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    Most Annoying Scouser Ever?

    I'm ambivalent if that is the right word. But he's not scouse.
  2. Antynwa

    Most Annoying Scouser Ever?

    Not scouse
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    Will miss the start of the season I believe
  4. Antynwa

    The Suarez Bite

    I'm still in two minds about this. Part of me thinks he needs help though.
  5. Depends really. It's all a bit groundhog day this, what we need at the club is a fresh perspective if anything else.
  6. Antynwa

    The Suarez Bite

    That's their prerogative.
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  8. Antynwa

    The Suarez Bite

    The defence of Suarez is based purely down to his ability, nothing more, nothing less. And that's fine, but lets not pretend some of us are defending him for any other reason. What the fuck was he doing biting someone? Jesus H Christ.
  9. Antynwa

    Win 5 grand for best banner...

    My favorite was Jay Spearing FTM Hands down
  10. Pretty Much how I feel. I can cope with despair it's the hope thats killing me
  11. Antynwa

    Rafa - A Wondeful Man

    I still can't my head around the reasoning behind Rafa going to Chelsea. After Valencia, Parry, Purslow, Hicks and Gillett, Inter Milan. He goes and joins Chelsea. He loves the drama.
  12. Plays for Birmingham City. Don't know how but I'm delighted But I for one welcome this and hope we get to see him at Anfield once more, he's an absolute legend of the game, goes from scoring an own goal of epic proportions in January Away to a lower league side, and then goes onto winning the European Cup. Not only that but he was the first Malian to have a Champions League medal. LFC Legend
  13. The first time we heard about the Parry Bowl, Sterling was barely out his nappies.
  14. Antynwa

    The many coats of Brendan

    In an era where a total lack of consistency has been a downfall for us. His ability to be consistently inconsistent with his choice of attire has certainly been an attribute of his, which hopefully we can take through to next season.
  15. Danny you're the one You still turn me on You can score a goal again Wooooah Looking back on when we first met I cannot escape and I cannot forget Danny you're the one you still turn me on You can score a goal again
  16. Spurs was probably one of the few times I can remember such an attacking side, yeah maybe it was naive after we went 2-1 down. But ultimately with intent and drive you're going to win more games with that approach than lose them. I think Rodgers is boss
  17. I used to have a serious case of Plantar Warts as a kid, I'm talking at least 1/3 of my feet covered in them. Throw in a bit of athletes foot and you've got some of the most vile things you've ever seen. I always insisted on wearing my shoes wherever i went.
  18. This was brought up in the office before, and I quickly retorted that I wouldn't. She's got four fingers, a massive fuck off blue head and not that very big tits, she's a lanky streak of piss and above all she's a cartoon character. BUT, that being said the amount of action she gets from Homer and her loving nature. She would surely make a loving wife and loves fat fellas so clearly many of us here including myself are in with a chance. What are your thoughts and feelings about this?
  19. Antynwa

    Early thoughts on Rodgers

    On the whole I like him, don't get me wrong it hasn't been all great but I've seen enough to keep the faith. Way too early to judge if he's the right man for the next 5 years or so.
  20. Agreeish Disagree so strongly Agree
  21. Antynwa

    Same old South Yorkshire Police

    The most severe punishment we're going to see is IMO a suspended sentence for those culpable.