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  1. billybonzo

    IF Kenny is binned

    Dan Roan ‏ @danroan Dalglish has gone
  2. billybonzo

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Srijandeep Das ‏ @jeremy_LFC Reply Retweet Favorite · Open #LFC have signed Pachuca's Hector Herrera. Will join in summer. Retweeted by Stephen Martin
  3. billybonzo

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Stephen Martin ‏ @stephen1martin Reply Retweet Favorite · Open #lfc in neg's with Cruyff for role at club. Talks in place for Banega. Possible swap deal with Feyenoord for Kuyt. Prem clubs interested too
  4. billybonzo

    Mobile browsing on a laptop

    Thanks Piscinin for the reply, If i wanted to use another site that isn't switchacble like TLW is, would the app they are recommending (for i phone) work on the laptop ?
  5. billybonzo

    Mobile browsing on a laptop

    Cheers DLJ So do i buy the app from apple i store and run it from the laptop ? Confused ere
  6. billybonzo

    Mobile browsing on a laptop

    Will this work on a Laptop, I can only see android etc ?
  7. Morning all, I have recently moved to the coast and as there is no broadband in the area, I have switched to o2 mobile broadband which works pretty well, however my monthly data allowance is a measly 1gig, so my question is what is the mobile version of this site ( I have downloaded an Emulator addon for firefox ) The emulator is only working on a few sites though ? Cheers all.
  8. billybonzo

    Car Stereo

    Hows about this one mate ? Buy JVC KD-DB42 DAB In Car CD Radio at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for CD radio.
  9. billybonzo

    Kung-fu kick a fan?

    It's an interesting code of ethics Sir Alex Ferguson lives by when it comes to footballers. Kung-fu kick a fan? That's fine. Sleep with your brother's wife? No problem. Bed an OAP prostitute? Splendid. Admit to deliberately trying to break an opponent's leg? Boys will be boys. Refuse to shake hands with an opponent? Ban for life. Everyone will have a view on Luis Suarez's conduct on Saturday but far more unpalatable was the fact that Fergie was allowed to poke his purple nose into another club's business without censure. Bookies Boylesports are betting on whether the outdated Premier League pre-match handshake tradition will be scrapped by next season and at 12-1 I'd say that's a very good bet. More interesting, though, is the betting, next time the two North West giants meet, on whether Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish will shake hands with his Scottish nemesis. Dalglish will be fuming that he's been forced into a humiliating climbdown by a PR drive at Anfield while Fergie has been allowed to escape scot-free for his incendiary comments. Fergie should tread warily on the race row. Last time he got involved in a race row, Rock Of Gibraltar cost him a fortune. BetVictor offer 16-1 for the two Scots not to shake when United next face Liverpool. Not a good bet -Dalglish will shake with rage. Suarez's dignified response to scoring and his equally dignified response to Patrice Evra's dangerously provocative gloating should have spared him the vitriol heaped on him because of a) his decision not to shake the Frenchman's hand, and b) his decision to be Uruguayan. Wayne Bridge was a hero when he snubbed John Terry's handshake; Samir Nasri drew no criticism for a similar snub to William Gallas. But Suarez has been deemed the villain in a media pantomime so even if he'd sponsored a Mother Teresa fun run around the Old Trafford pitch on Saturday you suspect he'd have been castigated for cruelty to pensioners. Wayne Rooney would merely have asked for her number. Hills go 5-1 for Dalglish and Suarez both to have left Liverpool by the first game of next season. The Uruguayan is 11-5 with Boylesports to be sent off this season and it's 3-1 for another player to refuse to shake hands with him before a game. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/betting-h ... rez-683551
  10. billybonzo

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Let's fucking hope so ;)
  11. billybonzo

    January Transfer window 2012

    Yeah was above the Granero stories mate.
  12. billybonzo

    January Transfer window 2012

    Jose Rondon and Driees Mertins (sp) also mentioned by this guy.
  13. billybonzo

    January Transfer window 2012

    Not as big as Numero venticunto !
  14. billybonzo

    January Transfer window 2012

    David Anderson @MirrorAnderson 30m An Anfield source says Darren Bent's move to Liverpool is done. Now 30M arf