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    US shows recommendations

    Let’s just say its one of them programs that will divide opinion, but if you liked Gladiator & 300 I think you’ll like this show.
  2. SPReds

    US shows recommendations

    I'd highly recommend Spartacus; Blood & Sand
  3. SPReds

    Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Reina Johnson, Skrtel/Kelly Carra, Insua Gerrard, Mascherano Babel, Benayoun, Riera Torres
  4. SPReds

    In Brugge or The Departed

    Couldn't agree more......& i also think the original "Infernal Affairs" is a far superior film than The Departed.
  5. SPReds

    Do you like beetroot?

    You think your wee smells bad after beetroot? try eating asparagus :sniff: Agree!! i love beetroot on salad
  6. SPReds

    Your top ten films

    Ha ha No......Its Danis Tanovic movie about the Bosnian War, if you've never seen it, its an excellent film that's well worth a look
  7. SPReds

    Your top ten films

    Thurder Heart Immortal Beloved BrotherHood Dead Man Sling Blade Withnail & I The Big Lebowki Twelve Angry Men No Mans Land Witness Irreversible Bubba Ho-Tep Savior Amistad Clerks The Line Red Line Predator Monsters Ball The Man Who Wasn't There Amores Perros Menento
  8. SPReds

    You're favourite non Liverpool player

    Boniek legend of the 82 world cup ha ha....Kevin Sheedy shame were he ended up playing but he was a class player. Claudio Caniggia use to really like his fella then he went & signed for rangers! My favourite been Maradona Out of today's lot easy! Kaka & Messi
  9. SPReds

    100 Million (Dollars)

    If this is true its got to be the Sheikh putting the cash up to force the issue of that fat cunt Hicks selling up. Gillett couldn't even put the 20 million together for the refinancing last year! That really is a lovely thought of Hicks going bankrupt it might also explain why he's trying so hard to hold on to us even tho he's hated, mind you there was a story knocking around last year about Hicks going broke!
  10. SPReds

    100 Million (Dollars)

    Didn't Rafa only the other day say the "final solution" was close maybe this is it! Also wasn't Gillett at today's game!!
  11. 1. Carra 2. Alonso 3. Mascherano
  12. SPReds

    19 Years

    Thoughts go out to all the family's affected Rest In Peace The 96 YNWA JUSTICE
  13. His! Reaction after the todays game Sky Sports | Media | Video | Latest Videos
  14. SPReds

    Aldridge in Istanbul

    Fantastic that the commentary is just class it had me buzzing! Its been way to long since I last watched or listened to that! Cheers for posting it mate.... Is that Dave in crowd around 01:10 in to the clip :whistle:
  15. SPReds

    Tommy Mascherano

    That's how it started out originally in Milan but! as the day went on it got changed to Tommy Mascherano Later on in the night we were combining this with the White Stripes song & at the time it sounded great but of course that might have had something to do with the amount of alcohol that had been consumed
  16. SPReds

    Stupid doorknob.

    You Knob
  17. SPReds

    Arabs eye £500m Liverpool buy-out

    January 13, 2008 Banks set to back ‘new Anfield’ Jonathan Northcroft TOM HICKS and George Gillett have moved closer to securing a bank deal that will allow them to press ahead with their ambitious plans for a 70,000-seat new stadium for Liverpool. The Americans, who for several months have been locked in talks with Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia over a £350m refinancing loan, are now optimistic an agreement can be struck by the end of the month – and possibly as early as next week. The injection from the banks is necessary to cover the £270m of loans Hicks and Gillett took out to purchase Liverpool last February and help fund their new ground. The Americans spent nine hours in New York on Tuesday with Rick Parry, Liverpool’s chief executive, discussing two rival architectural designs for ‘New Anfield’ and will make a decision on which option to take as soon as the package from the banks comes through. The Dallas-based company HKS produced a revised version of their original plans which were scrapped last month as the project became simply too expensive to proceed with, while Manchester-based AFL came up with their own proposals as the two firms went head to head. Both companies were asked to produce a full set of proposals with detailed costings, designs, time scales and planning information. Parry says he was impressed by what he saw, but Liverpool are not yet willing to put their own deadline on when a decision will be made. Parry maintains, however, that whichever plan gets the nod it will produce an “excellent result”. “We had two very detailed and very informative presentations which were very thorough and extremely professional,” he said. “It has been another big step forward to finding the best possible solution.” Despite the snags over the new ground, and continued doubt over the future of team manager Rafa Benitez, Hicks and Gillett are adamant that they do not intend to sell the club and cut their losses, despite continuing speculation to the contrary. Banks set to back ‘new Anfield’ | Liverpool - Times Online
  18. SPReds


    You could have your wish! if this is anything to go by.... Sick of perceived laziness from Ronaldo at Real Madrid Capello resorted to asking him "Aren't you ashamed of being so fat ?" in front of his team-mates as he left the showers. The striker was sold to Milan the next month. :thumbsup: so fat frank is rightly fuked
  19. SPReds

    Mancs stabbed in Rome

    You can expect the bellend to come out & say something like this tomorrow! This was his quote after the fan was shot dead a few months back.... Uefa spokesman William Gaillard told BBC Sport that although there was clearly a serious problem, it was unfair to lay the blame entirely at the door of football. "It reflects social difficulties in Italian cities which have little to do with football, and also the presence of extremists and organised groups do not reflect what the average fan feels about football," he said. "That bullet could have hit anyone in the parking lot, so it's tragic. Football has a central place in the life of Italy, so whatever problems exist at a social level find their way to the stadium."
  20. SPReds

    Keane: Terry's a twat

    Barnes links up with Black Cats Jamican-born Barnes will hold coaching clinics across seven islands, with the best under-20 talent offered a trial. The 44-year-old told The Guardian: "I want to give opportunities to players in the Caribbean. "The Caribbean is the next place where they are going to get talent to grace the Premier league." Barnes moved to England as a 13-year-old and joined Watford, where he stayed for six years before signing for Liverpool. It was at Anfield where he made his name, making over 300 appearances in 10 years with the club. And, after brief spells with Newcastle and Charlton, Barnes tried his hand at management at Celtic under the guidance of director of football Kenny Dalglish. However, his spell was cut short after only 29 games and six months in charge and he has since forged a career for himself as a pundit. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/s/sunderland/7139965.stm
  21. SPReds

    Steve Bruce

    McLaren for Birmingham :thumbsup:
  22. SPReds

    Kicking off in Italy

    Bellend Gailliard interview! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/europe/7091306.stm
  23. SPReds

    Class film scores

    Immortal Beloved Southern Comfort Bubba Ho-Tep http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YVeHETX1uU Last of The Mohicans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nju_j03t8Rc&mode=related&search=
  24. Its only speculation & the papers trying to store shit up! Rafa only lets the players know an hour or so before kick off who's playing! but it would be a great opportunity to see Torres & Babel playing up front together!!