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    Should Gerrard be dropped?

    Gerrard shouldn't be dropped.
  2. She probably says when she's going to town, she doesn't mean Liverpool
  3. Antynwa

    Manc with Hillsborough Tattoo

    Horrible stunt. Coming a month. Before the release of the h'boro panel report
  4. Antynwa

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    Cracking PR move
  5. Antynwa

    what would he have said?

    Shanks would have said "I believe in Brendan Rodgers"
  6. The ending was just absolutely fantastic. When he was stabbed, I was like 'Yeah fantastic ending, not as good as the TDK. But what followed was just unbelievable.
  7. Antynwa

    Being Liverpool

    Can't be doing with Dave Kirby.
  8. Antynwa

    Is Football Racist? My Dads Story

    The problem with racism in this country is that we don't educate, we only punish. The racists with half a brain cell keep shtum for 90 minutes, racism is engraved into people, it's not something that is turned on and off for 90 minutes.
  9. They don't care about Valero They don't get about Pep The goalkeeping coach job Is in the wrong gloves
  10. ultimately you've got to give the manager the right to make these decisions, I really want him to stay and I can't pretend I'm happy about it. Think he's a cracking player. Not worth £35 Million, but a cracking player none the less.
  11. Antynwa

    Brendan Rodgers acceptable nicknames?

    Sugar Rodgers Bee Are Rod Bren D Rodgers Dee Man The Man The shit The dude Irish Overlord Sexual Predator
  12. Antynwa

    Andy Carroll, what does he do?

    Ultimately you've got to let the manager do what he feels his right, especially in the early months of his reign. I can't pretend I'm slightly disappointing in the fact he may leave though.
  13. I don't know. I suppose had he actually won the World Cup with Spain, everyone would be pointing out he's Argentinian. Put it this way, if Messi win's the world cup with Argentina it would be a greater achievement than if he had won it with Spain....Not that he could have, because he's feckin Argentinian IMO
  14. Antynwa

    Lifers, channel 4 now

    The one who wanted to kill someone for shits and giggles. The conditions that someone of them where in though would make Daily Mail readers have convulsions. The opening segment with the fella who will be locked up for his whole life was mind blowing.
  15. Antynwa

    Anfield or New Anfield

    Doesn't some of his plans include keeping the main stand and building upon it?
  16. Antynwa

    EURO 2012

    Yep, but we got through to the Quarters. Hodgson has done alright this tournament all things considered.
  17. Antynwa

    EURO 2012

    I think Hodgson throughout the tournament on the whole has had his tactics spot on. Although he certainly should have started Carroll yesterday
  18. Antynwa

    Jimmy Carr - 1 Lines

    Gary: "Yeah you and me can we save loads of tax, and give me an award, We can fuck the poor"
  19. Antynwa

    Jimmy Carr - 1 Lines

    Got no major problem in people wanting to save as much money as they can with systems that are out there. At the end of the day, if someone told you that you could pay 1% tax and it's entirely legal, you'd do it. The fact that such schemes exist is a problem, and the fact we have a Tory government who effectively are bankrolled by the very same people who use such schemes is the problem.
  20. Antynwa

    Thinking of getting a dog

    You've got a cracker there mate. Enjoy him
  21. Antynwa

    Biggest knobhead journalist

    Oliver Holt is a fucking troll
  22. Antynwa

    We are now liverpoolfc.com

    I'm wondering what SOS think about this.