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    Mario Balotelli

    would give us a bit of excitement along with torres like. to be a top striker these days you need pace among other things. torres + balotelli makes me slightly frothy at the mouth! not arsed about his ego, as long as he could perform. look at anelka, look at bellamy. both we've had and let go, boy would i take them both back at the drop of a hat tomorrow.
  2. Lassana Diarra is unsettled at Real Madrid and seeking a return to England. The People says the France international midfielder has told friends in English football he is unsure of his future at Real - despite being a regular first-teamer at the Bernabeu. Liverpool, missing the influence of Xabi Alonso since he joined Real Madrid, and fearing the loss of Javier Mascherano, are certain to renew their interest. Manchester City agreed a £20million fee to sign Diarra from Portsmouth last January, only to be pipped by Real. Now pint-sized Diarra, 24, could join his fifth club in three and a half years if he quits Real after just a year in Spain. this would be great if true, cracking player.
  3. torrific


    Not only have we lost our last 4 games, the future doesn't exactly look rosy does it? there is a long way to go this season, but due to our chronic lack of options from the bench, this is fast becoming the most depressing season in a while. People can continue to defend a manager who has won the champions league and an FA cup, and to a point they are right, they were both great achievments, but can we honestly keep on defending a manager who has had money, admitedly not as much as other top clubs, but enough to have players of a higher calibre than the shower currently coming off the bench, but continues to fall behind the mancs and chelsea season after season? Minimum requirement LAST season was to finish second, this season it is to finish top, which looks like that won't be happening. So I ask the question, are we happy to back a manager that continually fails to win trophies? bearing in mind if the mancs win the league this season they will have over taken us as the countrys most successful club in terrms of league titles. and that CANNOT be allowed to happen, but i fear with rafa still in charge, it is fast becoming a chilling reality.
  4. torrific

    Sunderland Match Thread (17th October 2009)

    people need to stop defending a manager who has had money, but spent it rashly. im fucking sick of the piss taking texts week after week. chelsea, under mourinho, always got results (maybe not by pretty play but thats not the important thing) and won 2 leagues. a champions league and an fa cup in nearly 6 years aint fucking good enough, but the owners wont sack him, theyd have to give him a big pay off an the cunts will never do that.
  5. torrific

    Spearing = Long term replacement for Mascherano?

    met jay in the queue at burger king strangely enough! really sound lad had time for a chat with us an all, not a big headed twat like a lot of young flashy players are these days. i really hope he makes it purely because he's such a nice lad!!
  6. torrific


    fuck me, he cant half hit a ball!, meh, cant be any worse than lucas, and actually even looks like a proper brazilian!! unlike lucas. if he's on a free then judging on his free kicks i'd have him!!
  7. aguero, messi, eto'o, david villa,ribery, quite a few more but i cant think,(de rossi)
  8. torrific


    jovetic will be class, and i'd love him alonside nando next season. just because he goes down easily doesn't make him a bad player. We deserved to get twatted after that shite performance. ronaldo went down every 10 seconds at united, still one of the worlds best. Drogba goes down at the slightest touch, the cunt, but boy would i love him at liverpool, always seems to shit all over carra.
  9. torrific


    well done you crazy welsh cunt!!! what a guy
  10. torrific

    West Ham Vs. Liverpool 19/09/09

    well done babel, that is more like it. More performances like that will do. what a first goal by nando, absolute genius!!
  11. torrific


    fuck off!
  13. since when, you manc scummy little twat, have FA cups been more important than champions league's?? hahahhahaa enjoy being in the same breath as ajax and porto you cunt. suppose you had to glorify those FA cups back then, being shit and all!!
  14. torrific

    Squad Photo - Photoshopped?

    i would negg you for not knowing, but i can't be arsed. It's Aquilani.
  15. torrific

    Wearring Spain shirts.

    Because spain, unlike england, are fun to watch. They are full of class players that play the way people like to see. I am not ashamed to say i was supporting spain at the euros. With no england there, because they fucked it up, they were the next obvious team to support because of the connection to liverpool.
  16. torrific

    I'm still with Rafa, are you?

    i'm with rafa till the end of the season, if we don't win the league, then he has to go, i am getting fed up with the mancs winning the league and getting to champions league finals. would look at rijkaard, mourinho, hiddink, maybe even guardiola!!
  17. torrific

    blame rafa not lucas

    declaring him a crock before he's even played. well done. what the fuck would you know about him being a crock. torres is injured quite often. does that make him a crock?
  18. torrific

    blame rafa not lucas

    you are, without doubt, a class A mong. go and do something useful you stupid cunt rather than slagging off a champions league winning manager. he treats babel like crap because guess what, knobhead, HE IS. Everytime rafa gives him a chance he pisses it up against the wall. now he's complaining to the papers and telling them he wants to go back to ajax. well good riddance you lazy cant be arsed waster.
  19. torrific

    Tonight, the most important match ever?

    you dont fucking hate him now do you? you fucking moron
  20. i havent dreaded a season for so long but i think i might just be dreading this one. If we play this badly against the mancs we'll be slaughtered. That CANNOT HAPPEN!!
  21. torrific

    Building a side for five years

    er yes he is. In fact, he's fucking shit.
  22. torrific

    2 loses is not a bid deal.

    finally! its about time the squad started thinking like this. This 'its not a big deal' bollocks is why we keep on saying 'next year'.
  23. torrific

    2 loses is not a bid deal.

    stop living in a fucking fantasy world where everything will be sorted. we were not only beaten, but outplayed. by aston fucking villa. above, united lost 4 in a whole season, and we've lost 2 in 3. It's fucking embarassing and something drastic needs to happen fucking soon. lucas, get a fucking grip, i know you're shite, fuck me, everyone knows that lad, but your the best we've got for now. Admittedly this might be a bit premature, but i am already dreaming of king kenny back in the hot seat until the end of the season and then a proven title winning manager for next . (mourinho, rijkaard, hiddink etc) The rest of the country is laughing at us, at this rate we're not even going to make the top four. p.s i know king kenny is a proven title winner, i'd just like the aforementioned above! and will somebody please tell me what the fuck happened after nando's goal because nando scored and then the screen cut to young placing the ball on the penalty spot! To say I went from 'FUCKING GET IN' to 'FUCK' in a matter of half a second wouldn't be far from the truth!