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  1. 33 minutes ago, TheHowieLama said:

    Mentioned this before but how exactly has Richarlison been a success? As a casual observer this was the worst season he has had with them. 

    And, Everton don't play a high press - how did he become one of the best pressing forwards in the game?

    He scored a few goals and slags off der redshite on twatter so he's worth £100m

  2. I've seen a few journos going on about how well City do business in the transfer market and never mess about. It's probably a lot easier when you just turn up and pay what the selling club want straight away instead of trying to negotiate with them.


    Bit like thinking you're cleverer for buying a house than someone offering 10 or 15 grand below the asking price then coming in with the actual asking price or offering more because you're able to.

  3. It's always just excuses when it means them actually spending money without selling. 


    There are two clubs who haven't been in the Champions League for a number of years that are able to spend money without really selling anyone and not having the CL money. We've not got an entire stadium to pay off, £80m for the new stand and £110m for the Main Stand that was completed in 2016. Not sure how much of that has been paid yet but it has earned the club £25m extra per season since completion. 


    We've been in every competition, normally get the highest TV revenue and this year is our 5th consecutive year in the CL, three of which we've earned maximum or near to maximum money from by being in 3 finals. Barely anything seems to make a difference to how we operate. We've cut Mane, Karius, Origi, Minamino and soon Neco Williams from the wage bill in addition to a load of other players who've been released. 


    Not saying we should just go out and waste money buying players for the sake if it, I just don't know any club who goes to great lengths to brief the media about how we will never spend money or constantly say the next transfer window will be a big one. I don't even bother reading any articles anymore because it's basically just the same message just with different players and comparing other clubs transfer business. 

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  4. 5 hours ago, johnsusername said:

    Last year I had to go and pick my 8 year old up from her mate's. She was supposed to be having a sleepover but the mate's mum decided to get pissed and had been drinking in the house all day. She was looking after my daughter, and her own 8 year old and 4 year old daughters. Mine got her to ring us about 6.30 - she'd tried to put them all to bed early on a Saturday! I was fuming when I got there and to be honest I felt like spitting in her fucking face, she was ten sheets to the wind. We've barely spoke to her since. My daughter was gutted. 


    This woman has got quite a successful job at Hill Dickinson as well. Borderline drunk. Always borderline shambolic. 

    Had similar a few years back. Daughter was friends with some girl from a scally family. Mum had moved out after shagging all kinds behind her husband back and the daughter lived with the Dad. He had a good job but was a pisshead and basically just sat off all night drinking. 


    The girls stayed up til 6.30 am because one if them just wouldn't shut up but he never once went up to tell them to ho asleep. 


    Daughter came home looking like a zombie and went straight to bed. Told him that my daughter wouldn't be staying again because he didn't bother telling them to go asleep. 


    His daughter said that the next night he went out to town and brought some random woman back to the house. Told her to kip downstairs while he shagged the random woman and let her stay the night.

  5. 1 hour ago, Liverpool lad said:

    Taking drugs whilst they have kids in the house

    Someone rented a house 2 doors down from me and every time you went into the garden it smelt like the Grasshopper pub in Amsterdam. Weirdly they had 4 broken fridges in the back garden like Mr Trebus and let the kids play out in the garden in their nappies.  


    A delivery came and they asked me to take it in. Lazy twats didn't come to pick it up for 2 days then I just walked round and knocked on the door because I was fed up of it sitting there in my hallway. 


    The scally dad opened the door and there was tons of smoke wafting out the door. It was like that scene in Predator where Danny Glover meets the Jamaicans in the car and they say "want some ganja man?".


    The youngest was just roamng round the house in his nappy probably high as a kite. 


    They got evicted by their landlord and his crank Mrs was accusing all the neighbours of grassing him up for constantly smoking weed.

  6. On 06/11/2018 at 16:49, Elite said:

    Asking strangers for anything like Cigs, to use their mobile, etc, unless it's a genuine emergency.

    This one used to annoy me. Played footy for a team who had 3 or 4 bad scalls in. 


    They'd be in the changing rooms on the phone to someone talking shite and their top up or credit would run out then they'd go round asking the other members of the team if they had credit on their phones and could they use it. Then guilt trip you when you said no


    One lad let them use his and they took the piss phoning tons of different people. The scalls were also regular drug users and dealers so this lads phone could have been confiscated by the police if any of them had been nicked. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Pidge said:

    Wait, so the Premier League definitely knew they cheated last season, but it's okay as long as they balance the books AFTER another team was relegated?


    That's fucking scandalous. Burnley should be straight to CAS with that shite.

    Redshite propaganda. The Esk says we've got enough money to buy prime Messi and Ronaldo.

  8. Mine lost a pair of glasses about six weeks ago which she bought for £125. Thinks she lost them on a night out, waited 2 weeks to have a proper look and couldn't find them. She found them the other day in one of her 12 handbags. This was after she spent £125 on a replacement pair.


    Came home last week and she was in a foul mood as she had lost her prescription sunglasses and she desperately needed them for the weekend. She'd been looking for them all day and was going on about buying another pair. I then found them on my bedside cabinet and then it was my fault because I must have known where they were. Even though I'd never seem them since the day she bought them.

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