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  1. Rafa Shankly

    Momo Sissoko

    but you are a bland shitcunt tbf.
  2. Rafa Shankly

    Adam Pepper

    wow thats truly awful.:wow:
  3. The celebrity club do not want a celebrity manager, of course they do, Maureen at the mancs would be gold, and the mancs would hype the shit out of it.
  4. Stop scratching you're head It doesn't matter anymore.
  5. who gives a shit, its the Internet and it's fergie. shit conspiracy theories or not, getting worked up about something as insignificant as this makes you look daft.
  6. Was imagining the soft cunt cringing uncontrollably every time he read a post questioning fergie.
  7. Your ma, sisters, and bird are all counts, and hopefully you have a daughter cause she's a cunt too, an ugly one. That said, pack in the histrionics, its annoying.
  8. Rafa Shankly

    Daniel Sturridge

    nicked from rawk.
  9. Rafa Shankly

    Richard Prior

    why american?
  10. Rafa Shankly

    Richard Prior

    hes not though, is he even a comedian?
  11. Rafa Shankly

    Prince is ace

  12. Rafa Shankly

    Richard Prior

    who is in you're opinion.