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    What do they class as a moderate illness?
  2. Elite

    Next Tournament Suggestions

    Best baddie in TV/Movie history.
  3. Elite

    Roy Keane

    I still find him entertaining like I do with Souey, they talk absolute shite a lot of the time but better than listening to dullards like Redknapp, Richards etc.
  4. Elite

    Alisson Becker

    Two mistakes that cost us one game is better than two mistakes that cost us two games. Hope it's out of his system now.
  5. Elite

    Alisson Becker

    One game doesn't change the fact that he's the best goalkeeper in the world.
  6. Elite

    Match Threads Handover

    Well that's sorted until 3pm Saturday. Who after that?
  7. Emotion. That's the simple answer. Clouds judgement, alters perception better than any drug. When we lose badly, catastrophe.
  8. Elite

    Thiago Alcantara

    I'll reserve my judgement until he's part of a cohesive unit. He's definitely not the type of player to grab the game by the scruff of the neck, more the fancy collar that you put on top.
  9. Elite

    Match Threads Handover

    Like willingly accepting a STD this.
  10. Hopefully this is rock bottom. Hopefully.
  11. I love you Allison but today, fuck off.
  12. Our own worst enemy, fucking ridiculous from Allison.
  13. As much as a handball as the Joe Gomez one in the last fixture against these. Fuck off.
  14. Probably wouldn't get it though.
  15. Fuck sake. Ref couldn't wait give that.
  16. Great from TAA, Mane needs to do better there.
  17. We've gone from the red arrows to the red marrows.
  18. We've had s few chances to break/good field position due to City's mistakes but we are too lethargic to make anything out of them.
  19. Well we'll see if the ref is consistent with it but I doubt he will be. Thiago is a reckless cunt though, silly.
  20. Gary Neville saying Thiago gets away with things, no mention of Bruno Fernandes though you fucking rat.
  21. A booking already? Fuck off ref.