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    Comedy Amnesty

    John Bishop is about as funny as scabby knees
  2. Antynwa

    Fabio Borini

    I'd try and bring Crouchie back on a short term deal
  3. Antynwa

    Fabio Borini

    Massive chance for Morgan and Yesil.
  4. Antynwa

    Suso to Madrid

    He's very composed. He's Suso and he knows it.
  5. Antynwa

    The most scouse scouser you have met.

    Anyone at the back of a Happy Al's bus on an away game.
  6. For those who can't make it, can we go down the KFC on County Road?
  7. Antynwa


    I've seen to close friends what cancer can do, and how hard it is for families and loved ones to cope, but they do, they always do. And I think that's what is important to remember, that almost all of the time. Families and friends rally together in the most cruel of times and come through it together, I can't imagine what you must be going through. It's impossible to find words that will provide a crumb of comfort, but I just hope that you realize that you've got a lot of people rooting for you and Carly.
  8. Antynwa


    Horrendous news. My thoughts are with you at this time. Absolutely awful.
  9. Antynwa

    Breaking Bad

    Just finished the fourth season. Certainly one of the best TV shows of the past decade in my opinion. Third only to The Wire and Sopranos. Fantastic television, incredible sub plots and some fantastic acting to boot.
  10. Antynwa

    Gimp XI

  11. Antynwa

    Being Liverpool

    Anyone got a link for this that can be views on iPad?
  12. It was one of their own fans who threw the shit. I shit you not. No pun intended
  13. Antynwa

    LFC vs Young Boys Thread

    We're doing what we did in the past, which is play the kids in a mediocre squad. As opposed to playing 1 or 2 kids in a very strong squad. This can't be helped though as we're shite.
  14. Antynwa

    Retirement Age

    When I was born
  15. Is there a pleasure rooms remix?
  16. Antynwa

    Hillsborough files released next week!

    Will an apology this week constitute as Justice? I realise this is a matter of opinion
  17. Antynwa

    Why no chant for Rodgers?

    Wrexham away 2004 Rafa's name was chanted
  18. It's doing the rounds on twitter.
  19. Antynwa

    Spirit of Shankly: FSG - We Still Need Direction

    Doesn't matter you're on being liverpool
  20. Antynwa

    Paul Dempsey on Setanta

    I wish someone would just kill him for that.
  21. Antynwa

    Owen to the bitters

    A family friend of ours saw him pull into Goodison last night.