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  1. setreal

    Roxanne Pallett

    "Would you say that today, let's say 50 years on from the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, do you believe equality is achieved there?" But I think we better leave it at that, because I think you are a good TLW poster mate, and I don't like where this is going.
  2. setreal

    Roxanne Pallett

    This is not what I asked, but the little dance you are doing is quite telling.
  3. setreal

    Roxanne Pallett

    Why would I accuse Hades to have White Nationalist tendencies? He would be among the last on this forum I would associate with things like that. Anyway, to finish my comparison and the point I was getting at. I'll repeat the question: Would you say that today, let's say 50 years on from the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, do you believe equality is achieved there? "They" do have "the same rights" now, after all.
  4. setreal

    Roxanne Pallett

    Where did I do that? Where have I mentioned White Nationalism?
  5. setreal

    Roxanne Pallett

    Where have I said Hades said anything about the Civil Rights Movement mate? I was drawing a comparison, which would have continued if you had answered the question I asked you. That is your claim. The vast majority of the people who investigate that issue scientifically disagree with that claim. Do you know something they don't know, or is it more likely that they know something that you don't know.
  6. setreal

    Star Wars

    Does the title of the Plinkett review imply that it's going to be the last Plinkett review?
  7. setreal

    Roxanne Pallett

    The same arguments were made against (and are still being made against) the civil rights movement in the 60s. By a quality group of people. (The last sentence was sarcasm btw.) Would you say that today, let's say 50 years on, equality is achieved there?
  8. setreal

    Roxanne Pallett

    The rejection of ideas of equality and progressivism is something the "Alt-Right" are proud of, wouldn't you say? Also his new found diction (cuck, white knight etc) can easily be traced to Alt-Right sources.
  9. setreal

    Star Wars

    Tony's list is missing the Ewok movies.
  10. setreal

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    According to Gazzetta dello Sport Ronaldo's wages at Juve are higher than what 14 of the other Serie A clubs pay their whole squad.
  11. setreal

    Headphone recommendations

    Is KEF a household name in the UK? I bought some in-ears (M100) on a bargain site and had never heard of the company before. Tremendous sound.
  12. setreal

    Liverpool Loanees - 2018-19

    Grujic played the entire 90 mins in Herthas victory over Schalke on Saturday.