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    WTF is going on with andy gray??

    And by far the worst captain in our club's history, lest we forget.
  2. TheDrowningMan

    I hope Rafa doesn't defend Masch

    If anyone deserves a verbal bashing from the manager after this game it's shrinking violet Gerrard who has again disappeared from view against these cunts. Pally-wally with Wayne, shit in the game. Time and time again.
  3. TheDrowningMan


    Are the media still telling us how shit he is, how he's not fit to lace up a pair of boots as they have been doing since his debut? Another Raflop!
  4. TheDrowningMan

    Richard CUNT FACE Keys

    Keyes is a pathetic, simpering, TV-AM cunt. Mike Morris was a virtuoso in comparison. Souness is a lame duck manager & a The Sun shagger to boot. Redknapp is the worst captain in the history of Liverpool Football Club and will remain so until the end of time. Even if Lee Bowyer and Gary Neville joined tomorrow and jointly assumed the role.
  5. TheDrowningMan

    Blueshite Propaganda

    Well, well, well...How terribly sad that they were so comprehensively outclassed tonight, very much the little boys to Fiorentina's men. :(
  6. TheDrowningMan

    Blueshite Propaganda

    One must be sympathetic to the problems that these ex-Everton sorts face. I mean, they had to switch suppliers when Mark Ward was jailed and you never know if the new stuff is of the same quality....
  7. TheDrowningMan

    Benitez - the Grandmaster

    I agree with the notion that it will come - If given the chance. Ferguson didn't look like doing ANYTHING of note for Man Utd for his first four seasons, other than take them far, far, back from the consistent top 5 finishers they were with Ron Atkinson at the helm. Now look at them. Besides, in a brutally pragmatic way prioritising and winning the CL over the Premiership will always make more sense if we ever want to hope to catch up with the likes of Man Utd & Chelsea financially.
  8. TheDrowningMan


    Awful match report from Bascombe. Written entirely in The Sun style. Which I suppose you expect from a Sun journalist.
  9. TheDrowningMan


    Here is said dismissal: Roy Keane sent off for Diving - AOL Video
  10. TheDrowningMan

    Chris Bascombe

    It's simple though - Football players are generally unintelligent and therefore easily swayed by the media talking heads. The sage advice imparted by Paul Merson and his ilk comes far above two CL finals to the broken clockwork brains of certain players.
  11. TheDrowningMan

    Chris Bascombe

    Our team would be better without Gerrard in much the same way that Arsenal have been better without Henry & were better at a certain stage without Overmars & Petit. Mr. Error Strewn Carragher would also do well to watch his back, whoever is manager come the summer.
  12. TheDrowningMan

    Gerrard's reaction to the Lucas substitution?

    Gerrard's best season is the season in which he helped our TEAM function the best it has in 18 years. Not the best for him personally. Even in Houllier's last season it was clear too much emphasis was placed on he and Owen. Playing on the right may be considered a 'relegation' by Gerrard himself, but our team invariably looks better when he plays there.
  13. TheDrowningMan

    Gerrard's reaction to the Lucas substitution?

    Exactly. 05-06. Our best season in the league since 1990. Where did Gerrard play? If only Rafa or the next boss were able to take £30m and get him out of the club. I've no doubt we'd be better set for the future without him - Just like Arsenal without Henry, just like Man Utd without Beckham or Van Nistlerooy or Ince.
  14. TheDrowningMan

    Rafas spending?

    Ferguson had a far better team already, which counts for a lot. And I presume you're not incorrectly including Cisse's purchase in that figure. And, of course, the 18 years he'd spent (including 7 relatively barren ones) fashioning the club in his image didn't hurt. Wenger is the only one with a cheaper side than Rafa, and he hasn't won a top tier trophy since before Benitez arrived in England. Not that the newly relegated European tin-pot counts for much more than nothing to a lot of people.
  15. TheDrowningMan

    What do we need to win the league?

    New 'cultured' striker, even if it is that cunt Gudjonsson, new full-backs and Gerrard permanently on the right. That'd be a nice start.
  16. TheDrowningMan

    A mad, mad world - Slur on Rafa

    Of course. And he happened to spend the 'Rafa amounts' almost exclusively on shit.
  17. TheDrowningMan

    Momo sign for Juve

    Wasn't £6m supposed to cover the Skrtel deal? I trust that they will now be releasing the other £4m immediately for any other deals Rafa may have in mind.
  18. TheDrowningMan

