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    Baddiel and Skinner Fantasy Football

    Jack Charlton being cruel to animals literally made me vomit in laughter
  2. Antynwa


    If he loves the club that much why doesn't he just pay the club to play?
  3. Antynwa

    Have you got a claim to fame???

    My grandad has a Christmas card from Kevin Keegan when he played for Hamburg
  4. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    The Main Stand needs knocking down, no refurbishment plan is feasible to worthwhile IMO if we don't knock it down. It's crumbling, it's overcrowded, it's just quite frankly. Shit.
  5. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    If we are to build a new stadium I can't see it being built in the Anfield area
  6. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    Forgot about that. Carry on!:whistle:
  7. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    Half the people on the season ticket waiting list are either dead, dying, out of work now, forgot to update their existing address. The list is a myth.
  8. Antynwa

    Just About Sums It Up for Me

    The government preach about a something for nothing culture being wrong. However they are employing this tactic on our unemployed. Fuckcunts
  9. Antynwa

    E3 Coverage 2012

    The Nintendo conference was quite frankly a disgrace.
  10. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    People keep on putting pictures up of the Main Stand when it's redeveloped and simply building on top of it. It needs fucking knocking down FFS
  11. I don't know, I'd like to think we'd end up with another cup run or two, and at least challenge for fourth. I'd expect to see the growing pains when a manager tries to adapt his philosophy. I expect to be frustrated but delighted in equal measure.
  12. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    Not bothered about the stadium anymore, they should save costs and just wait for it to collapse.
  13. Antynwa

    Match Fixing

    My Grandad is about 86. He's said to me he's convinced Manchester United are a gang of cheats and in a decade or two, when Ferguson is long gone, it will all come out. Now maybe he's off his head, which he is, but I'm inclined to agree with him.
  14. Antynwa

    Joe Cole

    I would. Because his attitude is spot on
  15. Bring them home, on a free. Relive the past for a glorious future.
  16. Antynwa

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    According to Gunga Din on YNWA they've spoken to Rafa.
  17. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    Just wait for nature to take it's course and let Anfield gradually erode until we have to make a decision.
  18. Antynwa

    How many is too many?

    I was with a girl a few years ago, we where talking and she said she had 9 Sexual Partners. Was crying in the bath for about 2 hours after.
  19. Antynwa

    Harry Redknapp

    Rumour going around. Being interviewed.
  20. Antynwa

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    Rafa's honey moon period will be forever. He'll never be sacked. Ever
  21. I remember on the coach back someone said he was being lined up. Interesting.
  22. Antynwa

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    if FSG bring him back and he does shit, does that make fsg incompetent owners?
  23. Antynwa

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    Why wouldn't they go for the best man for the job, why would they go for the easy option, why wouldn't they go for RAFA?