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    Liverpool - Where amazing happens...

    That's absolutely superb that mate. That music was on a Simpson's episode not too long ago where Homer is shown from childhood to his current age in a series of stills (I think) Does anyone know what 'inspired' that sequence?
  2. Special K

    Tonight's footie...

    He didn't want to pass to van Persie Good on him.
  3. Special K

    RIP John Hughes

    Some of his films shaped my sense of humour as a kid. Ferris Bueller and Weird Science especially. This news sucks. RIP John Hughes
  4. Special K

    The Everton Haka. Small time? Naaaaa

    I lasted 30 seconds before turning it off. I was cringing too much and couldn't take any more punishment.
  5. Special K

    Field Of Dreams

    I cry every time Costner says "Hey, dad. Wanna catch?" Every time. I'm a man in touch with his feelings!
  6. Special K

    Banks's save v Dudek's save.

    Dudek's was better. My favourite moment is just after that. Look at Traore's reaction. He's looking up in the air as if to say 'how the fuck did that stay out'. Makes me smile every time I see it. The Dude just nods his head thinking 'piece of piss that!'
  7. Special K


    But that's my point. He hasn't got a set of car keys but he might not be drinking. For all the barman knows he's going to order a packet of peanuts or a coke! I don't drive so if I went up to the bar and the barman starts doing impressions before I've even opened my mouth I'd be a bit concerned! I admit I'm being facetious but it's a point that must be made!!!
  8. Special K

    A thread about a man named Xabi

    I've gone for option 4 but merely for comedy reasons. My tuppence worth is that Benitez is waiting for Alonso to hand a transfer request in. Then we can name our price. Unitl then he's going nowhere.
  9. Special K


    I fucking hate that ad. It would make more sense if the guy ordering had car keys in his hand. At least then you'd know he was a driver. The way it comes across is that the barman just has a go at him for nothing! Also any Special K advert (nowt to do with the username!!!) They always, ALWAYS have gorgeous women complaining about putting on another gram of weight! Why not use fatties who need to eat the product???? Grrrr!
  10. Special K

    Las Vegas...

    Stayed at Bellagio when we went. Fucking amazing place. Loved every minute of it.
  11. Special K

    Could be problems at valencia

    Have they really? I haven't seen confirmation of that deal (admittedly I've not looked at a paper in the last few days!)
  12. Special K

    Leonard Cohen

    It was wasn't it? Just an immense performance.
  13. There's no way bacon face has stopped spending. He'll lash a shitload of money on someone I guarantee it.
  14. Special K


    Not necessarily. Depends on where you go and what you drink! Either way, I'd prefer to go to the pub with my mates every matchday to watch us than pay through the nose for yet another footy channel that may or may not show us more than once a month.
  15. Special K


    Alternatively. Go the pub and watch it there. That's my plan.
  16. Special K

    Bumfun With Natalie Sawyer or Georgie Thompson?

    Got to be honest, either she's eating a lot of kebabs or she's pregnant. No doubt there's a weight gain. It's all about Millie now anyway.
  17. Special K

    Management Buzz words

    "Going forward" and "on the ground" (referring to front line staff). Just do your job and stop filling my ears with your fucking waffle.
  18. Special K

    Bruce The Boss!

    He's starting to show his age? How? By playing for over 2 and a half hours non stop and barely stopping for breath between songs? I hope I'm half as fit as that when I'm 59!
  19. Of course that's what he's doing. The lad is clued up.
  20. Special K

    Bruce The Boss!

    Hopefully that performance has shut a lot of the younger "well, he's a bit old innee?" brigade up. That performance was immense. If you didn't like it, you don't like music.
  21. Special K


    Is it sacreligious to say I don't see the humour in Carlin and Pryor? It is? Ah well..... Hicks, however, is my own personal Jesus.
  22. Special K

    How big a threat are Man Shitty?

    According to some child on Football365 City have a stronger 'spine' than we do. I disagree.
  23. Special K

    Leonard Cohen

    I've paid an extortianate amount to go and see him at the arena too but I believe he's fantastic live
  24. Special K

    Tevez gone to Citeh

    He's not leaving the Mancs, they never owned him....