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  1. Bolo locks

    Chances - Liverpool 10-11

    Great spot Dave, makes me want the season to start now. The players should watch that before they go out, they'd batter everyone.
  2. Bolo locks

    Climate Change, The Environment and Football.

    Loving your work guys, all of your comments are useful the project is not to prove climate change it is to see how a football fan deals with it. There is a response from the University team: The resulting changes we make to reduce our environmental impact dont have to be all bad: faster accelerating cars, less money spent on bills, cleaner air so less hayfever and asthma attacks etc etc. Climate Change may not be 100% man made but it does represent a problem we need to address, it is how we change and adapt and by how much which will determine how much the planet will change. _____ Well there you have it, any chances you could do the survey now? RedinSweden's post has the link. Thanks
  3. Bolo locks

    Climate Change, The Environment and Football.

    Thanks for the input guys, if you can find the 1 minute to do the survey as well I would really appreciate it. Cheers
  4. Bolo locks

    It's pancake day.

    syrup and vanilla ice cream My ex used to eat syrup and butter on hers, should have seen the writing on the wall right then!
  5. Bolo locks

    Calling all photoshop geniuses

    Its in the bag boys, thanks for all the help and I didnt even whip out the Bullard. If you ever need tickets for Oxford Utd let me know...there's normally a few thousand going spare.
  6. Bolo locks

    Calling all photoshop geniuses

    ml without you I am nuffink lol Have just been asked back on Friday to go through the particulars...looking good
  7. Bolo locks

    Calling all photoshop geniuses

    Thanks guys, interview went as well as can be expected and the Torres pic went down a storm. Will find out on Friday if I got the job.
  8. Bolo locks

    Calling all photoshop geniuses

    That is perfect, thanks so much.
  9. Bolo locks

    Calling all photoshop geniuses

    Thanks but that's the old kit, the latest is sponsored by Bridle Insurance, sorry not allowed to post a pic due to post number being to low.
  10. Hope you can help, I have a job interview with Oxford United on Weds and wondered if one of you could mock up a picture of Torres in an Oxford Utd kit? The position is as Commercial Manager and my presentation centres on generating income for the transfer kitty...may as well use the most expensive player in the country motivational image. Really appreciate your help, I'm not one for posting (more of a lurker) but I've seen some cracking pics posted just can't use the ones from Torres doing the housekeeping, not quite the feel I was going for. Cheers