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    Liverpool 4 Southampton 0 (Feb 1 2020)

    Was of the same opinion re double jeopardy but then saw Luiz red v Chelsea, so now have no idea again. Another great report Dave can’t wait to read them all back at season end!!
  2. Punchy

    Liverpool 3 PSG 2 (Sep 18 2018)

    “The celebration chameleon” A+ for that bit of literary magic alone. Love these reports, keep up the good work
  3. Punchy

    Newcastle 2 Liverpool 0 (Dec 6 2015)

    "Honestly, I’m fucking seething with Benteke and Firmino right now" This sums up the match for me! Great report again Dave.
  4. Punchy

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 6 (Dec 2 2015)

    Love it Dave, Just hope your crystal ball is off whack when you entered Nov 14th in your diary! "We all know how this will play out now. Klopp will ease him back from the bench in a couple of games, then he'll start a game and blow the bloody doors off with two or three great goals, we'll all get excited and then he'll have six weeks off with a sore toe and come back at some point in January, just in time for us to not sign a striker. Either that or he'll break down in training after a week." It's started as you predicted.......nooooooo!!!!!
  5. Punchy

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 4 (Nov 21 2012)

    Great read as usual Dave. Couldn't agree more about Sterling, and yea Pine like crazy for Luis, Xabi and Masch, I'd put Pepe in with that lot too (I know! Forgive me.)
  6. 1. Gerrard 2. Alonso 3. Mascherano
  7. 1. Lucas 2. Gerrard 3. Kuyt (just ahead of Insua)
  8. Punchy

    What can we moan about?

    Ahem, when do we play outside europe??:whistle::whistle:
  9. 1. Alonso 2. Sami 3. Pepe Insua looked very good today, would like to see more of him.
  10. Punchy

    Liverpool v West Ham Thread

    wife wondering why i've fucked the tv out the window..... se..fucking..tanta cameback on for the adds... thats fucking rich. aaaahhhhh
  11. Punchy

    Liverpool v West Ham Thread

    cheers the king but although you being repped by others i still cant get picture. help
  12. 1. Kuyt 2. Alonso 3. Masch Love these games where 6/7 players could easily get on the list.
  13. 100% agree witn M.C on choice 1. Keane 2. Kuyt 3. Carra
  14. 1. Alonso 2. Carra 3. Agger honourable mention to the linesman this time!
  15. If only I had the v-cash to put on Hyypia's goal bets.........it's a cert!!!!
  16. 1. Kuyt 2. Gerrard and a long way back 3. Arbeloa
  17. 1. Carra 2. Alonso 3. Riera Great team performance, but these 3 just shade it in MHO.
  18. 1. Alonso 2. Riera 3. Pepe Kuyt gets my honourable mention for his short time on the pitch!!
  19. 1. Kuyt 2. Riera 3. Alonso For the record I wouldn't have Pennant in the team.
  20. Punchy

    Godfather - The Liverpool Saga

    Pure class!! Brill films and fantastic cast!! Head in the bed is a dream......
  21. Punchy

    Not heard that one before....

    *Waits with unbated breath for the "I like O'Neill" brigade. I don't give a fuck who likes the cunt I hate him, always have, always will. Repped for your similar love tastes. late addition i know and apol