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  1. Anyone else remember this. Makes Soccer AM alot worse than it actually already is. [YOUTUBE]-RanuQ-0nOg[/YOUTUBE]
  2. BBC News - Paul Gascoigne arrested at Darlington hotel He is just completely ruined
  3. Antynwa

    Mario Balotelli

    My thinking a while back was that I thought the club had something up their sleeve. Not that I think it was their intention to drag it out until this point, but I think it is clear talks have beent taking place for quite some time.
  4. Antynwa

    Loic Remy

    I feel sorry for Remy, if indeed the medical is the reason he isn't joining Liverpool, that effectively rules him out of playing for a cub of our stature for the rest of his career.
  5. Antynwa

    Cure for the flu

    Hot and Sour Soup and an extra hot curry. Gets all the fucking shite off your chest and clears the throat and eases it. Should be available on the NHS when you're feeling like shite. When they find an official cure for the flu it would not surprise me if it consisted of curry and hot and sour soup elements.
  6. Antynwa

    No excuses?

    12 games to go. More preperation time than anyone else, more time in between games than anyone else. Some big teams still to come to Anfield. The Arsenal loss was a ball ache, gutted not to be in a competition which was looking like it could be an easy route to Wembley, you can't have it all though and the players put in a good shift. It was very much a 'shit happens' encounter and I am happy with the players showing. But I couldn't help but feel this result really gives us a hell of a chance to push on in the league., it's a 20 minute head start on an exam paper, Brendan has enough time with his players to impose his tactics on them in preperation for the next game. With fitness surely now not going to be a problem, and with the quality we have infront of goal. I'm very much of the opinion that the oppertunity the reds have infront of them is something not many teams will have the chance of getting. Primed for a title challenge with no other distractions. Do we hold our team to a standard that the likes of Arsenal, City and United have been in the past? Or do we take a different approach and simply play the 'Just happy to be here card'? Is it wrong to expect perfection?
  7. Antynwa

    We're not winning the title this year

    I think we can, and I think we will come close. I can't see us imploding, but by the same token I can see us missing out because of silly points dropped v the likes of West Brom. Though that being said, it could be argued City could end up thinking the same as well.We need to take it each game as it comes though, it's very very close and we could just as easily finish outside the top four which scares me just as much as the prospect of winning the league excites me. We need 3 things to go right No injuries No Kolo Toure backpasses Rodgers to keep winning the tactical battles
  8. Antynwa

    Playstation 4

    Just put a deposit down on this
  9. Henderson makes the side look a lot more put together, a lot more consistent and he dictates the play very well. I love the guy
  10. Antynwa

    Captions for new issue

    No...It cannot be...Purple Aki?
  11. Antynwa

    Captions for new issue

    Mourinho learns to finally laugh at the Luis Garcia ghost goal
  12. Antynwa

    How on earth did this happen...

    Nope. I would not wear those utterly shit trabs
  13. Antynwa

    Liverpool Real Madrid

    That Fulham game. Jesus fucking wept.
  14. Antynwa

    Dog Pics

    Biscan loves the heat, when he gets too hot he goes indoors or in the shade. In-between eating, drinking, shitting, playing and humping the nearest teddy he's got it sorted.
  15. Antynwa


    Can only repeat the sentiments said so far. :(
  16. Antynwa

    Subject: Jamie Bulger

    Make no mistake, they weren't born evil and I agree with much of what you are saying. In the rush to attempt to understand the reasoning behind why they did this, you have two parents whose lives had been completely decimated. I can't imagine what they must be going through now.
  17. Antynwa

    Subject: Jamie Bulger

    What about the parents of James Bulger? I've read some of the interviews his father has conducted and it's incredibly upsetting. I think they have been very much shit on by many people or rather the justice system
  18. Antynwa

    Subject: Jamie Bulger

    It's a cluster fuck of sadness this whole story. Regardless of if he should have been released again, how do you begin to remedy those two twisted individuals. How can they possibly lead normal lives or contribute to society?
  19. In my final year a friend of mine split up with a long term girlfriend. On our science table there was him, about 4 others, and his ex on the opposite table. Half way during the lesson when the teacher had walked out to get equipment [YOUTUBE]N2ICtCO8TCw[/YOUTUBE] We broke into a rendition of this song, the girl put her head down on the desk, and my mate who had been jibbed was almost in hysterics, you could tell he was pissed off but was trying his best not to laugh. It got rather loud and pretty damn passionate. The teacher then walked in, and in typical style roared at the top of his voice 'SILLY BOYS' we nearly fell off our chairs laughing. Fantastic time of my life that.
  20. Antynwa

    Balague: Reina definitely joining Barca

    It could be a blessing in disguise really. Reina hasn't been the player he once was, but I've long held the belief our defence and perhaps goal keeper need a complete do over.
  21. Antynwa

    Rafael Benitez

    I don't see what Benitez has done that is so good with Chelsea. He won a trophy with the Champions of Europe and finished 3rd spot. It's sort of expected with the quality he had surely?
  22. Antynwa

    Ferguson retiring Imminent.

    If half our manager had the will to win like he did we'd have been much more successful in recent years. He's the master of the dark arts
  23. Antynwa

    James Lee Duncan Carragher

    Can't cope. Jamie Carragher is the closest thing will we will ever get to a true fan on the pitch. There will never be another like him. There isn't anything I can say that hasn't been said already. But he was one of us, no politics, no ego, just a local lad who kept true to his roots and became a Champion of Europe.