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  1. Yer Ma!

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 20-22 2019)

    Dave is really superstitious, i'd guess he has some Romany in him? reverse scud and all that jizz
  2. Yer Ma!

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    i was very much for VAR, but whats the point if the guy in front of the monitor hasnt got the balls to make the right decision.
  3. Yer Ma!

    Donald Trump

    at least it will be more than BHO would do.
  4. Yer Ma!

    Donald Trump

    yep, right along the fault line and Cali will slip into the sea.
  5. Yer Ma!

    Donald Trump

    effective opposition to what? we are literally doomed? haha what the hell are you lefty's smoking? you need to ease off the acid mannnn. Have ANY of you done any research into the demorat party? you would rather have Hilary than The Donald?
  6. Yer Ma!

    Donald Trump

    it was a hilarious gaff, i guess the Demorats have to grasp anything they can to discredit him as they country is going so well?
  7. Yer Ma!

    Donald Trump

    wouldnt be anything to do with that weasel Javid slagging him off in the media in 2017.... i hear elephants have long memories.
  8. we actually won 8 in a row if you dont count the charity shield loss to Utd. 90/91 i think?
  9. Yer Ma!

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 1-2 2018)

    I was at that game. different game, i took my wife to Anfield for my 30th a few years ago and we were playing Boro (i think?) that's how bad we were. Emile came on and the two blokes sitting behind us just shouted abuse at him for 90 mins. I mean full on standing finger pointing while everyone else was silent and Emile looked straight at us. My missus was scundered. that was some funny shit though.
  10. Yer Ma!

    Liverpool 1 Brighton 0 (Aug 25 2018)

    great report! we have a Big Sexy MK2.
  11. Yer Ma!

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 18-19 2018)

    its great! they will fall into a cycle of new managers none of them up to expectations throw half a billion at the problem and just become more irrelevant. about time too!.
  12. Yer Ma!

    Crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 2 (Aug 20 2018)

    he will be back at southampton in no time.
  13. Yer Ma!

    Crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 2 (Aug 20 2018)

    Hell yeah its back !