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    Thanks , my worry is I'm starting a medication that for the vast majority of the time i don't think I need , as a rule I'm not an anxious person regarding every day stuff it's just this one intermittent phobia By the way , what dose did you start with if you don't mind me asking ?
  2. elvis


    That would definitely be a start mate
  3. elvis


    I have been under a psychologist since january , had i think 10 sessions , she touched on CBT and a lot of what she said made sense , but I just can't shake of the horrible way I feel when faced with the smallest health issues surrounding my daughter . I drink more , and really don't want to get up in the mornings and this will stay with me until a diagnosis (hopefully) puts me at ease . I've struggled with this on and off for nearly 30 years when my mother died so it's fairly deep rooted I have a struggling marriage at the moment which doesn't help either
  4. elvis


    Been prescribed ciltalopram 10mg for health anxiety/phobia that i've struggled with for years - i'm worried that it may make me worse after reading that anxiety can be a side affect when taking as an antidepressant . Any thoughts as to what I can expect ?
  5. elvis

    Champions League Draw 2018-19

    This we're biggest club and the best team in the group
  6. elvis

    Kids , a constant worry

    Ha , know the feeling well , I wouldn't be surprised to find a few of my fingernails in my daughter's old coats !
  7. elvis

    Kids , a constant worry

    so many infections and so many antibiotics , hope she picks up soon mate - she will
  8. elvis

    Kids , a constant worry

    I know that drill mate , over sensitivity is a real burden . I know what you're saying and i try to rationalise these things as best as i can but im absolutely shit at it to be honest .
  9. They do say you never stop worrying about your kids , and i worry like fuck - continually My 14 yr old daughter took a voluntary ecg to do with a local charity and was called back because of a slight abnormality in her reading , we followed up with a peadiatrician who had a a cardiologist from alder hey working next door - she showed him the ecg and he wants to see her next month . She has suffered a few palpitation like symptoms , which is i think why they want to investigate further , i am shitting bricks now , has anyone else experienced this with their kids ?
  10. elvis

    West Ham(h)-PL Match Thread

    aww , cheers hun
  11. elvis

    West Ham(h)-PL Match Thread

    Anyone know of a decent site where i can download extended highlights of the match , i saw it earlier but it will pass the time while i'm flying out for my hols
  12. elvis

    2018 Pre-Season Match Thread

  13. elvis

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    I think your telly is upside down and inside out
  14. elvis

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    I think a lot of people will be proved wrong over this one , bags of skill and only needs to improve his work rate under Jurgen to become a top player with us .
  15. elvis

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    I think the lad's class , if he works his nads off he'll be a big hit