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    Valencia interested in Momo

    Momo Sissoko has not been good enough for 12 months, Javier pisses all over him in terms of ability and his all round game. Lucas looks a much better player than Momo now
  2. Antynwa

    Guillem Ballague's take on Rafa's predicament

    Let's take a step back and look at this from a distance, is Guillem going to say... "Well Rafa, as Bolton/Utd/Everton fans say he is indeed a fat Spanish Waiter, he is actually really shit and Torres hates his daughter"
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    Fish On Fish On With no rod in yer 'and and you'll never get a fish you'll never get a fish Fish On Fish on
  4. Antynwa

    New stadium

    I reckon we should all get a spade and a wheel barrow, a few million bricks and just start building it ourselves. All together now... WEEEE SHALLL NOT....
  5. It's very fustrating when these 'odd bad decisions' regarding team selections, systems and formations happen far to often and have cost us Reading (A) Brum (H) Pompey (A) 9 Points there, 7 of which we lost it's not championship winning material. Not saying we would of won those games if "x" player was selected "x" system was played and the players played in "x" formation, but it certainly would of helped if our best players in terms of Torres and Gerrard played v Pompey and the players chosen v Reading could of played in a system they... A: Could play B: Where used to It's just deteriorated now to the players Ala Kuyt, Riise, Voronin have about Nil confidence and the majority of the players having little or no motivation. I touched upon it in another post that there is no consistancy in the whole tactical element to our team, Too many systems for too many players, and no set style of play like Arsenal or Man Utd, there is no championship winning arrogance, no 'letting the team change the way they play for us'.
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    If we win the Champions League and finish 5th my head will explode
  7. Antynwa

    This Carra/Luton thing...

    Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, it was 5 dickheads out of 10,000+ Luton Fans who spoilt it, does that little 7 or 8 year old who asked Carra for his autograph deserve there club to be extinct? Thought not, Luton are no worse or better than any of the clubs around them, they have their dickheads, like we have our dickheads, Yes Carra was right Yes the 5/10,000 Luton fans where wrong But to call for them to be extinct/blown up is wrong I think.
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    You'll Never Fish Alone
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    Please.....Stay Fit Please
  10. Antynwa

    Goodbye Momo

    Momo just wasn't disiplined enough, he would lose the ball in stupid positions, his passing was often wayward and erratic, imagine Hamman, with less composure and worse passing and you have Momo. Thats not to say he was never a good player, he clearly was but for a good 6-12 months he just hasn't been up to scratch you could never fault him for effort, he was as you say allover the joint, forward, backward, sideways and he wasn't a bad tackler but as mentioned he just has been either poor or at best average within the past 12 months, Lucas is looking a much better player than him at the moment and if we can get £10 Million for Momo I'd snap their hands of. Javier is the better play IMO , his tackling is excellent, his passing isn't bad either the only thing he lacks is the driving force like Gerrard, but who has a driving force like Gerrard?
  11. Antynwa

    Goodbye Momo

    In the end, just hasn't been good enough, despite showing glimpses of talent. Since Javier came in we have seen the gulf in dicipline, I have always referred to Javier as a more mature Sissoko, Javier can read the game better, play the ball better and is essentially an all round better player than Momo. I think he will do outstanding in Serie A and I hope nothing more than Success for him there.
  12. I personally believe the squad hasn't been utilised correctly by Rafa in my opinion since the season began. Be it down to formation, system(S) and team selection Rafa has to take alot of the flak regarding this. We have one hell of a core of a squad in Reina Finnan Agger Carra ??? Gerrard Javier Xabi ??? Torres ??? Fill in the blanks yourself based on form and recent performances, play a set system which the players understand, I know it isn't that simple, but personally the varied Systems, the varied formations and varied team selections have not helped us in the league, and Rafa is at fault for that.
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    Ugly footballers

    Crouch isn't a looker, I always remember what he said in an interview when asked what he would be if he wasn't a footballer, to which he replied 'A Virgin'
  14. Antynwa

    Is it really an injustice?

    Crux of it really
  15. Antynwa

    This Carra/Luton thing...

    I laugh at Feed the Scousers, because I am clinically obese.
  16. Antynwa

    Is it really an injustice?

    I don't know, did they hate him when he did that Infamous Cricket conference? I don't think the media HATES Benitez I think thats way off the mark, I think it's down to the fact he hasn't won the league, I mean does the media hate Fergie or Wenger? No, because they have won the league PLUS they have brought the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, and dare I say Ronaldo, Cantona and Van Horseface to the country. Thats just my simple, probably naive few of Rafa and the media.
  17. Antynwa

    New comedians

    If Frankie Boyle is still on tour he is one to see, the Scottish Guy off Mock the Week
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    Warbutons plain bread is bloody lovely with anything, having said that I much prefer a crusty cob/baguette (Whatever takes your fancy)
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    Rafa going to Real - Rubbish

    Guillem Balague does works at that Tapas place behind the Mariott ;)
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    Is it really an injustice?

    2 Words, one Failure Steve Fooking McLaren ;)
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    Never knew anything about this, excelllent :)
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    Defoe can leave - Worth a buy

    Defoe strikers me of a younger Voronin, Direct, Powerful, Fast with a very good shot on him. However....
  23. Antynwa

    Is it really an injustice?

    I think "doesn't trust Rafa to buy the players needed for us to challenge, getting rid of the owners first should be the priority" kind of sums up how I feel regarding everything around the club.