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  1. 17 hours ago, dave u said:

    Ok that's probably the case then. Have we seen anyone sent off for a foul in the box this season?


    None spring to mind. Deliberate handball is defo still a red isn't it?

    Was of the same opinion re double jeopardy but then saw Luiz red v Chelsea, so now have no idea again. 

    Another great report Dave can’t wait to read them all back at season end!!

  2. Love it Dave, Just hope your crystal ball is off whack when you entered Nov 14th in your diary!


    "We all know how this will play out now. Klopp will ease him back from the bench in a couple of games, then he'll start a game and blow the bloody doors off with two or three great goals, we'll all get excited and then he'll have six weeks off with a sore toe and come back at some point in January, just in time for us to not sign a striker. Either that or he'll break down in training after a week."


    It's started as you predicted.......nooooooo!!!!!