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  1. You must have a mouth like asbestos.
  2. Maybe clean your foreskin a bit more often.
  3. It can be the bloke down the baldy bloke down the street with some 21yr old hottie, celebs or indeed fictional characters. I'll start with this from Dirty Dancing, never for the life of me understood why this minger was cast to be the sweetheart of possibly the coolest motherfucker ever Swayze.
  4. Elite

    Ouija boards

    The only medium worth his salt is Papa Lazarou.
  5. Hopefully it clicks with me this time, its scores on the review sites are top notch and a few people on here rave about it. I really want to like it, maybe that's the problem.
  6. Gonna give The Expanse another go.
  7. Elite


    Just listened the Neil Woods episode on Kempcast, brilliant. One for you @Rico1304 as a fan of his books.
  8. Give it a go. The first episode is pretty spectacular.
  9. Useless twats. In the right hands it could have been great.
  10. Elite


    You're correct, it's scaremongering but it's required.
  11. I bet his chat up line was. "You want some? Cos if you do I'll give it to ya".
  12. Haha, I had that on TV in the background with no sound on as I was listening a podcast. Thought it was his daughter. He looks like the Wealdstone raider.
  13. Elite


    Just found Ross Kemp has a podcast called Kempcast, quick scan and he's got some great guests.
  14. Elite

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    I've yet to see him on there but I only watch it sporadically.
  15. My head's completely gone with us now, don't see how we'll ever turn this around etc, when the reality is it's probably just a short-term blip. When you're in the hole, it's hard to see the light.
  16. Banana Fritters from the Chinese are nice, especially if you plan to have a heart attack.
  17. Elite

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    Nah he got sacked. Turns out he had the answers wrote on his forearm.
  18. Juno - 7/10 Bit of a womans film, its watchable enough.
  19. Elite

    Stop fucking about, Stig.

    If Stig doesn't buy a defender out of his own money, he's got to go.
  20. Finishing outside the top 4 is a crisis.
  21. We are in a full blown crisis now and I don't see a way out of it.