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  1. Special K

    Rafa tells Crouch to show loyalty

    My sentiments exactly. He was a no one until we signed him. If he wants to threaten us with leaving then he can fuck off.
  2. Special K

    Sharleen Spiteri

    I would. In a heartbeat.
  3. Special K

    Quinten Tarrantino

    Still, it'll be nice to cover the event. I was pissed that I didn't get a ticket for the Q&A. Got up to FACT at 11.45 and the queue was full of students and unemployed. Bastards. However, I've heard nothing but bad things about Death Proof. (And, yes, I'm trying to make myself feel better about not being there. Hell, I wrote my dissertation on his first 3 films!)
  4. Special K

    Quinten Tarrantino

    Would that make you Mr Hewitt then?
  5. Special K

    Which child actress character was this?

    For random fat birds I'm your man! It's a stormer of a film indeed.
  6. Special K

    Voronin's Goal V Derby

    Went to see Valencia play in 2004 at the Mestalla. They trounced Mallorca with some of the most breathtaking football me and my mates (2 reds, 2 blues) had ever seen. The 5th goal of a 5-1 win still ranks as one of the finest goals I've ever seen live. From the edge of their own penalty box to the edge of Mallorca's in about 5 one touch passes finished by a header. At 5-0 Rafa threw on Aimar. He's not a defensive coach, never has been and I'm starting to think that we will see the REAL Rafael Benitez this season. The one who doesn't take shit from journo's, the one who can talk up his side because the squad that can back up his words and the one who doesn't want to shut up shop at 2-0 but to go out and score as many as possible. This could be an interesting season............
  7. Special K

    New defender any suggestions?

    Just read on the BBC website that Carra suffered a collapsed lung! Surely that will keep him out for a while?
  8. Special K

    New Foos single - The Pretender

    Thanks a lot for that Chris. You're right, it does seem a lot heavier than the 'In Your Honour' stuff. I like!
  9. Special K

    The Simpsons Movie...

    Went to see it last night with low expectations. I'm glad I did. It was terrible. An extended version of the new episodes. Homer does something stupid. Homer saves the day. I was expecting multi layered jokes and, hey, a sub plot! I laughed about 3 times throughout the whole film. Homer flipping the bird WAS funny but hardly classic, subtle Simpsons. You could feel the tension in the cinema. People seemed to be laughing because they had to, not because they wanted to. So, so disappointing. Can't wait for Futurama to return.
  10. Special K

    Liverpool V Portsmouth Match Thread

    Well said that man.
  11. Special K

    Anfield Out, Brand Name In

    Most people I know call it 'The Ground'. :biggrin:
  12. Special K

    Best possible threesome

    Hands down winner. I'd kill myself after coz I could never, ever top that.
  13. I've voted yes as I would laugh my fucking ass off if it happened. However I would honestly feel terrible for my parents and my mates who are bloos (only one of them's a proper bitter) and yet I still want it to happen! It's not going to though, life isn't that fair!!!
  14. Special K

    Would You Take This Scenario?

    Realism? Fuck me, when did being a football supporter entail realism? We are a good enough side to win the league this season and that belief won't leave me until we are 25 points off the top at Christmas. And my point was people SETTLING for 3rd is unacceptable.
  15. Special K

    Would You Take This Scenario?

    Because we're Liverpool Football Club! We don't want anything other than 1st place. If 3rd is the limit of your ambition then you need to take a good look at yourself.
  16. Special K

    Your mates' birds

    I can't stand my mate's bird to the extent where he told me I would have been his best man if it wasn't for the fact I'd told him this on many, many occassions. As it turned out, the lad he asked to do the job hated her just as much but didn't tell him! I tend to steer clear of my mate's birds. I haven't introduced mine to many of my mates coz she's not part of their lives. (No offence SD! ;) )
  17. Special K

    Die Hard 4

    "You dig the Fett?" It was an enjoyable action movie but nowhere near as good as the previous 3. As has been said, it just didn't feel like a Die Hard fil, more like a generic actioner. The final plane sequence was straight out of True Lies.
  18. Special K

    People you are glad are dead.

    Wow, someone else who agrees with me. Imagine is an overrated pile of shite. Words cannot express how much I hate that song. Mind you, I'm hardly glad Lennon's dead.
  19. Special K

    Live Earth

    I love the fact that the Mirror's entertainment 'expert' raved about Madonna blowing everyone else off the stage. You could have written that last week, it was always going to be said. Fact is the Foo Fighters were easily the best thing in the concert. They owned the place.
  20. Special K

    Live Earth

    And Spinal Tap and the Foos. Not a bad line up really!
  21. Special K

    Favourite Luis moment?

    Although the Juve goal was exceptional (I still remember thinking "That's in" as soon as it left his foot) and possibly the best goal I've seen live, I've gone for the Chelsea CL game. The most important goal of his career, everthing that followed it was unforgettable and Maureen has NEVER forgotten it. Neither will I. I love Garcia, if he'd played in Athens we'd have picked up number 6. That's how important he is in big games.
  22. Special K

    New Ground Plans

    If it's the real deal then I think it looks fantastic. The gigantic Kop is outstanding and will scare the shit out of opposing teams. The checks are a nice touch too.
  23. Special K

    Kenny and Kelly advert

    I'd forgotten about this ad. Good find. How great does Kelly look? :inlove:
  24. Special K

    HBO Apprecaiation Thread

    The Sopranos followed by Curb Your Enthusiasm. Wonderful, wonderful television.