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    PSV Tomorrow

    Nice to see Robbie on tho
  2. Sweeney287

    Raul ?

    Well past his prime and I always thought he was highly over-rated. Yes, he's the CL highest ever scorer, but most of those goals came when Madrid were good. My granny could've scored playing as a striker in that team. Still, as other have said, if he's on a free and saves Rafa spending money, fingers crossed he proves me wrong. Can see him being another 'Nando tho.
  3. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    We'll do them at Anfield but at theirs it may be different. However, we won't sit back anywhere near as much as Valencia done over these 2 games and let the Chavs dictate the game.
  4. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

  5. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    Chavs it is then
  6. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    Canizares from Ballack. Commentators were comparing to to Banks/Pele and to be honest, they aren't far off, it was that good a save.:wow: Valencia have turned into a pile of turd:eek:
  7. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    What another cracking save!!!
  8. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    And I can see Chavski fucking scoring soon as well if Valencia keep on sitting back.
  9. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    What a save!!
  10. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

  11. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    Roma need one back before half time as they don't have Didi to come on and rescue them.
  12. Sweeney287

    Tonights games.

    Roma are shite. Where's is all this fancy attacking football? Still, they only need to score 1 but I can see the scum scoring a hatful at this rate.
  13. Sweeney287


    I pissed myself laughing when that went in on Saturday. Set me up nicely for the evening that.
  14. Nah, you got it right first time.
  15. Sweeney287

    If you could have been born in another era

    :eek: :sick: I'd have to agree with Bri and go for a couple of hundred years into the future just to see what other worlds we have colonised and what they are like. However, I was born in the 70's and loved going thru the 80's and early 90's with some of the best music I've ever heard:thumbsup:
  16. Sweeney287

    Proven Premiership or Foreign Gamble

    Personally, I would much rather have Eto'o that Villa, and believe it would be worth the extra bit of cash to get him. I feel that while Villa is an excellent player, is too lighweight to play in the Prem. Whilst he has good movement, could he handle the much more physical side of our game. Little Sam has proven himself over a good couple of years in Primera League and I can see him causing defenses all sorts of problems with his movement and pace.
  17. Sweeney287

    Get in

    Fucking hilarious:lol: :thumbsup:
  18. Sweeney287

    Calzaghe-Manfredo tomorrow night

    Ha ha. There is no way that Manfredo, who is way behind JC in class and skill, should even be in the same ring. Money talks as they say
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    Thanks christ for that
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    Arsenal are losing
  21. Sweeney287


    Nigh on perfect day that:smile:
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    Get in
  23. Rarely lets us down, hardly ever puts a foot wrong and always gives everything in every game he play. Top pro. Glad to have him at the club.
  24. Sweeney287

    hope this works...

    Playground humour..Can't beat it:thumbup:
  25. Sweeney287

    LFC is 11th most valuable club

    You can buy season tickets for the big Italian teams for a couple of hundred quid. Also, are the German clubs attendances that much higher due to new stadia being built for the World Cup last year or is that an average over a couple of seasons?