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  1. 3 minutes ago, Mark M said:

    Manes header... Salah had a one on one. You sure you watched the same game ?


    Just now, Halcyon Days said:

    Mealy mouthed manc cunts would have a lot more to say if it was the beloved’s or the baldy twat fc. Stinks of small time bitterness that ‘report’.

    Think Mo's chance would've been ruled out for offside and Manes header wasn't a great opportunity. What I'm trying to get at is we had 3 shots on target, scoring from two which were from huge defensice mistakes, so getting all touchy about being manc driven bile is very wide of the mark if you ask me.


    We've clearly making strides forward and should've got much more out of the game versus Leicester but the defensive frailty is going to be there all season, hell, was even before VVD got injured. 


    Like I say, much better performance, and from small seeds grow big trees and all that, but we still look very frail at the back, understandably so, but hopefully that gives the team a confidence booster with the upcoming derby game. 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Jairzinho said:

    The BBC report presumably written by Martin Tyler as well. 



    RB Leipzig 0-2 Liverpool

    And that's it. Two clangers at the back gift Liverpool the win.

    Let's be honest though, we didn't look like scoring without them so it's pretty accurate


    Much better performance all round but still lacked any real clear cut chances being created, that were being created for fun before lockdown last year. 

  3. Only had that one shot in the first half which Ederson saved, barely remember him apart from that. 


    Would anyone buy him on current form? An attacker midfielder/false 9 who doesn't score or create goals... Maybe we can get Palace on the phone, they seem to buy a lot of out lost causes. 

  4. Lost, but played much better. Some nice touches and one twos actually coming off but the subs seemed to mess with the balance. 


    Felt sorry for Williams. Never should be playing at this standard and was woeful at times but that's not his fault. 


    Definitely a foul by Fab for me. If that was the other way round, we'd be fuming if it wasn't given. He can get the ball, stand the player up and it doesn't happen. 


    Why, oh why, do we continue with short corners? It is so infuriating to just end up back at the half way line.