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  1. Apparently a club owner has told players they won’t be paid if the league doesn’t restart. That’s a no-brainier, isn’t it? It’s not sustainable to pay multi-millionaires up to several hundreds pounds per week if you’re not getting anything in return. I’m not opposed to anyone declining to play, but their wages should be capped at £2,500 per month for the duration of their refusal.
  2. The government document states that the plan is for BCD sport to resume from the 1st June.
  3. My feelings on it have been irrevocably altered by the behaviour of the bottom six. They are doing all they can to cheat, so fuck them. Play hardball with the TV rights, insist on a change to the voting structure that means you don't have a say if you haven't been part of the division for ten consecutive years. Tell them you're fucking off and breaking away if they don't act properly in future.
  4. Yeah, the collective TV bargaining is hilariously small-time for a supposedly major competition. We should be getting many many times the ££££ of the bottom six put together, and be able to sell streaming packages for every single game.
  5. I should imagine, like the Watford Twat, he's fine 'compromising' with neutral grounds if it's done from the start. Just bring on the Super League - a nice, closed club with none of this shit. Maybe an expansion team can be allowed in every decade or so, if they can prove their clout.
  6. I keep reading things that give me optimism, but then I look at the way these clubs seem to be consolidating and I just can't see it with the way the scoundrels are behaving. One thing's for sure, if officials aren't ordered, behind the scenes, to 'do the right thing' with regards to our matches and we miss out on the next title, the competition is corrupt and compromised until we win it; reaching the right result would not be wrong, merely course corruption in the face of cheats. Leeds, West Brom, Coventry et al should unquestionably be afforded the same treatment in the event that they too are fucked over. I will never, ever accept that binning a 75% complete season is fair or just and the Premier League will be effectively every bit as much of a single team league as the SPL if Man City win it again next time out.
  7. Article from the Torygraph today, basically pouring scorn on the bottom six and their attempts to wriggle our of relegation. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/09/rebel-premier-league-clubs-must-accept-three-will-still-go/ Personally, I’m not sure whether or not the government essentially ending the lockdown with its ludicrous new slogan makes it more or less likely that we’ll see football played; I suspect it might lead to a spike followed by a prolonged, stricter stay at home order. With that said, the truth that the broadcasters are calling the shots is something that resonates with me. Even if nothing else can happen on the pitch, are they going to accept an entirely inconsequential season followed by another that could go the same way? I suspect not; the Premier League brand is damaged long term if people know that the big match on Sunday at 4PM might turn out to be entirely meaningless.
  8. I don’t see why that isn’t the case by default. If your entire club came down with the shits and you couldn’t field a team, you’d default on the result.
  9. Yep, The fact that people are pearl clutching over massively protected footballers while not giving a shit about the millions of us who have been forced to work all through this shows just how despised the low-waged are in this country.
  10. “We have to get this right or it could cost lives...unless you abandon the neutral stadium idea!” On the positive side, that article does suggest that the consensus is that a restart is inevitable.
  11. If no consensus can be reached, I suppose their hand could be forced into voiding thanks to the ludicrous ‘super majority’ system that requires 14 clubs to agree.
  12. Wait, that’s not what other German clubs have been doing; they’ve isolated the afflicted players and everyone who has tested negative has carried on. Is Minge trying to finagle an easy exit for his club, currently bottom of the second division?
  13. Rory Smith in the New York Times suggesting that the shit clubs playing for time would render the season void if UEFA’s deadline is missed. If they succeeded I think the FA need to stop in, with the only reasonable punishment being a 50 point deduction combined with a complete transfer ban and no TV money for each of the next 10 seasons; if they’re good enough to warrant existing, they’ll still escape relegation and suffer no ill-effects off the pitch. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/08/sports/soccer/premier-league-soccer.html
  14. Also burden them with additional responsibilities - I certainly think it would be fair for a point to be deducted for every fan who turns up outside their own stadium. They’re playing at home so they should have to own ensuring no-one gathers.
  15. The Watford Twat has exposed that it really means “avoid relegation” or “stop Liverpool”, depending on your perspective. Ergo, it would be a horrible distortion to complete this season at neutral grounds but fine and dandy as long as it starts that way.
  16. Watford confirmed as another club capitalising on the deaths they’ve been desperately craving since it became clear they’d struggle to avoid relegation, with nonsensical statements about how neutral grounds would only be fair if the season started with them. So they’ll obviously be looking for cancellation; it’s fine to restart as long as we get our way is the new gambit. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52598311 In the full statement he’s constantly mentioning us - almost seems like a threat. https://www.watfordfc.com/news/club/premier-league-chairmans-statement We need that riff-raff free Super League if these clubs succeed in their mission. A closed club with only the best involved - yes, it means that clubs like Watford won’t survive, but their supporters can pick a new club from the elite. It would be pathetic for said fans to cry over the spilt milk of their club not making it, because clearly there are more important things in the world right now.
  17. Exactly. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the thing that pisses me off most about the opportunism of those who say football can’t possibly restart is the naked disregard it shows for those of us who have been mandated to work from day one of this situation. I dare say quite a lot of us have worked with infected people; whether they show symptoms sufficient to have warranted a test is another matter entirely.
  18. The FA are apparently insisting on a sporting merit finish with relegation if the Premier League season can’t be completed; article states that Liverpool “almost certain” to be declared champions. I’m sure Twitter Twats are taking this well. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/fa-would-block-premier-league-attempt-to-abandon-relegation-tcb5vztbh
  19. Not nearly as elitist as trying to get the league cancelled to avoid accountability for shit performances.
  20. Better than being held to ransom by opportunistic village clubs who don’t contribute in any way to the financial clout of the league. Might have the added bonus of forcing some of them out of business.
  21. Time, in that case, for a league of European giants - no promotion, no relegation just the biggest and the best putting on the highest quality football in history with the biggest broadcast deals ever and no riff-raff to drag it down.
  22. Sad thing is, loads of morons on Twitter are backing it up. “Oh, footballers aren’t essential workers!”. This entire situation has been an education in: - Just how much people hate Liverpool. - Just how much people despise and want dead at all costs “essential workers”.