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  1. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Spurs will end up conceding.
  2. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Get in Woodgate!
  3. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    I hope Spurs win on Penno's
  4. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Zakora has just fucked up bigstyle.
  5. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Lovely penalty from Berbatov.
  6. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    That chimbonda is a right dick.
  7. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Torres and Gerrard dive, just not as theatrically as Drogba does.
  8. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Paul Robinson is fucking useless. I haven't a clue what he was doing on that Freekick.
  9. In your humble opinion. I love it.
  10. Elite

    I hope we sign Duff

    Duff is not a 10th of the player he once was.
  11. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    I reckon Chelsea will stroll it TBH.
  12. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Lampard and Terry are. Cole isn't.
  13. Elite

    The Royal Family.

    The Royal family should be there on merit. Stick a family in there who have fostered loads of kids or cured cancer or something weird like that.
  14. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Ramos has left that Jamie O'Hara out of the squad and he is crying his eyes out.
  15. Elite

    Gene Simmons Sex tape

    Whats that other Simmons guy who produces music? His wife is Asian and she is stunning, they was on cribs.
  16. Elite

    The final tomorrow.

    Aye, I got shot down for it. Anyway I hope Spurs win, their fans deserve something because they have been the laughing stock of the Premiership for a good while.
  17. Elite

    Contrasting personalities

    Torres is a good lad, he seems the type who you could just chat with ease (If you can speak the lingo) Ronaldo is an arrogant cunt.
  18. Elite

    What's your 'Home' page?

    google. I have loads of tabs too.
  19. I am in agreement. If we do get a decent amount of backing, It would be great for 2 'stars'.
  20. Elite

    Klitschko v Ibragimov

    It'll be crap. Heavyweights are too big these days.
  21. Elite

    Russian Mail Order Brides..

    Ha ha. Nearly as bad as the guys on youporn leaving comments saying 'email me' and so on.
  22. Elite

    ITV - Utter Shite

    They are showing Dexter soon as well. It'll be the best show they have had on there in ages. Plus Al Murrays show is good.
  23. Elite

    Fernando Torres

    I don't think the Ukrainians and the Russians get on to well.
  24. Elite

    Fernando Torres

    Yeah, hopefully. Who would want him though?