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    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I see your Brazilian Rock Bottom and raise you (uh...lower you) the MLS. The MLS makes Sunday Pub League look fair and gentlemanly.
  2. RedSand

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Thought the same of him when we played them. Though he did fade fast in that game. Wan-Bissaka too... that young right back for Crystal Palace played well against Mane I thought.
  3. RedSand

    Youtube Personality Cunts

    Even our local paper spent the first half of their coverage on the dickhead. Second part is about the family he killed. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/sd-me-fatal-follow-20180824-story,amp.html That freeway is always packed during rush hour. That Carroll Canyon exit he apparently took to get onto the 805 the wrong way is one up from my work exit. And if it's where I'm thinking it's a long on ramp to be going the wrong way. He's 18, done a few videos, made a ton cash and then thrown his toys out the pram when he couldn't keep earning the cash. Twat. Ruin your life by all means, but now you've taken out another family too? Cunt. Correction: was 18.
  4. RedSand

    World War II

    Sweet. Thank you.
  5. RedSand

    World War II

    What a great article. Cheers for posting it here. The town did not share the US Army’s segregationist attitudes. According to the author Anthony Burgess, who spent time in Bamber Bridge during the war, when US military authorities demanded that the town’s pubs impose a colour bar, the landlords responded with signs that read: “Black Troops Only”. The extent to which this rankled the white American troops is shown by the comments of a lieutenant: This sort of attitude exemplifies the particular resentment over the way black troops openly fraternised with white British women – and many of the confrontations during this period were sparked by the ease of interracial relationships in a British rather than American context. The military authorities tried to push back against this by imposing Jim Crow segregation in Britain, so that when the black American world heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis visited on a propaganda tour in 1944 he encountered blatant discrimination from the troops he was visiting, as he had at home. The events in Bamber Bridge encapsulated these Jim Crow practices – and the wider paradox of the open-armed welcome from the local residents coupled with resentment of that welcome by white American troops. The pub was a place of sanctuary for black troops where they mingled with, mainly friendly, locals, and where the segregation many had to endure in the American South was thankfully absent. Local resident Gillian Vesey recalled how, as a young barmaid at the Olde Hob Inn, she stood up for African American soldiers against attempts by white Americans to impose discriminatory practices in the pub, insisting that the American white soldiers wait their turn rather than expecting to be served before their black colleagues. Keeping a segregated army in the context of fighting for democracy became untenable, and in 1948 the then US president Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981 which eventually led to an integrated army. While the convictions of the troops involved at Bamber Bridge were largely commuted or overturned, soldiers returned to Jim Crow segregation in the US, with the reality that some veterans were lynched in their uniforms. But the new freedoms they experienced in Europe meant they were not prepared to put up with discrimination, racism and racial violence again. As veteran Wilford Strange said in the documentary film Choc’late Soldiers from the USA:
  6. RedSand

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Shaw never should have got his shot/cross away. And then the Brighton defenders were caught ball watching. Not enough pressure on Lukaku. Oooo. Free kick Brighton. 30yards out. Just to the right of goal. Over the bar Knockert
  7. RedSand

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    So two of us then. I remember chatting to mates after the Roma game, that if some cunt runs through Salah (or Mane) in the final, we should try Moreno there with his speed. Obviously Salah and Mane have a lot more than just speed, but with a couple of weeks till the Final, the squad could adequately prepare for the facists' dirty tactics. I was told to stop chatting shite. Fair enough, it was silly enough a thought at the time, but who knows, could have been a wild card. Coulda, Shouda, Woulda I guess.
  8. RedSand

    Russia World Cup 18

    I'm almost positive Argentina had a Walter McDonald in the 90s. Can't find anything about him online.
  9. RedSand

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    I wasn't this nervous before Istanbul, Athens or Basel. I wasn't this nervous at my wedding. Come on you good thing. Lets fucking do this.
  10. RedSand

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    Cheers mate.I got nothing done at work. Like a giddy schoolgirl I was staring at the screen and constantly refreshing to check where they were. This fucking club. Gets in every pore. I can barely hold it together.
  11. RedSand

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but was told this was the boys flight to Kiev https://www.flightradar24.com/GNJ74/117c5ce8
  12. RedSand

    roma away,

    I've been bricking it since Sunday. Everytime I think, write or speak about this game I can feel my body tense up. I was actually fine after the Real game yesterday. Was almost thinking we'd be OK until I came on here. After reading you bastards, now I'm beside myself again. I love that my club brings out these feelings in me again. It's been too long waiting and watching on the sidelines. This'll be a good test of our character. Our mettle. This is where you learn to win. Lets do this and EVERYONE get home safe.
  13. RedSand

    roma home

    Fair point.
  14. RedSand

    roma home

    Said that to a mate. Fucking Lovren. Always Lovren. He's been fairly steady of late. So he was well overdue for a brain fart. I hope this was it and it is now out of the system. Might even work in our favor if Roma tries attacking us next week. Cleary our focus as attention needs to improve. Get back to basics. But fuck me we don't do things easy, do we.
  15. RedSand

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    This! Fuck Adidas. I agree those older kits (stripes and trefoil) were class, but those fuckers were taking the piss with their £12m/yr bid. We aren't big enough? Go fuck yourself! I'll bet they come clambering back now that we are on the rise again. We should rip them a new one when the new bid comes up again.
  16. RedSand

    The Foodie thread

    Steady. Chocolate sauce, Nutella ain't. Nigh on commiting sacrilege there. But fair enough about the strawberries providing tartness. I can come around to that. And it adds a lovely color contrast, not to mention the presentation. All in all looks lovely Rem.
  17. RedSand

    The Foodie thread

    That looks fucking amazing. Piss off the strawberries and whatever the multicolored stuff on top is, gimme cold milk and I would destroy that quick smart. Might need a lie down afterwards but fuck me I'd give it a go. Looks decadent. Yes please.
  18. Posted this in an earlier thread on Alcoholism: I've been to two rehabs. Kicked out the first after three weeks and spent 6 months at the second one.... still couldn't get sober.I'm 40 now and am approaching 6yrs of sobriety. Not really a big deal to non alcoholics. Almost like bragging about not shitting in your pants. But a big fucking deal to people like me and the people around me. Still the best thing I've ever done. Through hard work, structure, discipline and diligence. All qualities that are required for success in any field.... whether sport, school, business, fitness, music, relationships or sobriety. I couldn't do it on my own, so I needed to be around people who had success at this. Be open to new ideas and go all in. Give it a good go and see what happens. Don't half arse it. You are welcome to DM or call if you need to chat. Happy to help in anyway.
  19. RedSand

    New Years Day V Burnley away

    Whatever you're doing......don't change a damn thing.
  20. RedSand

    Philippe Coutinho

    There's an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on it. https://twitter.com/smh/status/947346673004630016 OR www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/has-nike-leaked-philippe-coutinhos-move-from-liverpool-to-barcelona-20171231-h0bq1i.html Fuck Barca and Fuck Nike too. The entitled cunts. We shouldn't sell. But if we've decided to sell, then we should wait till after the World Cup. His price will surely go up.
  21. RedSand

    Dejan Lovren

    Sorry mate. Don't see it that way. But happy to be proved wrong from January onwards.