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  1. 26 minutes ago, Ronnie Whelan said:

    Totally agree with that. We were denied a clear peno when ronnie whelan was brought down through on goal. Obviously, I just want to forget about that final, but if things had been different that night and the disaster didn't happen, they would have imo had us to contend with the following season, as I believe we would have beaten Juve that night.


    We were the two best sides in Europe at that point, but it's no guarantee of success. City were arguably the best side in Europe for a period up to a year or so ago and Spurs knocked them out. It's possible that could have happened to the Ev against a seasoned European team. 

    Plus their pen was given for a foul about 2 yards outside the box


    Not that it matters of course

  2. 18 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    Apparently now they are saying one of his daughters (13) was on-board and they were on their way to Basketball training. 


    In other news about this event - Someone is getting sacked. Jesus wept 





    Fucking hell!!!