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  1. longballs

    Car Leasing

    For my next car I'm considering leasing. I've found a deal on a top of the range VW Golf GTD that looks good with freedom contracts. The only thing that puts me off is that people always say handing the car back at the end of the term, you can get stung for every little scratch etc. Anyone had any experience of leasing and if you`ve done it, would you do it again?
  2. SOA is great for the first few season (s01 starts slowish) but by the end it just gets gratuitously violent. Worth a watch though.
  3. How`s season 2 of True Detective shaping up? I've avoided everything about it as I need to save a load of eps to watch on a long plane journey. I started Orange is the new black, watched the first 2-3 eps of season 1 and it seems ok... worth sticking with?
  4. longballs

    Katy Perry

    Happy Birthday
  5. longballs

    Katy Perry

    And another highres one (seems they are from a couple of years ago, dunno if they have been posted in this thread yet but not noticed them myself before).
  6. longballs

    Katy Perry

    HD Piccy of her nip showing in a see-through dress....
  7. longballs

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I thought that Foxcatcher was pretty crap, one of those films that people say is good just to be all hipster
  8. longballs

    WiziWig Streaming

    Gutted that Wiziwig is no more :( Dear Visitors of WiZiWiG Today is a sad day for all fans of live sports streaming, as we at Wiziwig have to announce that we're forced to close our website, at least for now. This due to new laws in Spain which will get into force starting tomorrow, the 1st January 2015. Failing to comply with the new reform puts us at risks of fines being as high as € 600.000,- and also losing our domain, hosting and other necessary stuff to operate wiziwig. Full info here: http://www.wiziwig.tv/offline.html
  9. longballs

    Boxing 2014

    Really looking forward to this one, especially after that shite last weekend. I like both of Saunders and Eubank, it`s going to be really interesting to see Eubank in his first real test, hes an exciting prospect.
  10. longballs

    Katy Perry

    Full set here: http://imgur.com/a/zGkl8/layout/blog Here`s a bigger pic... camel toe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hello Ladies (the TV/Movie) was on HBO the other night so watch that...
  12. Late to the show but watched all three seasons of Luther and thought it was excellent. Not usually a fan of UK TV but that was right up there with some of the US shows.