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  1. That was a much harder decision than I thought it wild be from that list. 


    Virtually all, with the exception of Matip for me, deserve their own recognition for what they have contributed to the team, but Alisson just edges VVD for me. Virgil is the best defender we've had in years and is he wins a couple of league titles, will be the greatest we've had, but if they manage to get part Virgil they then have to beat the best goalkeeper in the world. 


    Without him today we would've been a couple down at half time. Who knows if we would've gone on to win the game but thankfully that didn't happen and the rest of the team stepped up their hands and finished them off. 


    He learnt very quickly that he won't get much time on the ball after the Icheanacho goal and he creates so many goal scoring opportunities from his quick distributing and accurate passing 


    Plus he has an amazing beard!