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  1. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Nice chat with Dejan. He loves this club and seems a good lad. What character.... from a refugee fleeing war to a Champions League winner. May not always make the right decisions on the pitch, but he keeps moving forwards.
  2. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Mane back on the top deck
  3. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Cheers mate. I mustn’t have been paying attention.
  4. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Nice one! You must be on the bus Fuge. Haven’t seen any footage of him elsewhere. Cheers.
  5. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Good call. I haven’t seen him in the footage today.
  6. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    What a fucking legend!
  7. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Krawietz absolutely bladdered.... struggling to get thru the interview..... brilliant .
  8. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    This crowd! What a fantastic effort, the day after. VVD interviewing Gomez, VVD is pretty fucked. Gini has a beautiful smile. Bastard!
  9. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Klopp giving Jones tips on how to shoot a three while straddling the back of the bus. His hammies are going to be sore.
  10. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Klopp pouring beer on Brewster’s head!
  11. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    That is AWESOME!
  12. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Origi mentions he is surprised at the size of the crowds along the route.
  13. RedSand

    Homecoming Parade

    Is it just me or does McAteer always bring everything and turn every comment back to his time at the club.
  14. This! I was nervous, but a lot more relaxed than I thought I would be. I love the bit in bold. This is who we are.
  15. RedSand

    James Milner; £165,000 P/W

    Just class that man. What a great article. Cheers for posting it.
  16. RedSand

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    As bad as some of those options are, surely some one at the club has a final say/approval on the design that makes a kit the official kit? What club official in their right mind would agree to those NB options? Or am I missing something and we (the club) don't get a say in what we are wearing?
  17. And Milner ready to pounce. The relentlessness of this team has me ready to run through walls. Unbelievable from Klopp.
  18. RedSand

    Barcelona 3 Liverpool 0 (May 1 2019)

    Thank you for writing the report Dave. I couldn't bring myself to look at anything on the news after watching the game. I was and still remain distraught. I was looking forward to your report for some solace, but God knows how you wrote if we are feeling the same. Despondent, dejected and in despair. Fucking Cunts... their Shithousery got to me worse than their goals. And the ref bottling it raised my blood pressure. But none of that matters, if we took our chances. Very very proud of the lads though. I hope we bum Newcastle and those self entitled Mes Un Bullshit Cunts what a European night is truly like.
  19. RedSand

    FC Porto 1 Liverpool 4 (Apr 17 2019)

    Cheers for the report Dave. I agree with the above, we need to settle down earlier and quicker. We also need to watch out for Coutinho's long range shots. As long as Alisson doesn't stray too far off his line when Coutinho's having a crack, we should be good. What a remarkable team this group of lads has become. Klopp is a genius.
  20. RedSand

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 (Apr 14 2019)

    That fucker has been like that from day one. Can't stand him. Dirty cunt. Or as Dave wrote it might be the Chelsea / Maureen effect. Cheers for the report. And a class way to finish it. Put things in perspective on what is truly important! Still take the win, mind.
  21. RedSand

    Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1 (Jan 3 2019)

    I went ballistic when that happened. Dirty fucker hit Robbo from behind. In real time that looked like a red. The replays just made it more infuriating. Then that cunt went through Mane and only got a warning. No card. I completely lost my rag then. Apoplectic, I was. Not one of our lads stepped up, got in his face or even tried to get a tackle on him. Never mind Souness, Gerrard or Xabi would have let him know that if he was going to dish it out he'd have to take some too. I was surprised Milner didn't run through him. I'm still fucking livid.
  22. RedSand

    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 (Dec 29 2018)

    Cheers for the report Dave. Isn't Fabinho meant to be boss at penalties? I'm sure I read somewhere that he was the penalty taker at Monaco.
  23. RedSand

    Liverpool 3 PSG 2 (Sep 18 2018)

    Cheers for the report Dave. The confidence and belief from a win like that is infectious. At this level, what separates teams isn't just tactics, technique or fitness, it's the mental strength that nothing can stop us. That we can beat anybody. That belief is earned through wins like last night and my word haven't we been earning it over the past season. On another note you've nailed my school and uni years with this: They’re like me in junior school when I got by on my big brain. I didn’t need to study or revise because, all modesty aside, I was just cleverer than everyone else. Then I got to seniors and everyone passed me by because I was so lazy and couldn’t be arsed doing any schoolwork, and my big brain alone wasn’t enough anymore. There were kids nowhere near as clever as me coming away with A’s and B’s, while I was failing everything and proving to be a massive disappointment to my parents.