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  1. Also burden them with additional responsibilities - I certainly think it would be fair for a point to be deducted for every fan who turns up outside their own stadium. They’re playing at home so they should have to own ensuring no-one gathers.
  2. The Watford Twat has exposed that it really means “avoid relegation” or “stop Liverpool”, depending on your perspective. Ergo, it would be a horrible distortion to complete this season at neutral grounds but fine and dandy as long as it starts that way.
  3. Watford confirmed as another club capitalising on the deaths they’ve been desperately craving since it became clear they’d struggle to avoid relegation, with nonsensical statements about how neutral grounds would only be fair if the season started with them. So they’ll obviously be looking for cancellation; it’s fine to restart as long as we get our way is the new gambit. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52598311 In the full statement he’s constantly mentioning us - almost seems like a threat. https://www.watfordfc.com/news/club/premier-league-chairmans-statement We need that riff-raff free Super League if these clubs succeed in their mission. A closed club with only the best involved - yes, it means that clubs like Watford won’t survive, but their supporters can pick a new club from the elite. It would be pathetic for said fans to cry over the spilt milk of their club not making it, because clearly there are more important things in the world right now.
  4. Exactly. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the thing that pisses me off most about the opportunism of those who say football can’t possibly restart is the naked disregard it shows for those of us who have been mandated to work from day one of this situation. I dare say quite a lot of us have worked with infected people; whether they show symptoms sufficient to have warranted a test is another matter entirely.
  5. The FA are apparently insisting on a sporting merit finish with relegation if the Premier League season can’t be completed; article states that Liverpool “almost certain” to be declared champions. I’m sure Twitter Twats are taking this well. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/fa-would-block-premier-league-attempt-to-abandon-relegation-tcb5vztbh
  6. Not nearly as elitist as trying to get the league cancelled to avoid accountability for shit performances.
  7. Better than being held to ransom by opportunistic village clubs who don’t contribute in any way to the financial clout of the league. Might have the added bonus of forcing some of them out of business.
  8. Time, in that case, for a league of European giants - no promotion, no relegation just the biggest and the best putting on the highest quality football in history with the biggest broadcast deals ever and no riff-raff to drag it down.
  9. Sad thing is, loads of morons on Twitter are backing it up. “Oh, footballers aren’t essential workers!”. This entire situation has been an education in: - Just how much people hate Liverpool. - Just how much people despise and want dead at all costs “essential workers”.
  10. I bet, if asked to clarify, he’d say “until a vaccine is available, or when a new ‘clean slate’ season starts in August, whichever is sooner”.
  11. I don’t know, but if the reports of them refusing a restart without relegation are true, it’s obvious that whatever happens, the broadcasters aren’t going to accept an entirely inconsequential season. It sets a horrible precedent that tarnishes the brand completely; who is going to be as invested next season if the stakes are so low that all could be meaningless if another suspension / cancellation is necessary?
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52542756 Gordon Taylor claims that shorter halves are being considered when it resumes.
  13. Fuck them. First, the cases would have to be independently verified, second, so what? Test the squad, quarantine the effected and deep clean any communal spaces. The rest of us workers don’t have all of those luxuries but somehow manage to go on for a relative pittance.
  14. Here’s the full article, which does an even better job of showing up the opportunistic naysayers. https://www.cpfc.co.uk/news/2020/may/chairman-steve-parish-premier-league-project-restart--crystal-palace/
  15. And dock them 10 points if fans turn up outside the stadium / they’re unable to provide away teams with safe accommodation near to the ground.
  16. Call their bluff. Accept, on the understanding that a significant amount of next season will probably have to be played at neutral venues, and that six teams will be relegated. Then the top clubs can decide amongst themselves to loan a healthy number of squad players to newly promoted teams and strugglers who aren’t playing this game. Might be able to get rid of several shithouse clubs next season that way.
  17. Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has entered the conversation: https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/crystal-palace-liverpool-fc-premier-league-project-restart-a4430491.html
  18. If the big clubs negotiated their own broadcast deals, the simple fact is that the new PL ‘package’ would be worth less than the Championship, which would - collectively - have far bigger, more marketable clubs than the bottom third of the Premier League.
  19. Pretty sure the league can go ahead without West Ham if necessary.
  20. From The Athletic: https://theathletic.com/1789458/2020/05/02/premier-league-qa-neutral-venues-testing-arrangements-and-what-happens-next/ Having read that, there’s some ambiguity so I suspect they’ll probably not put it to a vote on the assumption that dissenters will cave in the face of pressure from broadcasters and top clubs. And: The title is a how rather than an if, isn’t it?
  21. Yep! Even if I entertain the idea that we could, somehow, bungle it from here, losing it that way would be infinitely preferable to having it voted away from us in a boardroom. It would be everlasting fodder for bitter rivals, but at least it would be fair.
  22. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt given that he didn’t seem to be entertaining the idea that the season wouldn’t finish. If, on the other hand, he doesn’t think we should be champions in the event the season cannot continue, he can fuck off. He wouldn’t be the first player from a club’s golden period to have a bit of niggly resentment over a new generation emulating them.
  23. Thing is, the divs who think they can pull a fast one to avoid relegation risk snookering themselves. Let’s say they get their wish but next season is scuppered in similar fashion, the broadcasters will be out for blood and they’ll be wishing they had a parachute payment.
  24. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/coronavirus-season-meeting-project-restart-when-latest-a9494551.html Apparently two clubs want to end the season now. I’m going to guess it’s two who are around, but not quite in, the relegation zone, one of which might be owned by porn magnates and run by Alan Sugar’s friend. The bottom three will know that they could go down without a ball being kicked, so if they were told that relegation was off the table, there’d be no point in resuming. One thing I found interesting is the emphasis on clubs being told the situation could be the same for much of next season - can’t really cancel this one without consequence and risk the same happening again. The brand would be in tatters.