hicks admits that last season Rafa "lost the leaders" for "something" - and he said "something" with a shrug as though the "something" was not understandable or was not significant. As a result, he said, the players did not play as well as they could. This confirms that Hicks and co (and I include Purslow and Broughton) constructed grounds for forcing Rafa out on the proposition that the "leaders" i.e. Gerrard and Carragher spoke against him. Gerrard has not spoken about Rafa since he left, but has been fulsome in his praise of Hodgson and Houllier, as has Carragher. They both are trying to justify their dirty work regarding Rafa. Of course their defenders say there is no evidence. Well there is if you are Bascombe or a member of the TLW ruling clique - they know full well what Carragher was doing. And there are lots of others who know what Carragher was doing in briefing against Rafa. It will come out eventually - it has already started. I also think its true that one of the reasons we did badly last year was that the players were demoralised by Carragher's and Gerrard's politiking - as well as their poor play. Gerrard decided his dislike of Rafa justified him saving himself for the World Cup and Carragher thought it justified him cosying up to Purslow to get himself a new contract. Rafa did do something to upset these two cowards. He said in October and November last year that the senior players should take some responsibility when we were playing weaker teams to press for victory. We know how sensitive Carragher was about that - he even called Tomlison at home one evening and demanded to know, in that "organising" way of his, if Rafa had spoken critically to him about the "senior players".
  25. diego

    Interview with Hicks on SSN tonight

    He blames everybody but showed real anger towards Rafa. He knows it was Rafa who first smoked him out, and it has been downhill for Hicks since then. That's why Rafa was forced out - not for footballing matters. But Hick's couldn't do it without the help of Purslow and Broughton - who Hick's admits were his loyal yes men - and they probably were until they, too, began to feel the heat from the supporters and SOS Purslow got help from Carragher and Gerrard because he did not have the moral authority to deal with Rafa so he used the excuse that Rafa had lost the players when all he had lost really was Carragher, who figured his contract would be safer if he did Purslow's bidding and Gerrard who is a weak-minded sulk who follows Carragher. Hicks uses Ferguson as an authority for the figures he says Rafa spent over six years. Thank God we have Tomlinson to give us a better accounting. And whatever Rafa spent it was enough to come a close second one year ago and win the Champions League and appear in another CL final, two more semi-finals and win the FA Cup and- let's not forget - come 7th last year - a target that looks quite distant now. Hick's comments on the quality of the squad must be like music to the ears of the players.