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  1. Just watched the latest episode, such good TV with rarely a poor one. There I'd always something brewing to get you looking forward to the next one. 


    Also, as I only found out the Franklin is English recently, I was curious what he really sounded like



    I love Avi as well

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  2. 5 hours ago, Captain Turdseye said:

    This week’s episode of Snowfall was fucking superb. Set up nicely for the season finale next week but it’ll be difficult to top that. Bodies dropping everywhere. 

    Rapidly approaching the very, very top tier of shows, for me. I think they’ll get two more series out of it after this one. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, get on the first three series on BBC iplayer. It just gets better and better. 

    Still blows my mind that the lad who plays Franklyn is from Peckham. He’s got that LA accent nailed. Superb actor. Only realised recently that he was in an episode of Black Mirror. I didn’t recognise him at the time because I hadn’t seen Snowfall. 

    I never knew that. He acts very well. Reminded me when I found out Stringer Bell was English. They act the part so well, it truly draws you in to their character. 

  3. I suffered with sciatica for about 17 years on and off but in the last few years for worse, sometimes my foot dragging a little on the floor. Truly the worst pain I have ever felt. 


    Over the years I've had two cordial epidurals and a cortizone, physio, the electric shit, chiropractor and finally went through my PMI last year and had a discectomy in July and have felt this good in years. 


    Still get back pain if I stand up for too long but it's so nice to be able to get myself out of bed in the morning without the use of a wall to help pull myself up. 


    I wouldn't wish it on anyone and hope your dad gets its sorted out. 

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  4. 16 hours ago, Chip Butty said:

    Spent a fun packed 5 hours today in A&E to eventually be given a load of painkillers(500mg Neproxen tablets) and told to rest, but don't rest - which is a contradiction, but I sort of got what the doc was saying. 


    After telling them I had been chewing Paracetamol through the night, they were a bit worried, so I had my first ever drugs blood test, just so they couldn't OD me. That cost me another hour of waiting. Felt proper Zammo when they were taking ma'claret man. 


    Amazing places A&E rooms to people watch.



    Was your doc Boris Johnson? 

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  5. Great result tonight. Fuck me though, arsenal were utter shit with absuolte zero ambition even though the "handbrake was off" 


    Fabinho deservedly MOTM but thought Thiago was brilliant tonight as well. Kept things ticking over but really showed his combatitive side, refusing to be bullied off the ball and seemed to love the physical aspect in the middle of the park yet revelled in deft touches and spraying the ball everywhere. 


    Special mention to Jota for obvious reasons as I don't think we really looked like scoring before he came on and loves TAA's celebrating the assist for the first. 


    Stream roller these fuckers for the remaining games. 


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