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  1. Jones needs hooking here. Looks like he's run out of steam and losing the ball too much now.
  2. Yellow card for that? Absolute joke Anthony Taylor.
  3. Leicester 1-0 is a good bet the way this is going.
  4. Fucking hell Robbo. We are atrocious in the final third.
  5. Leicester getting closer. Following the usual pattern this. We looked better with Milner on instead of Thiago.
  6. Thiago losing the ball constantly. Starting to think he's not the right fit for this team.
  7. Joke of a yellow card. Fucking manc rat
  8. Games not over yet. If we continue to be wasteful they could pick out pockets like other teams this season.
  9. Salah having one of those days so far.
  10. Looking at Klopp in the dugout is gut-wrenching given that he's grieving the loss of his mother.
  11. Elite

    Ozan Kabak

    Let's hope we are talking about him being brilliant...
  12. Elite

    Other football - 2020/21

    There is no doubt that Bale is taking the piss out of professional football and all the fans, particularly at Tottenham. He's a disgrace.
  13. Hopefully this is one of our good days.
  14. I've just watched the Oprah thing, very good once the real guys come out halfway through. Korey Wise definitely has learning difficulties a lot worse than portrayed in the series, he's pretty diminutive as well so I imagine a 16 year version of him in an adult prison led to horrific abuse.
  15. Elite

    Coronation Street

    Is it just me or has the acting standard in soaps decreased to a high school play level, it's absolutely shocking. Nostalgia may be playing a part but I don't remember it being truly terrible back in the day.
  16. Have you seen the Oprah special with all the cast and the five people it's based on?
  17. Now They See Us - 9.5/10 One of, if not the best mini-series I've ever seen. The shit these poor lads went through, especially Corey Wise, is like hell on earth and to see what they endured but still came out to the other side is very inspiring. I'm glad they got the justice they deserved and a hefty paycheck that will make the rest of their lives a lot more comfortable. Not that it's close to being worth it. From a production point of view it's a masterpiece from the casting, acting, direction, cinematography and soundtrack.
  18. Elite

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Have you got your brown wings yet?
  19. Elite

    Rate the last film you watched...

    It's one of my favourite films ever. Can watch it over and over again.
  20. That's the one. You're spot on about the acting, it's of the highest calibre. I'm midway through the last episode now and the young lad in the adult prison is the stand out for me, could go on to have a great career.
  21. Bizarre logic that. Like saying you wouldn't shag Katie Perry because she might be a rubbish in bed.
  22. Elite

    On line dating

    I met my missus on that inline dating, we both fell head over heels.