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  1. Liam

    Sturridge's Dance

    With him doing that dance and Suarez doing his thing, we have the most irritating striker force in the world! So I love it as it'll wind up the opposition.
  2. Liam

    Fulham (H) match thread

    Lets be honest, we'll struggle to get more than £8m for Downing. Plus we will have to either pay him off or pay a percentage of his ridiculous wages once we find a buyer.
  3. Liam

    Daniel Sturridge

    Maybe these rumours are born from the fact he doesnt respect the ugly hierarchy at Chelsea where certain players think they run the club (and probably do). I hope that's the case anyway!
  4. This season is about progress. That should be measured on consistency after Christmas (no more of these stuffings against the likes of Villa and West Brom) and the ins and outs so our squad is in a place next summer where we dont need to do a great deal. A little trip to Amsterdam in May would be nice also.
  5. Liam

    Nuri Sahin

    I was embarrassed watching him trying to time a tackle yesterday. Ended up on his back twice as he went down in slow motion as the Arsenal player skipped away from him.
  6. Liam

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I'd have taken Scott Sinclair over Clint Dempsey every day of the week.
  7. Liam

    Jonjo Shelvey - what are you?

    I thought Shelvey had something about him the very first time I saw him play for us. He has energy and seeks the ball. He lacks that killer quality and sometimes picks the wrong option but he now has some great players & coach to learn from.
  8. Liam

    Interview with Sterling

    Raheem Stirling is going to be a player. I havent seen anyone come through the ranks who can go past players with such ease since Steve McManaman... And although it is very early days I would have to say I fancy this lad to be a better player! Martin Kelly should be put in at centre back in my opinion. If him and Agger werent so frail they would be the kind of ball playing defenders Rodgers would love. Obviously due to their fragile genetics, Skrtel is 1st choice until we sell him I'd imagine.
  9. Liam

    Other football

    Anybody got a decent stream they can PM me?
  10. Liam

    Deal agreed for Oussama Assaidi

    He looks like he has technical ability and confidence- somebody good for Rodgers to work with. These kind of signings excite me. Titi Camara is the last one who springs to mind!
  11. Liam

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Mental... I can only guess from August 2009 until February 2012 our fanbase got used to losing lots of matches to shite teams.
  12. Finnan, Hyypia, Hamann, Alonso and Garcia would be great additions to our squad... I think we would challenge!
  13. Liam

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I'd be delighted to see Adam leave. Technically he is fine but he hasnt got the brain to play for Liverpool.
  14. Liam

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I am intrigued to see what Rodgers has up his sleeve... It better be bloody good if we want top 6 let alone top 4!