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  1. That's the defending £20m buys you.
  2. I'm giving this 10 minutes and then switching over to the rugby.
  3. Lallana had been our best player.
  4. I was hoping you'd use "tautology".
  5. For someone who generally comes across as intelligent, you're capable of hysterical, petulant, histrionic over-blown stupidity at times.
  6. This is pretty close to the tea I've wanted Rodgers to play for weeks now. Our style of play suits Sturridge or nobody up front. I imagine Sterling will be the central focus up front. Not sure this is the match to throw Jones in, and Johnson's still stinking the place out, but other than that I'm pretty excited.
  7. moxter

    TLW picks the team v Palace

    Exactly. Lambert's shooting might be poor, but even if he shoots in random directions statistics will tell you the odd one'll go in. Balotelli would starting a fight with his shadow.
  8. moxter

    TLW picks the team v Palace

    Wow. How did Sterling and Johnson conspire not to get a cross OR a shot in there.
  9. moxter

    TLW picks the team v Palace

    Sterling's confidence is shot to bits at the moment. Mojo completely gone
  10. moxter

    TLW picks the team v Palace

    Late to the party, but I'd have gone for Mignolet Manquillo - Skrtel - Lovren Moreno Allen - Gerrard - Can Coutinho - Sterling - Lallana But obviously what do I know.
  11. moxter

    Mario Balotelli

    This is nonsense, as my Mrs will attest.
  12. moxter

    The Foodie thread

    Smashing a load of middle eastern cooking at the moment. Simple to do, pure health, hardly costs anything, is all exotic and impressive if you need to impress anyone and delicious to boot. I've just cooked up a batch of this carrot dip from a Claudia Roden book. Spicy goodness 500g carrots (that's about 4 carrots) 4 tablespoons olive oil 3 tablespoons wine vinegar 2 garlic cloves 2 teaspoons cumin 1 teaspoon paprika Large pinch cayenne (or you can use harissa instead of paprika + cayenne) Little bit of cinnamon & honey (both optional) Salt & pepper Method: boil up the carrots. Put everything in a blender. Chill. Eat.
  13. moxter

    UCL - Madrid v Liverpool

    Sure he didn't just tweet ?