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  1. 1. Alonso 2. Kuyt 3. Gerrard
  2. Punchy

    Tim Cahill

    Have to agree with our leader on this but we were in complete control at this stage and it did not make a differ to the game. On the other hand what games does he miss (Arse and M. Ure??) I would like to see the shit "playing" against them. Just a thought
  3. 1. Steve G 2. Torres 3. Kuyt Alonso gets my honourable mention this week.
  4. Punchy

    Well it is Derby Week and i was bored

    : :| cup final 86. I know you knew and just fucking with the lads
  5. 1. Pepe 2. Stevie G 3. Babel Feels like all the flock are moving the same way for this MofM
  6. What a display, well overdue 1. Masch 2. Alonso 3. Riera ..... just pipped the rest of the team.
  7. 1. Masch 2. Carra 3. Alonso close call for Pepe
  8. This is not getting any easier (trying to find 3 players to choose) 1. Carra 2. Kuyt 3. Skrtel but i suppose its better winning ugly then losing pretty!!
  9. 1. Alonso 2. Sami 3. Torres Torres for the goal pushed Gerrard out.
  10. Very good Redwooly tried to rep you but have to spread the love first. Would prefer if the scenario was to happen this year though... fuck them getting number 18.
  11. Punchy

    Fantasy Rafa

    I'm in! Going by rotation. hopefully Rafa wont be doing as much as me this season. Come on the reds!!