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    So no PM at the wedding. Wonder what bad news will be sneaked out today? Probably Brexit related, and potentially something likely to irk the DUP, who will be too busy fawning over the wedding to notice until it's too late.
  2. TSC

    FAO: Hysterical fannies

    Yep. Hicks & Gillet = immediate death by massive explosion, resulting in a mass fightback. FSG = gradual death by a thousand cuts, resulting in everone looking around wondering 'what the fuck has happened'?.
  3. TSC

    FAO: Hysterical fannies

    I'm not necessarily comparing us with the 'top 4'. Top 4 being UTD, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I'm comparing our paltry spend with the supposed value and revenue worth of the club. The link below shows us sitting 13th in the premier league in a measurement of nett spend on players over the last 5 years. http://www.transferleague.co.uk/premier-league-last-five-seasons/transfer-league-tables/premier-league-table-last-five-seasons It shows our average spend at around £10m per annum. So not only are we not competing with the 'top 4' in the rich league, or even those from positions 5-10 in this 'rich' league. Within our own league we compare unfavourably against the likes of Watford, Brighton, WBA, etc.
  4. TSC

    FAO: Hysterical fannies

    No arguments with the 'different environment' comment. Yes it is. The money in the game now has possibly quadrupled in the last 10 years, particularly revenue to clubs, especially with the new TV deals. Subsequently this has seen player purchase prices and wages increase. You make valid points regarding the spending power of Chelsea, City and UTD. But then you refer to those teams having 'greater spending power'. They may well do to differing extents. I would question whether it is to the extent that sees Liverpool spend so little comparatively. It isn't just a mere gap in spending, it is a chasm. At this point it is important to differentiate between 'can't spend' and 'won't spend'. It can be argued that the latter applies to us. The 2016 football 'rich list' of clubs seen us as 8th richest in the world. Depending on which source referred to we're 8th/9th in 2017. Interestingly the combined value of the 'top 20' clubs increased in value from 2016 v 2015 by 24%, and then by a further 12% when comparing 2017 v 2016. That is phenomenal growth, much of it fuelled by the growth in club revenue. Does our investment on the playing side reflect that of the 8th richest club in the world? Probably not. If anything during that period of phenomenal revenue growth (2015-2017) the extent to which we invest in the team in terms of buying players, has at best stood still (the oft quoted '£30m' net), and arguably has reduced. We always seem to be waiting on the next transfer window, which tends to come and go with no change.
  5. TSC

    FAO: Hysterical fannies

    While we no doubt have a fair portion of 'reactionists' in our support, as have most other clubs, quite a lot have genuine concerns regarding the actual management of the club, if not the team. The below is a year or so old but highlights many of the concerns. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2669156-six-years-of-fsg-the-highs-and-lows-of-fenways-liverpool-ownership Since this was published the club released, via the usual suspects, 'rumours' of a 'warchest' type fund of circa £100m-£150m being made available last Summer, which mysteriously, if not unexpectedly, failed to materialise. As ever these rumours surfaced on the eve of Season Ticket renewal time. As it turned out it was the usual relatively modest net spend figure last Summer. And obviously Coutinho has gone this month for a hefty fee, and then we have statements made again via the usual suspects which would indicate not only was there no plan to replace Coutinho, there appears to be no intention to do this, during this window at any rate.
  6. TSC

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    I doubt the truth of anything that comes out via any 'usual sources', Joyce included.. Probably 'fake news' outlets from the club.
  7. TSC

    Bournemouth(a) Pl- Match Thread

    It's Winter so hence no Sturridge. 'Winteritis' is a crippling condition and appears to be contagious and possibly spread to Lallana, who has dissapeared off the face of the earth after a brief cameo some time ago.
  8. Well it is Winter again. Should be back around April.
  9. TSC

    FSG are not shit

    CL dosh becomes more irrelevant each year as it gets dwarfed by the TV revenue.
  10. TSC

    Dejan Lovren

    Sadly our team is littered with 'decent lads', as in they wouldn't say boo to a goose.
  11. TSC

    Dejan Lovren

    The mistakes for all the goals were bad (not all obviously on Lovren when he was binned), but his mistake for the second was the most basic. And it isn't the first time he's made such a basic mistake. Trying to nip in front of his player to intercept a long ball only to fail miserably by completely misjudging the flight of the ball. I'm sure he's done this about 4 times in his time here, all leading to goals. Even at amateur level you rarely if ever see a defender so clumsily fail to assess the flight of a long ball.
  12. TSC

    Dejan Lovren

    No there are other problems in addition to Lovren. But the decision to effectively say 'we know you're shit and the manager knows you're shit, but here's a long term contract at £100k per week' or whatever he gets paid. Anything between £1-£100k would be too much anyway. A bizarre decision, maybe the most bizarre, in a sea of bizarre decisions over the last load of years.
  13. TSC

    Dejan Lovren

    You'd have to wonder why the feck this happened a short time ago? http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/261714-dejan-lovren-signs-new-long-term-liverpool-contract
  14. TSC

    At what point do we lose our shit?

    Not a surprise given they finished 6th last term. The two trophies no doubt helped though.
  15. TSC

    FSG are not shit

    I'm surprised folk still listen to this 'war chest' guff on the eve of ST renwal time. Happens every season. Death by a thousand cuts over a period of time (7 years). In this manner you don't know you're dying until you're dead.