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  1. Special K

    Best opening scene in a movie

    Once Upon a Time in the West X Men 2 Just outstanding opening sequences.
  2. Special K

    New Guido pictures. Sexy time!

    What. The. Fuck. They're getting worse!!!!
  3. Special K

    Order of the Star

    Yeah, watch 4-6 then don't watch any more....
  4. Special K


    They were fucking boss on Thursday night.
  5. Special K

    Flash Gordon: Dale Arden or Princess Aura?

    Aura. Euro sex kitten vs all American sweetheart? No competition!
  6. Special K

    Quigley vs Smith at the Echo Arena

    I used to work in the Job Centre. I know what these people are like (Christ I've been in their houses!) To be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be last night. Fair enough, the 'lad' brigade was out in force but I've been in worse situations in that job!
  7. Special K

    Quigley vs Smith at the Echo Arena

    I've never seen such blatant disregard for common decency. Lads snorting coke of the back of their hands in public, the men's bogs were like a demilitarized zone. Madness. Scally madness.
  8. Special K

    Quigley vs Smith at the Echo Arena

    I'm in the cheap seats probably surrounded by the scalliest scallies in the city but I can't wait for this.
  9. Special K

    Best Game At Anfield You've Attended ?

    Beating Arsenal 4-2 in the Champions League is one of the best I've been to. The sheer ups and downs of that night will never leave me. My head was booming afterwards. Adebayor scoring followed almost immediately by the penalty won by Babel almost made me sick. Brilliant game. Hyypia's amazing curling header is always overlooked from that game but it was one of the best headed goals I've ever seen.
  10. Special K

    Halloween Costumes...what are you going as?

    Going as V from V for Vendetta.
  11. Special K


    That's a fucking brilliant picture. My new wallpaper.
  12. Got a feeling Froch might edge it. Boxing is as crooked as Italian football.
  13. Glad Froch is losing. I can't stand him but I don't quite know why.
  14. Special K

    Our worst midfield partnership ever...

    Lucas was better than Spearing today. That lad stank the place out.
  15. Special K

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Zombieland - best fun I've had at the flicks for years. The audience was really up for it and laughed, loudly, all the way through the film. If the opening credit sequence doesn't leave you grinning like a fool you have no soul. 9/10
  16. Special K


    Massimo Maccarone mkII He won't get a sniff at Anfield
  17. Special K

    Pennant speaks out about his time at Liverpool.

    Repped By the way, when did Pennant score 1 and set up 2? Didn't he only ever score about 3 goals for us???
  18. Special K

    Was mrs Gerrard right

    I've never had a problem with the Liverpool One Odeon. I actually think it's a better cinema (screen, seats and sound) than FACT.
  19. I think Sami's supposed to be the Terminator! It's a brilliant video.
  20. Special K

    Was mrs Gerrard right

    No probably about it.
  21. Special K

    Mayweather vs Marquez

    This isn't going to help you but I Sky plussed it last night and it worked fine.
  22. Special K

    Fernando José Torres Sanz

    Shivers down the spine watching that. Brilliant find mate.
  23. Special K

    How to murder a classic tune in just 4 minutes

    I got 44 seconds in before turning it off. Who the fuck are those people?
  24. Special K

    West Ham Vs. Liverpool 19/09/09

    That'll do nicely. Time to break out the JD....