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    The Official Cricket Thread

    England need to batter SL and Pakistan. No mercy. Australian style They also need to find long term replacements for Anderson and broad - Finn looks shot and wood is injuried. Anything but woakes I'd bring back butler and tell Barstow to bat ahead of stokes. Someone need to tell stokes he isn't the big show, he has immense talent but he is going to flush it away if he doesn't engage his brain Not sure about Hales or Compton. But defo not bell returning. There are some good openers floating around Ali batting has gone to shit. He needs to actually try to play properly. Rashid could play in these tests as he will be needed all winter long The hard test will be Bangladesh ( who are improving and are hungry - England should beat them but they are toughing up with a great SL coach. India will try to do to England what they did to SA but maybe it will backfire.... ( produce heavily worn pitches )
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    The Official Cricket Thread

    We were decent enough to beat England at home in the nineties and for much of the 00's It's a misnomer that we were good in one days and then tests. In reality, no one wanted to play us in test cricket In 1996 we lucked onto a forumla, and due to the civil war, the draw was kind and we went to beat the Aussies in the final The defeat in the 96 final is still one of Shane warnes most bitter memories - and that (plus murali vs hair) has meant that Australia vs Sri Lanka is always a grudge match ( unlike England ) Murali and blatant pitch doctoring and non neutral umpires meant we beat nearly everyone at home, but we awful away from home All that is happened now is that we are awful everywhere Sanga and Mahela only really appeared in the 00's - at that point we did have better form - but were robbed of the best fast bowler ( who would have easily matched Anderson and broad) in test cricket in Malinga ( a similar store to Bond for NZ ) Malinga chased the rupee and also being thick decided to quit tests Sanga is a great player, but pretty selfish and could still be playing on. Mahela is useless now
  3. Navman

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Gough was very talented (I remember the 5 wickets and fifty he scored against Australia) but zero discipline and so cannot be recognised in the same breath as Anderson and broad there was no DRS and neutral umpires so it could be argued that it's harsh to compare Thorpe was a truely great batsmen. Underrated
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    Cheltenham Festival 2016

    Good luck to everyone. Living in Cheltenham this year but can't get down to the course. Weather has been warm and nice with no rain for a week.
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    Donald Trump

    Trump is going to destroy Clinton (even against the odds) She is the prefect candidate with enough history that lets sink Trump as president - imagine that in 2017. Can't wait for him t have a go at China (and fail)
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    January Transfer Window 2016

    Abit of a pattern appearing We are linked with or targeting young players out of contract in summer Don't want to use the m word but it strikes me that there hasn't been much change in FSG transfer policy - ie buying proven quality rather than taking a punt on players eg markovic Klopp is great but ultimately cannot turn water in wine If we ever want to do anything significant again we need to rid ourselves of our 7/10 players eg MS and buy quality It's no coincidence that when we were doing so well in Europe we had a team with Alonso, torres, mascherano and Gerard
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    Peep Show

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    Donald Trump

    Andy Burnham is really not very impressive Problem with Trump is that he actually looks impressive in comparison to the other - Ben Carson looks like he is on heavy sedation and he is the favourite
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    Ha Ha dimbleby with total fail trying to summarise the audience member question on troops
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    Why did everyone just skip the answer on the funding of ISIS? No mention of Saudi or Qatar..
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    The Official Cricket Thread

    Brilliant day of test cricket today England sinking fast against Pakistan - but have been good this series Aussies smashing NZ India vs SA competitive
  12. Navman

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    I would recommend everyone getting heath insurance if you can The end is really nigh with the NHS Will likely go the way of dentists I imagine I actually don't think its particularly politically party driven - but it isnt really helped by the current incumbents
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    If Klopp was a movie character, he'd be...

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    Rugby World Cup 2015

    All things being equal a fantastic performance by Wales Lots of the younger players have fantastic experience now. Not as good as 2011 and need more magic behind the scrum NZ will streamroll the boks
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    How do I update Kodi on My Fire Stick ?

    I'm buying one of these Amazon Fire devices with kodi built into it - is it safe? ( not buying from Amazon but a bloke from gumtree who has it preinstalled ) Not sure if I could do it myself tbh
  16. Navman

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    TB really sticking the knife in tonight
  17. Navman

    Rugby World Cup 2015

    Thought England were average but the score line and bonus point is key England will get the home advantage against Wales but I think will lose against Aussies
  18. Was wondering if anyone could help? I am in hospital at the moment with amazingly high BP and am being treated for it. I was wondering if people knew any good lifestyle tips, diet and exercise ideas which might be good. I am 34 and have a stressful ish life/job, am relatively fit (slightly overweight due to the gym) I have been told to have 2 weeks completely relaxing. Does anyone know if stress alone could do this? thanks
  19. Navman

    The Official Cricket Thread

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/england/content/story/869279.html A good few of these players need to step up to the longer format