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  1. "I want to spend the next four years making sure that every non-muslim in London knows and understands [its] words and message. That will help to cement our city as a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of the Prophet" The former London mayor described the Prophet’s words in his last sermon as “an agenda for all humanity.” Hahahaha! Talk about guaranteeing you won't win the election. I don't care who wins now, as long as this horrific cunt doesn't. I fucking hate him.
  2. OK, we've all got a favourite serial killer. I think mine is probably Zodiac. Why? 1) He was never caught 2) He had a cool outfit and name 3) He taunted police and newspapers with really weird coded letters and postcards 4) I get the feeling he had a sense of humour 5) He was the basis for the Scorpio character in Dirty Harry
  3. silverlining

    Worst stand-up comedian ever

    So, we've done the best (or more accurately "the incorrect opinions of some people who don't know any better") so who are your LEAST favourite stand-up comedians? And you can't just say "any woman" because while that is accurate, it's also lazy. (Although Gina Yashere and Shappi Khorsandhi are particularly fucking shite) So, who do I always turn off/ ignore/ actively despise? I've already mentioned my natural antipathy towards the likes of Michael McIntyre, John Bishop, Peter Kay, Jason Manford et al. But I can appreciate that they're quite accomplished at what they do, largely tedious, pointless and mundane as it is. Obviously all the 70s and 80s comedians are all fucking shite, too (apart from Dave Allen and Tommy Cooper) so there's no point listing those. I'm no fan of Russel Brand, Frankie Boyle or Dennis Leary, as they simply appropriate much better acts, and do it worse. Indeed, Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights was one of the worst things I've ever seen, and his current audience are just simpering, hateful cabbages who have paid money so that they can pretend to be shocked and outraged when he talks about fucking a dead baby with cancer or something. But I really cannot bear Russell Howard. Or Omad Djallili.
  4. 46% ethnic, 76% criminal convictions, 40% claiming benefits, 33% excluded from schools, 90% lacked even the most basic educational qualifications. Durr, really? So, as most if us knew, it was no social movement or protest. It was mainly a load of illiterate, feral scum underclass nicking consumer products because they could. The watercannons and tear gas should have been cracked out on day one.
  5. I know everyone's panicking/ not panicking/ about that big lump Andy Carroll, and it is an interesting and valid debate. But have we chatted much about Jordan Henderson? I think out of all our big recruits he was the one I simply couldn't work out; how good he is, where he should play, what his strengths are, was he worth the money. Did we need him? Of all of them, I had a feeling his start this season would be one that had more than a few people scratching their heads. Now obviously it's very early days, but I think I was bemused with good reason. It's obvious that Adam, Enrique and Downing are what they are: decent footballers who know how to play CM, LW and LB respectively. (let's not get into the value for money thing) But Henderson? It would seem that hardly anybody - fans, managers, the lad himself - are really clear where he should play and what his strengths are. I recall seeing an article about our transfer recruits and he was interestingly described as being seen as "Liverpool's legs" in midfield. And that feels quite accurate, but also a bit worrying perhaps. Because all I've seen so far is exactly that. What the hacks and stereotypers love to call "a good engine". He can run all day. And we've had players like him before (Sissoko, Spackman, Lee, Lucas). And everyone knows my opinion about Sissoko and Lucas. And I've seen little else. He can't really tackle. His passing seems a bit slack and unimaginative, he's not quick and he doesn't look like he'll ever be a goal threat. And where is he playing? He was tried as a support striker of sorts against Arsenal. To dismal effect. He isn't really a right winger as you might expect one to look like either. And no, I don't expect us to play with two "classic" old-fashioned wingers like Downing. A mix of skills and attributes is great and should be valued. But I do worry that he is a bit of those "modern" players who has great stamina and can run all day, but doesn't really have much else that he does really well. So where will he play? I personally would chuck him into the middle; he's more athletic than Lucas and can use that energy to boost us in CM (especially in the absence of Gerrard and with the less than athletic and pacy Adam). But he certainly shouldn't be keeping Kuyt or Meireles out of the side; they're both miles better in advanced midfield/ attacking positions.
  6. silverlining

    Hardest. Paper-round. Ever.

    Rooney is an obvious example, and Yakubu (43) another, but Wigan's new Honduras midfielder takes some beating. Hendry Thomas is......wait for it........24. In dog years?
  7. OK, I'm doing quite well. First off Momo negged me and said I "lacked thought". The Red horse keeps negging me because he's a cunt and he doesn't like me. And now, showing a great example, fucking Usher has negged me for a comment I made about his HAIR. (I only gave it 5 out of 10). His hair is like Kryptonite. It's his weak spot.
  8. silverlining

    Tag Cloud

    I've just noticed this. The TLW tag cloud, which appears to work just like a qual research word cloud, in that the most used words (or in this case tags) appear in the largest font. Winners so far (BY A MILE): "silverlining corpsefucker" "silverlining loves incest" "xerxes mentions ian ayre" I wonder who could be responsible? What's your favourite tag? What shall we make "famous" in the tag cloud?
  9. silverlining

    Tapas - they're shit

    I fucking hate tapas. I keep getting dragged to them by people trying to convince how ace they are, but they're just not. Little greasy bowls of shit that I'd never order as a main meal, and just because it's a smaller portion doesn't somehow mean it tastes better. I went to one yesterday (Fino in that London) and it was £150 for three people. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY QUID. For several bowls of squid and patatas bravas. And I hate people who like tapas, too. Fuck off
  10. silverlining

    Halo 4

    No love for this? Bought it tonight and got in 45 minutes. It's beautiful and immense and it's just wonderful to have the Master Chief and Cortana back. Brilliant stuff, 343 have done Bungie proud
  11. I know some of you have met and are actual friends in "real life", but who on here would you most like to meet and why? I think I'd like Paul and RiS, but that's too obvious because everyone buzzes off them, so I think it would have to be.....um, maybe simon? For obvious reasons. Or a total wrong'un like Chickenwhatsisname or Noos.
  12. silverlining

    If your best friend killed someone

    I was most distressed by that bit. And "they done the usual trick". He sounds rather vile.
  13. silverlining

    Di Matteo sacked

    Why does this place have so many fucking dimwits?
  14. silverlining

    If your best friend killed someone

    Cluedo does need an update. "Simon, in the General Forum, with the perpetual motion device"
  15. silverlining

    Di Matteo sacked

    I can't do that, as it would mean Chelsea are successful, and they're all cunts.
  16. It's called classical music and opera
  17. silverlining

    Iran Accuses US and Israel

    No, what I'm doing is taking a contrarian viewpoint and ignoring as many facts as you are. With added verve.
  18. silverlining

    If your best friend killed someone

    Once questioned in a murder investigation?! Best friend is a killer!!!! This thread is most exciting!
  19. silverlining

    Iran Accuses US and Israel

    I think the Muslim world should encourage *more* Israeli missiles and Western invading forces, because we kill less of them than they do themselves when we're not there to distract and concentrate their insane hatred, so that they can get back to the religious internecine slaughter of fellow Muslims which they seem to much prefer.
  20. silverlining

    Di Matteo sacked

    CHelsea are very proud that the clueless nobody Emenalo is black.