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  1. Elite

    How many changes?

    Far from convincing performance so far.
  2. Elite

    How many changes?

    Arbeloa is having a mare. Thats twice he has left Tuncay completely free.
  3. Elite

    How many changes?

    My stream is light years behind
  4. Elite

    How many changes?

    Fucking brilliant finish yet again.
  5. Elite

    How many changes?

    Great finish that.
  6. Elite

    How many changes?

    We are getting enough of the ball but we are not doing much with it. This is what will cost Benitez his job. After tuesday I think he won some fans back over but is a season of this shit really worth a few great nights in Europe?
  7. Started Kung Fu today and I was fucked half way through it. It'll be great for fitness. The moves are hard to remember though.
  8. Elite

    How many changes?

    It's fucking strange alright. Some of these players only want to try in big european games.
  9. Elite

    Live Match Streems (v Boro 23/2/08)

    Shit defending. Here we go again.
  10. The place I am going to is bang in St. Helens town centre. The other p;laces mentioned will be tricky for me to get too until I get a car.
  11. I am doing Kung fu tomoz! I honestly can't wait.
  12. Elite

    Russian Mail Order Brides..

    She has gone a long way since the Sopranos.
  13. Elite

    Do you live alone?

    I do. 21 though, so I'll buy an house/apartment when I am about 24
  14. Gerrard. He has been slotting them away all season.
  15. Elite

    Putting your foot in it...

    It hardly ever works, thats why it's plan B!
  16. Elite

    Putting your foot in it...

    Ha ha. I have done that a few times myself mate. If I don't pull and get a bit drunk, it's plan B time. Which usually consists of asking birds to send me pics of their tits and stuff :whistle:
  17. Elite

    Putting your foot in it...

    She text me twice in about 10 mins thats why I said it, she text me back saying 'what do you mean by that?' I have smoothed things over now thank fuck.
  18. Elite

    Tis Friday night.

    I am skint and owe my mum £75. I shall have to watch Saints at home and maybe a film later.
  19. Elite

    Draw your own conclusions....

    He's moving in with Timmy Mallet.
  20. Seriously though. Would you shag Sharon Osbourne? She may look doable wearing clothes and on TV all done up but I bet she looks awful naked.
  21. Elite


    I feel sorry for the proper skag prostitutes who do it to survive. It's different than shoplifting because you're selling yourself as oppose to stealing from others.
  22. I would not succumb to her false charms and see through her decorous attitude, then smash the back out of it.
  23. Elite

    Gears of War

    I lent Halo 3 off my mate the other day and I fucking love it. I think theres a demo of Denied Ops up now mate.
  24. Elite

    Gears of War

    It's all about opinions mate. Lots of people love GOW but a lot of people hate it. It's one of those games.
  25. Elite

    Gears of War

    Halo, Bioshock, COD, RB6: Vegas, Mass Effect, Half Life are all far superior.