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  1. liverbobs


    You're welcome mate, I could go on for a long time about it all but I'd only bore people!
  2. liverbobs


    I lost my brother who was also my best mate to cancer in March 2016, 9 months later my mum died of pneumonia, this was while I was going through a messy and prolonged divorce where I lost my house and had to take redundancy from a well paid job to get rid of the debts my ex wife left me with, but the death of my brother was the thing that hit me the hardest, it completely floored me and devastated me, he was like a lion, never once complained about what he was going through, never wished it on anyone else, and was more worried about other people than himself, it broke me having to go and see him while he was dying but I put on a brave face, hid the tears and went in cracking jokes and having a laugh with him, he talked about dying and it fucking almost crucified me when he was talking about it, but i think it was something he had to do, so he never saw me break, he was a Man City fan, since the early 70s when we were kids and with me being Liverpool there was plenty of banter, he died the week after we played City in the league cup final, that was the last game we ever watched together, he was drifting in and out of consciousness due to the drugs but still celebrated when City scored, before he died I wrote him a letter telling him how much I loved him and when it was his time to go he had to say hello to Elvis, John Lennon and Bruce Lee from me, and he said he would but I had to tell him the City scores whenever I went to his grave, which I do. The after affect is awful , like you're drowning and just get your breath back and another wave of grief crashes into you, I have no idea how I got through it, there's books that I read in the weeks and months after, and films I watched that I have no recollection of, I should have had counselling but I had no idea that it existed, time heals but every so often a song or a memory sneaks up and slaps you in the face, I must be made of stern stuff as I know of a couple of people that have committed suicide in my town just cos they split up from their wives/girlfriends.
  3. liverbobs

    Mick Jagger Is A Massive Dickhead

    Love them, seen them twice, 1982 and 1990. blew anyone else off stage. Jagger at 74 is fitter than most blokes 20 years younger, but Keef will live forever, as he doesn't seem to be able to die, 10 years as a herion addict? Easy, falls out of a tree and lands on his head? nothing to it, he probably shagged Bruce Lee's wife and told him afterwards...
  4. liverbobs

    The Old Bloke Who Killed The Burglar

    I think the old guy was wholly justified, look at all the photos in the media of old folks who have had the shit kicked out of them while being robbed, look at that recent footage of a guy getting punched, hitting his head, and dying. The burglar was tooled up with a screwdriver, what was the old guy supposed to do? I personally would have done the same or similar, I have a baseball bat upstairs, anyone broke into my house, I wouldn't hesitate to use it, if you rang 999 in my town the police have to come from about 20 miles away.
  5. liverbobs

    Munich Aircrash 60 years ago today 6 Feb 1958

    Although I'm a massive Liverpool fan, My Dad is a big Utd fan and has been for over 70 years, the Babes were his heroes, especially Duncan Edwards. In 1997 for his 60th birthday, the family paid for Jackie Blanchflower to spend the afternoon in a local club chatting to my Dad, he was on the after dinner circuit at the time so we just paid his fee and he was telling us loads of stories about the Babes, my Dad was in his element!
  6. liverbobs

    Who's the greatest ever Lyricist?

    Paul Weller.
  7. liverbobs

    The shit the Mancs get away with...

    I went to a sportsman's dinner a few years ago where a former Premier League referee was the guest speaker, I had recently qualified as a referee for local parks football so was interested in what he had to say, after his speech he stayed and chatted for a while so I decided to ask him why he and his fellow referee's let Ferguson get away with everything, especially at Old Trafford, his reply surprised me, he told me that he always hated reffing United at home because: "As soon as I'd parked my car and entered the stadium, club employees were on at me every second from the moment I got there til the moment I got back in my car, not Ferguson or any of his coaching staff but Utd employees, they'd be saying stuff like "Why didn't we get a penalty the last time you reffed us?" "Watch the opposing number 7 he's always elbowing at corners" it was relentless and they did it to unsttle the officials, I hated every second there, and that's why Utd always get an experienced referee at their home games, they will not throw a novice or new referee there".
  8. liverbobs

    Who are the best live act you've ever seen

    Rolling Stones Paul Weller Noel Gallagher Buzzcocks
  9. liverbobs

    Revenge Songs

    I don't know how to put videos on here but "The Butterfly Collector" by The Jam is the best put down song ever recorded, supposedly written about a groupie Paul Weller had a short relationship with but I'm sure it's written about my ex wife, killer lines such as "And you started looking much older and your fashion sense is second rate like your perfume" and "There's tarts and whores but you're much more" I'm 99% sure it's about her, if it only had a line in about having a big fat arse then I'd been 100%.
  10. liverbobs

    Invite only film streaming site.

    Me as well please, let's get rid for once and all.
  11. liverbobs

    Noel's solo album

    Went to see Noel at the Manchester Apollo on Wednesday, he was excellent as usual, halfway through the set he asked if there was anybody from Liverpool in, naturally, seeing as we were in Manchester a lot of the audience booed, he quietened the audience and asked if there were any Scousers in, being Wools me and a few mates cheered, and he dedicated a song "Digsy's Dinner" to all the Scouser's out there. Pretty cool of him :)
  12. Thank you, means a lot, it's awful, I go and see him, he's at home, palliative care they call it, he doesn't want people weeping and wailing, we just talk football (He's a massive Man City fan) and chat shit, it breaks my heart but I don't let him see it.
  13. About 12 years ago my son had an abscess behind his eye, he was nearly 3, he fitted and was rushed to hospital where he had many tests and was in for a week, they thought it was a tumour until they actually found out what it was, after being at the hospital for several days with him, my then wife stayed with him whilst I went home to change clothes, shave etc, I put the multi CD player on remote and Elvis came on singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and I broke down, as stupid as it may sound it was like it was a message saying everything was going to be ok, and it was. Last month my brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we are close and I'm devastated, I had to make an appearance at my girlfriend's Dad's birthday party last week, going out was the last thing I wanted to do, I made an appearance then dropped in at a pub where my mate, who is in a band was playing, he dedicated "Slide Away" to me, but played it like Noel's acoustic version, I had to go to toilet and lock myself in a cubicle so no one would see me cry.
  14. liverbobs


    Joyce Bova, one of his many...erm.. bits on the side whilst married to Priscilla tells a story of when Elvis was in Washington DC one winters night in 1970, with her and a couple of bodyguards in the back of a stretch limo, as they drive through a particular rough part of town Elvis spies a doughnut shop and politely asks the driver if he would pull up and go get him some doughnuts,so they park up, the driver goes into the shop and there were quite a few of the locals hanging round outside and when they saw the stretch limo they all wondered if there was a big star inside they all gathered round the car, Elvis steps out and starts signing autographs, Joyce thinking that Elvis was going to get mugged shouts Elvis to get back in the car, while the bodyguards clamber out, Elvis is regaling the ever growing crowd with jokes and someone notices all the rings and asks how much they cost, so Elvis shows off a bit "This one costs $20000, this one costs $10000, this one was $25000, this one costs $12000.. and this" says Elvis opening his jacket and pulling out a pistol "....This makes sure that I'm gonna keep them". Classic!