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  1. Mr Grumpy

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Out of position from an attacking corner?!
  2. Thank you for saying that out loud. Commentators say that all the time which annoys me to no end.
  3. Mr Grumpy

    Liverpool 1 Everton 1 (Dec 10 2017)

    I still don't know how you can write objectively every time, let alone for this game. Great stuff.
  4. Mr Grumpy

    Sopranos or Game of thrones?

    Can't believe The Shield only got one mention.
  5. Mr Grumpy

    Great Movie Scenes

    Glorious ending.
  6. Mr Grumpy

    Philippe Coutinho

    This only shows there's something going on that we don't know. Did FSG really reject Barca's bids outright like they told the media or did they say something along the lines of "come to us with something better"? It's hard for me to believe that Barca could be this stupid.
  7. Coutinho - Won the game on his own. Mignolet - Kicking was ok. Dealt with tricky ball into the box from a freekick very well. Was composed and assured throughout the game. Skrtel - Hardly did anything wrong. Dealt with the yellow card well.
  8. Mr Grumpy

    Five players LFC should target in January

    I want Bojan. He'll be the new Jari Litmanen!
  9. Mr Grumpy

    Mario Balotelli

    No, I was too busy noticing his lack of interest in everything else in that game.
  10. Mr Grumpy

    QPR v Liverpool

    Calm down everyone, this performance is all part of the plan to confuse the watching Real Madrid scouts.
  11. Mr Grumpy

    Mario Balotelli

    What is the point of this guy? Does he offer pace? Ability to hold up the ball? Intelligent movement? Creativity? Out and out goalscorer? Honestly I can't see any of these. Is he really that hopeless without a striking partner?
  12. Henderson Lallana Gerrard Great to see Gerrard playing further forward. More of the same pls.