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  1. Zambian_Red

    Summer Transfers 2014

    With the players we are are linkd with the likes of Bony/Bertrand/Davies/Culker/Lovren its all Spurs Mark II. With 75 million we should go after Hummels and we can offer him CL. I just hope we get a quality replacement for Suarez
  2. Zambian_Red

    Other football

    didnt villa slap a 25m price tag on him when he handed in a transfer request.Liverpool should have tried putting a bid for him
  3. Zambian_Red

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Liverpool should go for Damiao and Lamela that would add some depth
  4. Zambian_Red

    On whose head does it fall?

    That says it all especially Rodgers comments as well as wheeling and dealing by selling in order to buy. By implementing this kind of strategy and purchasing squad players whilst our competitors strengthen their teams with quality players how on earth do you expect to compete for top 4. We just have to live with reality that we have become a top eight team. There is no way we can finish in the top four with the current squad that we have.
  5. Zambian_Red

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    with our current squad theres no way we will finish in the top 6.Chelsea, Man U and City look like finishing in the top 3 and with spurs signing's they will definitely make a run for the top 4. I dont like to be pessimistic but an injury to sturridge and saurez we will struggle with goals. We have bought players who cost less than 10 million who the owners or manager thinks that they will be worth 50m each in the next three years. I believe we are done with our transfers.
  6. Zambian_Red

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    I'm worried too as we only have three more weeks left till the transfer window closes. we bought players from sales and we still have to witness marquee players that rogers have been banging about. I believe we have concluded our summer transfer dealings and with what we have I dot see any improvement going into the new season.
  7. Zambian_Red


    The last time we bought a marquee player who slotted into the team and made instant impact was Torres-im exclusing Suarez of course. With FSG incharge nothing changed apart from signing youngsters hence Steve G has come out saying youngters need to man up and start producing.
  8. Zambian_Red


    dont we really wanted him after all reports are saying dortmund have 20.5m bid accepted which means we could afford that much. I was under the impression we have funds available. I dont think we shall be seeing any marquee signing our business is done unless we sell saurez and get a replacement -ZERO NET SPEND
  9. Zambian_Red

    Ferguson retiring Imminent.

    its confirmed on bbc,moyes as the new scum manager
  10. Zambian_Red

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    When benitez left valencia they went downhill, left liverpool we have gone downhill and with that lost players we cant even imagine played for us once before. It will take a long time to get back to the top just have to admit and accept we are a mid table club.Suarez will be gone next year would he want to play for a team that ends below 10th
  11. Zambian_Red

    Tottenham Away

    let say we finish below tenth, do we honestly believe we can sign quality players who can make a vast improvement because since 2010 we have been on a decline especially last season till now i dont see any improvment. Yes we might play like barcelona and have plenty of posession but end of 90 minutes, what counts is how many goals we have scored. I dont think we can put up like this next season because for me this season is already written off and wasted.Lets see what happens in the next three games
  12. Zambian_Red

    Other football

    good day for us if only we have converted 3 of our draws into wins and avoided the sum aresenal defeat, would be sitting in the top 4
  13. Zambian_Red

    Anzhi Away 08/11

    After sundays defeat we shall drop to 15 on the table. Its complete nonsense that we finish around mid table come May becuase i dont see attracting any quality players nor retaining what we currently have. Saurez is gone next year!
  14. Zambian_Red

    Newcastle (H) match thread

    Finishing mid table aint going to help retaining our top players nor attracting any qaulity players. Not too convinced that Rogers is going to cut it out at Liverpool, doesnt have any tactical sense. At least with Benitez he would put out different formations for certain games. If we ant win home games how on earth are we going to climb the table. Fucking mediocre, doesnt help with a paper thin squad either. We cant afford to be mid table club for another 2-3 years if it means puttign up with rogers so that he can get us back to the top. Nothing has changed from lasr season. When valencia sacked benitez, they went downhill the same has happened with Liverpool at least in his era i had the priviledge to watch Torres/Alosno/Mascherano. Rant over.
  15. Zambian_Red

    Other football

    When Rafa left Valencia they crumbled, when he left liverpool we have crumbled. 3 managers in 4 years. As for this weekend, 3rd defeat on the cards. Come next May we shall be fighting for survival. Realistically speaking we shall finish 14th.
  16. Zambian_Red

    What does LFC have to do to be great again??

    Should have got benitez ever since he left we have stagnated and gone back to mediocrity cant imagine that once we had Alonso/Mascherano/Torres. I wonder in my lifetime is i will ever see european nights we once had. As it stands today its all about champions league places and its just gets harder and harder breaking into the top 4 with not enough money spent. These days you ough to spend money build a quality side and every transfer window and if not add a world class signing. The defeat on saturday was hurtful, we do have serious problems ahead of us. The next four fixtures do not grim i will be surprised if picked up at least 6 points out of the four. If our target is not champions league this season how many more years do we give suarez/reina and others to convince them to stay becuase all top players want to play in the CL. Anyway my rants over just have to be patient and slip into medeocrity, i hate to say this but i have no faith in BR nor FSG.
  17. Zambian_Red

    Toronto v Liverpool 21/07' 9pm Kick Off:

    crows was really good as well as teh atmosphere way back in 2004 when we played porto had a good seat as well. Will be there this saturday in the liverpool section seat number 9 row 10
  18. Zambian_Red

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    If its Borini as confirmed by BBC, then i woudl hardly call that a special/amazing signing, with due respect he hasnt set the world alight or can confirm that he is a top quality player. Nevertheless the signing will do and judge him on his performances
  19. Zambian_Red


    I will be there however being first day of Ramadaan it will be challenging of not having any liquid.
  20. Zambian_Red

    FA Cup Final

    He is a legend but i dont think he can make it as a manager second time around. with 100m on players we should be looking at challenging for the title. No matter what there is no excuse whatsoever wining only 5 home games and finishing 8th embarrassing and pathetic.
  21. Zambian_Red

    Norwich away thread

    16+20 million pounds spent on these two, not going to be sitting on the bench are they. monet spent down the drain. No offence to the king but we have become mediocre utter rubbish.
  22. Zambian_Red

    Norwich away thread

    Aleast give some youngsters a chance
  23. Zambian_Red

    other games

    HAPPY ZAMBIAN TODAY.......................IT WAS DENTINY
  24. Zambian_Red

    other games

    Yes i am watching....................chipolopolo iyyeh!!!!!!!!!!!