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  1. Lovren is an utter liability, too much ego not enough self control.
  2. Thomo123

    Moving to Australia

    Ive been offered a job in Australia, obviously ive done a fair bit of research into what its actually like over there but has/does anybody on here lived/lives their and can offer me some advice. The job is with the Black Group in Queensland working in a car garage, the wages seem decent (approx 85,000 Oz dollars per year) but from what ive read its mega expensive to live there. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Thomo123

    Barcelona (A) Champions League 1/5/19

    We have a few World class players. But Messi is different. World class players just can't deal with him, everything decent they did went through him.
  4. Thomo123

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    As bad as he has been Wijnaldum has been far worse.
  5. Thomo123

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    What the fuck are we doing. Midfield fucking dire
  6. No leaders on the pitch. Keita has been risible. Horrible game for us so far.
  7. Thomo123

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Gary Neville talking about Son getting his ankle hit whilst watching the replay which shows quite clearly no contact made is fucking mental.
  8. Thomo123

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    Was a massive Oasis fan back in the day but i never listen to any of their music 20 years on. Music just hasn't aged well, the polar opposite of Radiohead who's music still sound current today. They caught the mood of the day, with some catchy tunes.
  9. Thomo123

    Dejan Lovren

    Questionable temperament. Poor decision making. A million miles from what we need.
  10. Thomo123

    Matchday parking

    Im taking my lad to the match on Sat, its only his second game and im driving down from Carlisle. Where is the best place to park, ideally i don't want to have a massive walk and I don't want to get stuck in loads of traffic getting home after the game.
  11. Thomo123

    Matchday parking

    Nice one gents. Cheers
  12. Thomo123

    Dog names.

    Right, me and the better half are getting a little staffordshire bull terrier and ive been thinking of a few names, we are getting a dog and i quite like the thought of calling him Fernando aka Nando.....just wondering if the collective brainpower of the GF could come up with anything different. Best answer wins a goldfish.
  13. Thomo123

    May calls General Election on 8 June

    That was my thinking. Its still shocking though when they are running that bullshit story massively on Social media, plenty of fools fall for this shit.
  14. Thomo123

    May calls General Election on 8 June

    They haven't made enough of this part of the corporation tax policy. Im unsure why such a carrot isn't being promoted.
  15. Thomo123

    May calls General Election on 8 June

    Tories going all out on Brexit and Corbyn now, the politics of fear to the fore once again. Fear of change, a dilution of hope. Vote for us because the others are shit. I read a report that focus groups think the tories have a Brexit plan? That must be the plan they keep mentioning but cannot actually tell us.
  16. Thomo123

    May calls General Election on 8 June

  17. Thomo123

    May calls General Election on 8 June

    https://twitter.com/SkyNewsTonight/status/869258725600632832 Boris is fucking crazy, literally batshit crazy.
  18. Thomo123

    Boxing 2017

    Stream anyone? Cheers
  19. Thomo123

    Boxing 2017

  20. 4th, away wins at the Emirates and Stamford bridge. Only 1 home game played so far. More than happy.
  21. Thomo123

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Get your NEC votes in folks.....