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  1. GRADY

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    I’m not sure. Other than the main 3 teams in the league as West Ham an Leicester have shown I think others can knock on the door of top 4 an certainly top 6. not saying I want gerrard as manager as it rarely ends well appointing an ex legend but if he breaks that top 6 knocking on door of top 4 when Klopp leaves there will be a lot of noise for him to be appointed.
  2. I thought jones in no mans land for first an third goal. Lovren's layoff clearly didnt help for third one or some of the general defending. However I agree mignolet is shit on ground an doesn't command his box - an therefore clearly not suited to us but nobody can say surely brad jones should be playing for us. On the plus side we had pace an movement today for first time in while. Thought 3-0 harsh.
  3. This seems fuckin bizzarre to me. Must be great being the beneficiary of these loan deals with us. I would want to know is this contract tying to the player aswell as the club or at end of season can Carroll say I don't fancy staying permanently. Maybe il be proved wrong but il be surprised if carroll leaves Liverpool for west ham for 18million this summer or next summer can only see us getting screwed on this if it happens
  4. GRADY

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    It's shit like this regarding agger, skrtel an Suarez that really fucks me off. Not that I've heard anything recent from agger but obviously there have been comments attributed to skrtel an rumours regarding Suarez. Skrtel was outstanding last season but that's what it was 1 top season. Season before it was probably questionable as to whether he was first choice. He should focus on repeating his form over a reasonable period of time now. Agger spent most of his career fuckin injured great player but again let's him see him playing regularly an build on a partnership with skrtel. Suarez - great player - but for me if he wants to be considered in the top bracket of world footballers as a forward he needs to score more goals. Whether they have done anything I don't know but them or there fuckin Dickhead agents should concentrate on taking their game to the next level of consistency over a period of time before they even make out they are too good to be playing for Liverpool. For me it's everything thats wrong with the game, we know they're mercenarys but stuff like this just highlights how detached these footballers are from the people that pay to watch them. When gerrard was our best player for years, at the top of his game an being recognised worldwide as one of the best in the business could see why at that time he got his head turned when he was surrounded by lesser players. But for varying reasons - for me - these lads need to shut their an their agents fuckin mouths an focus on moving This club back to where it belongs.
  5. GRADY

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Can't be loaning him out even if 'agreements' in place as way we got fucking duped on aqualani has to be the fuckin warning.
  6. GRADY

    Gaston Ramierz...

    It's interesting he seems to be the one everyone wants but was listening to that Tim vickery on him an he's not convinced. Think said game might be bit too fast paced for him over here. Suppose it's just one opinion but he does know his stuff that vickery. Remember when we were in for Suarez an vickery was raving about him saying would be massive success but said his temperament was only question mark!
  7. fuckin hell mate you were quick. took me fuckin half an hour to write that. you got a camera in my house
  8. I did not realise how much we were being fucking had off on ticket prices at anfield as when you travel to the away matches (down south esp) they tend to have you off on away tickets there. But I was fuckin fuming when I saw that table on the sky sports app. If you go into any ground in the country and ask for their cheapest season ticket we are second most expensive behind arsenal and level with spurs at £725 in the kop. I did not realise until recently when talking to a man united fan who pays £530 for his that we were being had off in comparison to nearly every other prem club though. I just assumed it was the wigans of the world who were making us look bad. Cheapest at newcastle - 363 cheapest at man city - 465 cheapest at chelsea - 595 cheapest at villa - 295 A lot of clubs had dearer 'most expensive' tickets in the ground esp the london clubs but think they got a fucking cheek making out they being good to us freezing the prices. I appreciate supply an demand and our season ticket waiting lists but to knock a few quid off would go a long way with fans and in the grand scheme of things wouldnt be too much financial hardship to them. An if they dont wanna do it outta good will then the fact the two manchester clubs have season ticket holders who are watching their side compete for a league title should make them re-consider. Ahh fuckin football its really fucked isnt it
  9. GRADY

    Kenny Dalglish Leaves Liverpool.

    Just watchin the clips from his final game from anfield when everyone clapped the players of. dalglish doesnt half love the club an i hope it hasnt left too much of a sour taste in his mouth. In the 18 months he was back in charge 3 trips to wembley, twatted the blue shite and played some attacking footie that probably didnt get either the credit or the points it deserved. Kenny is Liverpool and i have nothing but admiration for the man.
  10. GRADY

    Kenny Dalglish Leaves Liverpool.

    I think it will be AVB. Didnt get a chance at chelsea did he sign 2 players? and get less than 6 months? Porto winning percentage higher than mouriniho, won everything there inc eufa cup and played good football an we were apparently interested in him previously
  11. GRADY

    Kenny Dalglish Leaves Liverpool.

    The last couple of months were poor but for 2/3 of the season I felt we had been unfortunate. Am I right in thinking the previous season from when he took over we were top 2/3 in the league? Dalglish never lost the fans - not by a long way i dont think - and for me the players were still playing for him. Poor decision by the owners this unless Pep is gonna walk through the doors over the next 14 days!! I think unfortunately (but not unpredicatbly) the henderson downing signings were catasphrophic add this to the fact his 3 first choice centre midfielders gerrard/lucas and adam were injured and combined these things have probably cost him. The midfield 4s we were putting out towards the end of the season were offering fuck all. Just hope they have a winner lined up.
  12. GRADY

    Kenny Dalglish Leaves Liverpool.

    I can see them approaching Villas Boas. Possibly O'neil. I really disagree with this sacking I mean for fucks sake he deserved a decent chance.
  13. GRADY

    FA Cup Final

    On the coach now! Come on you red men!! Make us proud!! Ps I'd play carroll with Suarez!
  14. GRADY

    Pep Guardiola

    Fair play to the fella though, spent most of his career at barca and just wants a change. won all there is to win there an wants a challenge out of the barca limelight after maybe a break! dont see Kenny going this summer and would be surprised if its a full 12 months before guardiola is back in a job therefore our paths may not cross but im surprised people are so negative about us being able to attract decent managers. I remember when rafa came in and the situation wasnt that fuckin rosey then if i remember rightly. best players wanted out etc an rafa came on the back of major success in spain and we had also been close with mouriniho. Yeh some of these modern players may just want the team who pays the best wages or who is now in the champs league but LFC is a major name around the world an were there top managers available an we had a vacancy then I dont doubt for a minute we could get one.
  15. GRADY

    Pep Guardiola

    didnt know mouriniho said that. of course pep would be worth a shot if it came up but although it may sound daft not yet convinced on him. inherited 3 of best 5 attacking players in world. not convinced on his transfer acumen. Sanchez was courted by the best teams all over europe so that was no surprise he worked out- prob equivalent to hazard now. Suppose hes brought a lot of youth through. But nobody really wants rikarrd now do they. Credentials wise I wouldnt say he is anywhere near comparable to mouriniho yet.