    A mad, mad world - Slur on Rafa

    He did well at Porto, but then if referees could do their job correctly he'd have not made it past the second round in 2004 and would never have gotten the Chelsea job. I really doubt his credentials in England. He failed in the CL, his league form was purely a result of having enough money that he could spend it without a care, seeing whatever shit would ultimately stick. We have the core of a great team, but Mourinho isn't the man to add to it. He signed an incredible amount of shit, only consistently delving into top quality when he spent ludicrous amounts. All told, his judgment was nothing short of appalling. If we look at most of the players he signed for similar amounts to Rafa's usual outlay, you'll see that they are generally much, much worse. We'd be looking at the likes of Tiago in place of Alonso, Boularouz in place of Agger or Arbeloa & Obi Mikel in place of Mascherano. This is the man who spent £13.2m on Ferraira, a catastrophe barely given the responsibility to play when he was their only fit right back. I would advise everyone trumpeting the virtues of Mourinho to be careful what you wish for. Personally, I'll be laughing from afar as he toils hilariously, dragging Liverpool's name into the mud while overseeing an era less successful than Rafa's while the clueless Cowboys continue to piss all over the club's heritage. Come to think of it, Hicks, Gillett & Mourinho would be a marriage made in Heaven (or should that be Hell?). Only the most sordid, classless of football clubs could have all three at the helm, much to the delight of our fiercest rivals.
  19. TheDrowningMan

    A mad, mad world - Slur on Rafa

    Mourinho, who only won titles in England because he spent a preposterous amount of money? Did you see how much shit Mourinho bought during his spell? He wasted more money than Benitez, Ferguson and Wenger have in their entire careers on some of that shit. Mourinho on a budget WILL NOT win our club a title. You'd have to be very, very, very, very naive about football to think he would. You would *have* to keep Rafa on or hire a 'co-manager' to be in charge of transfers at the very least - which of course is just as ridiculous as the notion that Mourinho could win an English title with our squad and a tight budget in the first place.
  20. TheDrowningMan

    A mad, mad world - Slur on Rafa

    Or maybe the cunt is just being honest, given that he found himself toiling away in mid-table for five of his first six season before finally winning the title? If anyone knows about stability and patience being the best route to success, it's Ferguson. Unfortunately for us, Man Utd wasn't run by people like Hicks & Gillett and the 'Newcastle' element of our fanbase circa 1990. If it were, their period of dominance would have never emerged.
  21. TheDrowningMan

    BBC headline: DIC to bid for whole club

    That makes for depressing reading. A ground share under different ownership would - undeniably and unequivocally - have been better than what they have in store for us with their stadium plans. Debt, debt, debt, more debt and all with the Hicks/Gillett 'sheen'. With hindsight, we might have gotten more interest, interest from parties more capable of running our club, if the possibility of such a share was considered a goer. It might have been pissing on our club and traditions from a great height, but if it had been against the backdrop of a stable, affluent future then - fuck - it'd be better than we've got now. Funny how things change, isn't it? You spend years blasting the possibility of sharing with the pile of excrement across the park, only to be purchased by the sort of people who make such fecal matter look like a glorious meal in comparison. Come to think of it, now I'm going to worry about the ultimate nightmare scenario of sharing with shit while being owned by shit of an even more rancid variety. Fuck.
  22. TheDrowningMan

    Rafa may have the club at heart...

    Here's another thing: Given that the refinancing now looks as though it's set to go through, you either keep Rafa and let him build the club in his image over the next 10 years, OR you concede that the only Championship we'll ever win is the Coca-Cola one. Sack Rafa AND restrict our finances heavily with this irresponsible loan and IT IS INEVITABLE that we will end up having to sell our best players because sufficient quality cannot be added to them, but there will be the double whammy of no managerial continuity and stability. A Leeds style situation is inevitable if Rafa goes and we end up operating on a such a dangerous, high stakes tightrope. No top managers will want such a precarious job and no top players will want to stick around wasting their best years toiling at a second rate club under second rate managers when they could be playing for teams like Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid & Arsenal.
  23. TheDrowningMan

    Reds in refinancing blow

    Moores is a pretty hardcore Everton fan. That became obvious a long time ago.
  24. TheDrowningMan

    Rafa may have the club at heart...

    You're a fucking idiot if you missed the meaning of that analogy, but then I think your posts have been enough to verify that as fact before now anyway.
  25. TheDrowningMan

    Rafa may have the club at heart...

    I love the way that the European Cup is now a tin-pot trophy. If told, when GH left, that just under four years down the line we'd won a European & FA Cup, reached another European Cup final but hadn't lived up to our promise in the league as of yet almost everyone would still have been frothing at the mouth about the prospect of the EC coming back to Anfield, about us being a major force in that most prestigious of competitions. Instead, to some twat faced shit monkeys it carries about as much weight as the Carling Cup. A lot of it is down to timing. If Rafa had replaced Souness at the helm, there wouldn't be all of this shit thrown at him. But again, the further away that elusive prize gets, the more the idiocy grows & the more the Newcastle analogy rings true. Fun fact: How many league titles did Arrigo Sacchi win when manager of a Milan side many consider to be one of the greatest in football history? Where was his reputation really built?