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  1. Trucker Paddy

    League Cup - Liverpool v Boro

    Totally agree. I'd be going the back 5, lallana Henderson(if fit) Lucas(or Rossiter). Markovic Borini lambert
  2. Trucker Paddy

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Bar Ballotelli is there a player we signed this summer that woulda been impossible to get without CL football, genuine question.
  3. Trucker Paddy

    Dejan Lovren

    Bar been a very good tackler I can't think of anything else he's good at. £20m staggering waste of resources.
  4. Trucker Paddy

    League Cup - Liverpool v Boro

    I agree with this, fuckers should be made clean the public toilets in Anfield after the game if they put in another pathetic performance
  5. Trucker Paddy

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Buy 3 players from a midtable side in one window don't be surprised if you end up going that way, this was said in summer but the Rodgers can do no wrong brigade wouldn't accept it, FFS it seems it wasn't even there 3 best players
  6. Trucker Paddy

    Summer Transfers 2014

    We bought 3 Southampton players, is anybody fuckin surprised we've regressed
  7. Trucker Paddy

    West Ham vs Liverpool, 20th September 2014

    Not allowed recall from PL clubs
  8. Trucker Paddy


    And yet he's not been at fault for a single goal since we signed him, while his partner has been involved in every goal we've conceded this season.
  9. Trucker Paddy

    Liverpool 0 Villa 1 - "Three thoughts" by Paul Natton

    Wasn't me, but obviously a knowledgable chap.
  10. Trucker Paddy

    Liverpool 0 Villa 1 - "Three thoughts" by Paul Natton

    Consistency? Since joining his final ball hit and miss and his shooting awful, 6 shots yesterday not one hit the target. Sterling was a teenager who's only broken in team when Code wrote him off, Coutinho has been in the team 18 months, and bar a handful of games poor since beginning of last season since he came back from injury. I don't want to write him off, but the team is notably poorer when he starts.
  11. Trucker Paddy

    Liverpool 0 Villa 1 - "Three thoughts" by Paul Natton

    He hasn't played well since city last season when he was excellent as he was v arsenal and Everton, teams that attack us and we got an early goal in, he plays 1 good game goes missing for 4, teams like villa must laugh when they see his name on team sheet, let him have the ball as he'll do fuck all unless he gets half a pitch to himself.
  12. Trucker Paddy

    115 million spent and Rodgers is crying

    Yeah of you concede a corner your responsible if a goal comes from it, ok. Lovern has something, well that's ok we can allow him to cause a goal a game then. He's a midtable player at best, and if he's not dropped we can kiss goodbye to top 4, he was shit against spurs also and Mingelot saved him