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  1. 4 hours ago, Captain Turdseye said:

    Mrs Turdseye ordered some expensive face moisturiser from America and it arrived yesterday. She put it on before bed last night and woke up this morning looking like Bear Grylls that time some bees stung him in the face. 



    She’s not impressed by me singing the Joleon Lescott elephant man song as I’m pottering around the house. I’m taking the girls for a picnic in a minute so I’ve just shouted up to the boy that he needs to keep an eye on his mum to make sure she doesn’t accidentally kill any snakes and use their skin as makeshift water bottles for her own piss. 

    That sounds like she's in anaphylactic shock. Is she ok?

  2. 1 hour ago, Colonel Bumcunt said:

    The Shining is hilarious, I don't understand why anyone is scared of it.

    I could watch it endlessly, Nicholson is brilliant.


    Has anyone ever thought that the reason King's books don't make good films might be because they aren't great books to begin with. 

    The Shining sequence in Ready Player One was scarier than the actual film